10 Best Computer Desks

A nice computer desk can help you work, study, and play games efficiently. These products make a difference to your space and increase your productivity.

On the market, there are many computer desks. So, you may wonder about the important factors to decide which product may be suitable for your needs.

How to decide which desk best fits your needs? What is the height, shape, size, and material of the table? I have compiled the top-rated computer desks to give you the best options. Now, scroll down to see the details!

1. CubiCubi Study Computer Desk 47″

CubiCubi Study Computer Desk 47″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Desk design: Computer Desk
  • Dimensions: 23.6″D x 47″W x 28.7″H
  • Color: Deep Brown

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What We Like

  • Simple design
  • Thick and stable materials
  • Scratch resistant table
  • Support storage box

Thing To Consider

  • Difficult to Install

Product’s Highlight

CubiCubi is a famous brand specializing in home furniture. Of course, its computer desk is also a most popular item among users.

Despite its rather minimalistic and classic design, the CubiCubi Study Computer Frame possesses thick, stable metal materials and sturdy dual triangle struts.

So you can move it and place it anywhere you want without worrying about collision or breakage.

You can rest assured about the tabletop of this product because it has a clear white finish that is scratch-resistant, and you can clean it whenever you want.

As mentioned, a flagship product would not be complete without a spare box. Its storage box also gives you more space to organize your things and avoid cluttered countertops.

2. VITESSE Gaming Desk 63″

VITESSE Gaming Desk 63″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: T-Shape
  • Desk design: Computer Desk
  • Dimensions: 63″D x 29.5″W x 29.5″H
  • Color: Black

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What We Like

  • Solid material
  • High stability
  • Compact surface
  • Wide table size

Thing To Consider

  • High price

Product’s Highlight

Vitesse 63 inch is the next computer desk I mention in this article. The 63-inch Vitesse was distinguished by its sturdy PVC tabletop and steel frame with a T-leg design for stable support, so it has a load capacity of up to 260 pounds.

Thanks to the big table size, I can place the entire touchpad, PC, gaming keyboard, or other devices neatly without getting in the way during use.

The surface is finely textured with thousands of reflection points. The ultra-fine, as well as intense light creates a perfect Vitesse surface that allows you to move the mouse smoothly and in style.

3. HOMEYFINE Computer Desk Table 55″

HOMEYFINE Computer Desk Table 55″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimensions: 23.62″D x 55.11″W x 28.74″H
  • Color: Vintage Oak Finish
  • Item Weight: 32 Pounds

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What We Like

  • Spacious surface
  • Easy to install
  • Nice structure
  • Stable and sturdy

Thing To Consider

  • Pretty classic desk color

Product’s Highlight

Do you want a computer desk but are concerned about its installation?

Do not worry! The 55-inch Homeyfine has instructions that are easy to understand and won’t require much effort to set it up.

Homeyfine’s highlight is its stand for the computer. This stand has a beautiful construction and is easy to use while also providing stability and stability.

Because this model has high-quality materials and sophisticated design, it helps users to be more assured of its durability during use.

The detachable control panel is a plus, so you can change the design to the style that suits you. In addition, it also allows you to place your favorite books or notes for easy viewing whenever.

4. Cubiker Computer Desk 47″

Cubiker Computer Desk 47″

Important Specifications

  • Dimensions : 23.6″D x 47.24″W x 29.92″H
  • Color: White
  • Style: Modern
  • Top Material Type: Metal

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What We Like

  • Modern style
  • High stability
  • Iron hook and utility design
  • Durable and sturdy materials

Thing To Consider

  • Not suitable for large storage spaces

Product’s Highlight

If you prefer bright colors, the 47-inch Cbiker is an option you should consider.

This computer desk is the ideal choice for any modern home with a contemporary style. The Cubiker instructions are easy to follow with clear illustrations, making assembly easy and fun.

The Cubiker product has a hook so I can hang my backpack conveniently and quickly get to them if needed. Next, the compact design should significantly optimize the space and bring many utilities to users.

Also, this version comes with a small table, so you can not only place the screen on it but also put the keyboard or a few books under the screen more neatly.

5. ZINUS Jennifer 55″

ZINUS Jennifer 55″ Black Frame Desk

Important Specifications

  • Desk design: Computer Desk
  • Dimensions: 24″D x 55″W x 29″H
  • Color: Deep Espresso
  • Top Material Type: Engineered Wood

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What We Like

  • Modern style
  • Easy installation
  • Easy clean surface
  • Sturdy metal frame.

Thing To Consider

  • Monotonous Style

Product’s Highlight

The ZINUS Jennifer is a computer desk you can put in your living room or private office. This metal table has a sleek and sturdy look thanks to its solid steel material and thick top.

Besides the 55-inch size I introduce in this article, ZINUS supports maximum users with many unique sizes and finishes. With a smooth and shiny surface, your cleaning or sanitizing is easier than ever.

Thanks to the helpful instructions and necessary tools, you can set up your Jennifer desk in less than 30 minutes with the essential tools the company has supplied. The 1-year warranty helps you contact support whenever you need it.

6. Tribesigns Computer Desk 63″

Tribesigns Computer Desk 63″

Important Specifications

  • Dimensions: 23.6″D x 55″W x 29.13″H
  • Color: Rustic Brown
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Special Feature: Adjustable

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What We Like

  • Waterproof desk surface
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Clean up quickly

Thing To Consider

  • Quite a heavy desk


Your room will become more outstanding and unique as soon as you own the 63-inch Tribesigns. With an aesthetically new concept, this modern computer desk ensures solid stability and is sturdy to support every computer.

This product also features a thicker E1 chipboard ironing surface with veneer and is very easy to clean. So I tried writing directly on it and wiped it off quickly without worrying about it getting wet.

Finally, Tribesigns features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel computer chassis that ensures stability to support heavy parcels during your use.

7. LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk 31″

LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk White Writing Table 31″

Important Specifications

  • Dimensions : 19.7″D x 31.5″W x 29.5″H
  • Color: White and black
  • Style: Modern
  • Top Material Type: Metal, Engineered Wood

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What We Like

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid bearing steel construction
  • Anti-slip and scratch-resistant support

Thing To Consider

  • Fairly small surface area

Product’s Highlight

The 31-inch LUFEIYA White is a compact desk that suits your tight room. The table is thick chipboard, providing waterproof, scratch, and impact resistance. I can rest assured that the table top will not wear down from daily rubbing.

This model has a heavy metal frame with an iron hook and foot pads, so adjusting for its stability was simple for me. This table is also straightforward to assemble. I attached the last screw about 10 minutes from the start.

In short, with a reasonable price tag and compact size, this desk is ideal for study, bedroom, kid’s room, dorm room, and more.

8. Meilocar Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 48″

Meilocar Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 48″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimensions: 24″D x 48″W x 45.28″H
  • Color: Walnut Top + White Frame
  • Top Material Type: Wood

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What We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid construction
  • Safe configuration
  • Automatic adjustment

Thing To Consider

  • Small desk space

Product’s Highlight

Unlike the previously mentioned models, Meilocar has an automatic height adjustment system instead of a manual like other models.

Indeed, with 3 simple preset buttons and custom memory, I quickly changed the desk height from 27.56 inches to 45.28 inches as I liked.

Detailed instructions and specific pictures attached to each operation make assembling and using the table more accessible than ever. The table has a sturdy steel safety design that allows it to withstand a weight of 176 lb.

The manufacturer is also very observant when arranging the standing desk with the power cable hidden neatly under the table, simplifying the setup process.

So, I can rest assured that I won’t get entangled in them or accidentally cut off the power at any time.

9. Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required 39.4″

Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required 39.4″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimensions: 19.7″D x 39.4″W x 28.3″H
  • Color: Brown
  • Style: Modern

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What We Like

  • Most convenient
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof
  • Durable design

Thing To Consider

  • Small size

Product’s Highlight

Coavas 39.4 inches will lead to inconvenience by its ability to fold after use. In less than 10 seconds, I quickly installed or collapsed it exceptionally fast.

Thanks to this convenience, you can save a lot of space in your room and easily take it with you when you go out for a picnic or move the room.

Coavas have MDF material, so it provides water resistance without deformation. Its durable and sturdy construction stands out for its simplicity yet style.

So, this desk must be an excellent choice for those who always prioritize minimalism but still want a standout design.

The size is only enough for a laptop and a few books, so you can consider choosing another one with a larger size if you want comfort and spaciousness.

10. Teraves Modern L Shaped Desk with Shelves 91,69″

Teraves Modern L Shaped Desk with Shelves 91,69″

Important Specifications

  • Shape: L-Shape
  • Dimensions: 23.65″D x 91.69″W x 29.6″H
  • Color: Black Oak+black Frame
  • Style: Modern

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What We Like

  • Most multifunctional
  • Elegant design
  • Solid configuration
  • Fits various room

Thing To Consider

  • High price

Product’s Highlight

If you want to design your reading or work room to be more professional, Teraves is a perfect choice for uniformity and versatile storage space.

This table has a spacious 4-tier shelf design that provides me with enough space to store books, printers, and decorations.

The shelves are removable, so it’s easier to move them. You can arrange it best for your needs. If your room is not too large, don’t worry because the L-shaped design is simple but elegant, allowing it to fit into any tight space in your home.

The metal frame and durable wooden table top made of P2 grade chipboard make it stronger and last longer. However, do not forget to clean it regularly.

Buying Guides

Basic setup

These sections above are my review of the top 10 computer desks. Yet, to choose the suitable product, you need to pay attention to the criteria below.


First of all, make sure the desk you choose is accurate. A desk is a long-term investment in your career, so choosing a desk with a thoughtful design and high-quality materials will ensure the most extended life.


A computer desk is not only for you to put your PC on but also has a large surface area with enough adaptability to support you in different tasks.

So give preference to tables that help small and large tables so that you can arrange your necessary items on them.

The stability

The computer desk needs to be stable and sturdy so that you can entirely focus on your work. It also needs to support all your office devices.


A desk with a neat and beautiful design is sometimes a plus to help you increase productivity and work more efficiently. A desk that matches and offers a pleasant color palette will make your work process more productive.


You need to ensure the desk you like is priced within your budget. There are many unique desk designs with different prices for you to choose the best one.


How much is a suitable desk?

There are practically no specific numbers to determine the price of a good table.

However, you can expect to pay between $100 – $400 for a pre-engineered wooden desk and $250 – $1000 for a solid wood desk.

Are L-shaped desks good?

Of course, the L desk is excellent and multifunctional. You can put your computer and many other items such as books or documents.

Some types of desks also offer a variety of removable and mounting possibilities.

Is a corner desk better than a straight desk?

Regarding space-saving, corner desks create small spaces and allow you to move around the room more efficiently than straight desks.

Is a desk with a curve good?

Yes, this type of curved table is quite good to use. Curved floors are much more ergonomic than rectangular tables and can help you maintain your posture.

How do you sit ergonomically at a corner desk?

When using a corner table, you need to make room for your knees, thighs, and feet. If the table is too low and cannot be adjusted, consider placing sturdy boards or blocks under the table legs. Conversely, if the table is too high and difficult to change, it is best to raise your chair.


After a lot of practical experience, I recommend you to choose the CubiCubi Study Desk 47″ if you want a compact and multi-heavy model.

Meanwhile, the LUFEIYA 31″ will be the perfect recommendation for the budget. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment.

Thanks for reading!