10 Best Computer Power Supplies

The power supply (or PSU for short) will ensure a stable flow of clean energy to the components of your computer. They perform this task efficiently, so you will not waste a bucket load of energy while using your PC.

For many users, buying one power supply is simply finding something that works and fits their budget. But as you will see in a moment, not all PSUs are created equal. That is why you should carefully read my list to choose the one that works best for you.

I have many PSUs, handpicked my favorites, and tested their features. My post also includes a helpful buying guide covering the factors you must consider when buying computer power supplies. So let’s check it out!

1. Corsair CV550

Corsair CV550

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Things I Love

  • Corsair warranty
  • A budget option
  • High-quality welds
  • Reliable performance
  • Decent voltage regulation

Things to Consider

  • Small size
  • Thick cables
  • Non-modular wiring

Salient Features

If you prefer to upgrade your computer for office or home use, the Corsair CV550 is worthy of consideration.

They have the 80 PLUS Bronze rating, meaning you will not face any wattage problems. Moreover, the cooling system has a 120mm fan.

Because of its unique thermal control options, this PSU is virtually noiseless. Its small, nice black casing will ensure this model will work well with computer cases. It comes with a three-year warranty, giving users peace of mind.

2. EVGA 600 BR


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Things I Love

  • Decent quality
  • Easy to install
  • Almost noiseless
  • Cables and connectors are included

Things to Consider

  • Strange smell

Salient Features

It is a good option for advanced and beginner users. So if you prefer to upgrade a PC to the great 600W model, this option is the one to get.

Its high efficiency, reliability, and remarkable performance make this PSU the greatest computer PSU for people who desire to upgrade their PCs with great-quality components.

With this great PSU, worrying that you will run out of power is unnecessary. This model is an excellent solution for any gaming device and computer for the software developer.

3. Thermaltake Smart 500W

Thermaltake Smart 500W

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Things I Love

  • RGB lighting
  • Solid build quality
  • Virtually noiseless fan
  • A well-thought-out design

Things to Consider

  • Mediocre condensers

Salient Features

This 500W PSU for a gaming computer is ideal for gamers on a tight budget.

In addition to the affordable price, this model features one fan that will support 256 RGB colors. Plus, fifteen lighting presets will be available in the memory.

So if you desire to upgrade the gaming PC system with a great PSU, you should look at this excellent power supply which supports from 500 Watt to 700 Watt.

Besides, it has 80 PLUS certifications guaranteeing this model’s incredible quality. I bet you’ll be mesmerized by its excellent noiseless performance.

4. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G7

EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G7

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Things I Love

  • Efficient
  • Good build quality
  • Top overall performance
  • Good transient response
  • Compact dimensions

Things to Consider

  • High inrush currents
  • The power factor could be higher with a 230V input

Salient Features

This EVGA PSU is one of the best 850W PSUs I have tested. It is a sweet balance between performance and noise output. Therefore, you will still have a quiet work environment without sacrificing performance.

The performance delivered from this compact model is impressive. But I cannot stop thinking about improving noise output with one larger PCB and cooling fan.

However, decreasing the size of high-capacity PSUs to that degree will come at the cost of increased noise output, under harsh conditions.

5. ASUS ROG Thor 850

ASUS ROG Thor 850

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Things I Love

  • Modular cables
  • Reduced ripple
  • Efficient even at a high load
  • Amazing performance

Things to Consider

  • Insufficient space between PATA and SATA connectors

Salient Features

The ROG Thor 850 Platinum PSU is a fantastic computer PSU with a 135 mm wing-blade fan.

Unlike many other ROG products, this PSU has one OLED power display and capacitors made entirely in Japan, making this PSU quite reliable and providing reliable performance.

Moreover, this great 850W PSU is energy efficient and favors Aura Sync tech, allowing it to synchronize the RGB lighting effects with others.

Another great benefit of this unit is that it offers 0db cooling and has wing-blade fans that are entirely dust-proof.

The brand has equipped this product with ROG heatsinks to make the cooling system more effective.

6. ASUS ROG Strix 750W

ASUS ROG Strix 750W

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Things I Love

  • Efficient
  • Noiseless
  • Good cable length
  • Well put together
  • High performance

Things to Consider

  • Low-quality 5VSB rail

Salient Features

This 750W PSU offers excellent performance and features noiseless fans.

The fact is that durability is vital for one gaming computer PSU, so Asus has launched these products with double-ball bearing designs. Thanks to that, this great model will last twice as long as units with sleeve-bearing designs.

If you are not interested in playing an action-packed game, you will be glad to know that this product has one silent cooling system fitted and one onboard controller. It’ll stop its 135mm fan once TDP (Thermal Design Power) becomes lower than about 40%. But this fan will start working again when TDP increases above 40%.

7. Cooler Master V750

Cooler Master V750

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Things I Love

  • Semi-modular
  • Almost noiseless
  • Five-year warranty
  • Impressive build quality

Things to Consider

  • Come without instructions

Salient Features

The Cooler MasterWatt series includes trustworthy power supplies with the 80 PLUS Bronze rating, renowned for its durable performance.

It has a great LDB fan. It will stop working underneath 15% load, allowing for more helpful energy efficiency.

Because of its modular design, it is easy and quick to plug all any cable you need. In addition, it’ll be more effortless to organize them.

This selection will work well for powerful PCs since it favors 750W and lets you utilize a double-graphics card setup.

I was impressed with its advanced protection techs and noiseless operation during testing. This unit will deliver a seamless performance.

8. Silencer PC Power & Cooling 1050W

Silencer PC Power & Cooling 1050W

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Things I Love

  • Great for value
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent load regulation
  • The ideal distance between peripheral connectors

Things to Consider

  • Long component leads
  • Impossible to trigger OTP

Salient Features

The PC Power And Cooling PSU is an excellent model for people working at their offices who don’t want the noise to distract them.

This great PSU prides itself on its high-end parts and offers silent performance. Also, it is sold at one affordable price tag and comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you are an advanced or beginner user, you love this incredible power supply fitted with the +12 V rail and 105°C capacitors (made entirely in Japan). Its performance will remain steady even at 50°C because of its reliable circuitries.

This PSU features a thermal-controlled fan, which remains silent for up to about 30% load. The fact is that its speed will depend on temperature and load.

9. Thermaltake SmartRGB 700W

Thermaltake SmartRGB 700W

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Things I Love

  • Small-sized
  • Great for value
  • RGB backlight is fairly bright
  • Cables are sufficiently long

Things to Consider

  • Budget cables

Salient Features

Although the Smart RGB 700W is a budget PSU, it has one 80 Plus rating and remarkable efficiency. Plus, this unit supports high wattage, so you can invest in one powerful CPU without worrying about performance problems.

One of its significant advantages is the fine design with RGB lighting on its fans. In addition, it is possible to control this unit by utilizing a dedicated button.

The wattage range of this PSU is from 500W to 700W. Also, it owns an 80 PLUS Standard rating.

Its silent performance is also something that I really like during testing. Due to this power supply’s high-quality components, it will last a long time.

10. Corsair SF750

Corsair SF750

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Things I Love

  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Tight load regulation
  • 7-year warranty

Things to Consider

  • Expensive

Salient Features

If you want to build a system in one compact PC case, the mighty but small Corsair SF750 will be the way to go. It will be one of the perfect choices to juice up your miniature rig. That said, it will work well for a bigger ATX chassis because of the included SFX-to-ATX bracket.

The Zero RPM Fan Mode of the Corsair SF750 unit will ensure the PSU does not engage its fan until it has to, maintaining quiet when browsing the web and kicking things into gear when gaming.

It is also fully modular, while individually sleeved cables make routing them in your gaming PC easy.

Buying Guide

Things to consider when buying power supplies.


Although you don’t have enough technical knowledge to understand the power supplies’ specifications, it is essential to learn about the wattage’s importance.

If you come out with the wrong option, your computer will not work correctly. You might also risk damaging some hardware parts.

So if you want to avoid unwanted mistakes, you should try utilizing special services to determine power consumption. It is okay to utilize eXtreme Power as well as similar solutions.

We recommend opting for one of the power supplies with higher watt power than required in most circumstances. It’ll help your computer not operate at the max load.

Fan Noise

All PSUs tend to overheat under heavy loads. That is why they feature unique fans. So if you don’t want any noise to distract you while working, you should purchase a PSU with noiseless fans.

A larger fan is often soundless since it does not need to spin quickly. But a PSU with smaller fans tends to be cheaper.

Modular Support

It seems less critical as it does not significantly impact the device’s performance. Ensure to buy one PSU with one effortless-to-manage cabling system.

A modular system with special connectors will be handy if you want to connect one GPU and many components.

The Bottom Line

Every PC build needs a decent PSU, especially gaming systems. That is why choosing one of the best PSUs for your system is more important than ever.

After testing with almost 100 PSUs, I’ve limited the choices to ten models above.

The Corsair CV Series is the best overall pick. If you want something that fits your tight budget, the Thermaltake Smart 500W is the one to get.

If noise reduction is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with the Cooler Master MasterWatt 750. If this article is helpful to you, please share it!

Thank you very much!