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10 Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes & Digital Eye Strain

Working continuously with a computer screen is the leading cause of eye strain. In addition, the effects of the outside environment can also make the eyes dry and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are now quite a few eye drops that can immediately end this discomfort. Here are some eye drops I have used. These products have different formulas and ingredients, but all effectively relieve dry eyes.

1. Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops

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What We Like

  • Good moisturizing.
  • Quickly soothes eyes.
  • Create an eye protection film.
  • Prevent debris from affecting the eyes.

Things To Consider

  • Visibility will be affected after 3-4 minutes of use.

Product’s Highlight

I always use artificial tears to relieve dry eyes when working continuously for too long in front of the computer. And Systane Lubricant is one of my favorite artificial tears.

It quickly soothed my dry eyes. At the same time, its moisturizing ability also brings a pretty refreshing experience. I also love Systane’s thick gel formula. It creates a protective barrier for the eyes to protect against irritating debris.

However, your vision can be slightly affected for about 3-4 minutes after using it. This disadvantage is quite severe if you need to drive somewhere immediately.

2. Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

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What We Like

  • Work like natural tears
  • Minimize mild irritation.
  • Instantly moisturizes and lubricates
  • Support eye protection and prevent irritation.
  • Quickly relieves burning symptoms.

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for severely dry eyes.

Product’s Highlight

Refresh Tears Lubricant is the eye drop I always trust to use whenever my eyes are irritated or burning.

Its formula is quite gentle, acting like natural tears. It quickly relieves the burning and irritation I experience. In addition, I am pretty satisfied with the ability of Refresh Tears Lubricant to protect the eyes against irritation.

These eye drops instantly hydrate and lubricate, which is helpful for mild dry eye symptoms or irritation. Yet, with dry, more severe eye fatigue, this natural tear won’t have too much effect.

3. Visine Dry Eye Lubricant Eye Drops

Visine Dry Eye Lubricant Eye Drops

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What We Like

  • Protect eyes.
  • Clean the grit in the eye.
  • Have moisturizing properties
  • The ingredients are similar to natural tears.
  • May reduce dry eyes when working with computers.

Things To Consider

  • No long-term retention of moisture.

Product’s Highlight

Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant is my favorite moisturizing eye drop.

It contains ingredients similar to natural tears, which are very effective for moisturizing the eyes. Symptoms such as dry eyes and grit in the eyes are quickly resolved by Visine.

I have been using Visine to relieve my dry eye from working with a computer screen for too long. And this eye drop model has done quite well in moisturizing and protecting the eyes.

However, its protection does not last too long, which is a big drawback of this eye drop model.

Blink Tears Lubricating

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What We Like

  • Well-maintained.
  • Reduce dry eyes.
  • Instant pleasure.
  • Economical gel form.
  • Suitable for users of all ages.

Things To Consider

  • Affects vision for the first 10-20 seconds

Product’s Highlight

Dry eyes from working too long in front of a computer screen are symptoms many people experience. And to minimize this discomfort, Blink Tears is one of those lubricating eyes drops worth trying.

From the first time I used it, I immediately felt comfortable. In particular, due to its unique formula, the drug maintains the ability to reduce dry eyes quite well. So, I do not need to use Blink Tears too often, but my eyes are still moist enough and not too uncomfortable.

Yet, as with all gel eye drops, Blink Tears are heavy and will affect vision after short use.

5. TheraTears Eye Drops

TheraTears Eye Drops

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What We Like

  • Preservative-free.
  • Balance salt.
  • Does not irritate
  • Good moisturizing.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.

Things To Consider

  • Short shelf life.

Product’s Highlight

Preservatives are one of the reasons people with sensitive eyes experience irritation when using eye drops.

As someone who is quite allergic to preservatives, I have been looking for natural eye drops that minimize irritation. And TheraTears is one of the products I’m most satisfied with.

It contains absolutely no preservatives. Instead, the eye drops formula includes 5 essential electrolytes found in natural tears. Thanks to that, TheraTears efficiently relieves dry eye symptoms without irritating.

However, due to the absence of preservatives, the shelf life of these eye drops is quite limited. For 1 Fl Oz, it’s hard to use up 45 days after opening.

6. Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye

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What We Like

  • No side effects.
  • Immediate impact.
  • Effective red eye relief.
  • Reduce signs of discomfort.
  • The ingredients are not harmful.

Things To Consider

  • Short effect

Product’s Highlight

Lumify is one of the most effective red eye drops I’ve ever used. Unlike other pinkeye relievers I’ve used, Lumify has no potential side effects. Meanwhile, it still effectively reduces signs of discomfort.

Unlike what the manufacturer advertises, Lumify’s red-eye relief does not last for 8 hours. In my experience, it only removes the red color in the eyes for about 4 hours.

7. Biotrue Hydration Boost Eye Drops

Biotrue Hydration Boost Eye Drops

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What We Like

  • Balance pH.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
  • Effectively relieves dryness.
  • It can be available while wearing lenses.

Things To Consider

  • The distribution head is inefficient.

Product’s Highlight

Biotrue Hydration Boost is one of the few lens-friendly eye drops. But, besides this advantage, eye drops also impressed me with other amazing effects.

It immediately relieves my dry eye symptoms by providing abundant moisture. Not only does it stop there, but it also balances the pH, providing good protection for the eyes.

I also appreciate the preservative-free formula that makes Biotrue more friendly to sensitive eyes.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the drying effect of the product. My only complaint is that the tip of the medication dispenses the solution very well, sometimes causing a few drops of eye drops to go to waste.

8. Similasan Complete Eye Relief Eye Drops

Similasan Complete Eye Relief Eye Drops

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What We Like

  • Strengthens the eyes’ natural defenses
  • The composition does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • It can be available regularly.
  • Effectively reduce stinging and burning pain.
  • No harm to contact lenses.

Things To Consider

  • Temporary treatment of pink eye symptoms.

Product’s Highlight

Similasan Complete Eye Relief Eye has an eye-friendly formula with no harsh chemicals. So, I always trust using it regularly to treat dryness, redness, burning, and stinging symptoms.

The drug also significantly enhances eye health. With regular use, I have noticed a significant improvement in the natural defenses of my eyes.

Yet, Similasan is just a mild form of eye drops. The effectiveness of treating dry eye symptoms or red eyes is only temporary.

9. OCuSoft Retaine Ophthalmic Emulsion

OCuSoft Retaine Ophthalmic Emulsion

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What We Like

  • Effective moisturizing.
  • Protect the surface of the eye.
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • Treatment of dry eye symptoms.
  • Reduce the concentration of salt in tears

Things To Consider

  • High price.

Product’s Highlight

OCuSoft Retaine Ophthalmic Emulsion has the most impressive ingredient list of any dry eye drop I’ve ever used.

It contains preservative-free ophthalmic emulsions that effectively moisturize and relieve dry eyes. This drug also reduces the salt concentration of tears quite well while adding lubricating lipids to protect the eye surface.

The effect is quite noticeable, but I am still unsatisfied with OCuSoft Retaine Ophthalmic Emulsion. Its price is relatively high, while the capacity is quite limited. Currently, there are still quite a few options on the market that offer the same effect but at a more economical price.

10. Similasan Aging Eye Relief

Similasan Aging Eye Relief

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What We Like

  • Reduce eye aging
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
  • It can be available regularly.
  • Chemical Free Natural Formula.
  • Improve the natural defenses of the eyes

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for severe corneal disease.

Product’s Highlight

True to its name, Similasan Aging Eye Relief is a drug capable of effectively reducing eye aging, such as fatigue and blurred vision. In addition, I also use this product regularly to improve the natural defenses of my eyes.

Besides, I love Similasan because its natural formula does not contain harsh chemicals. It is completely safe for my sensitive eyes.

Similasan Aging Eye Relief is the perfect choice for dry and sensitive eyes. But, it will not be able to treat severe corneal problems. Therefore, if you expect the drug to be a homeopathic remedy, it will likely disappoint you.

Buying Guide

Eye drops for dry eyes

I spent a lot of time searching for the best eye drops for dry eyes. Here are my experiences in finding the best eye drops for tech professionals.


Eye drops are not too expensive. Most of the drugs I’ve used were under $12. Some mid-range options will cost between $12 – $20. Some of the more premium options cost more than $20.


Some eye drops act like artificial tears, providing instant relief from dry eyes.

Some other options will have a longer-lasting effect, potentially preventing dry, tired eyes by strengthening natural eyes protection.

In addition, several other options will have the ability to specifically treat, helping to relieve dry, watery, and pink eyes.


Most eye drops are suitable for many different uses. However, if you have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, you must consider them carefully when using eye drops.

The severity of the symptoms

The type of eye drops you use should match the symptoms you are experiencing.

If the pain and eye strain are not too severe, you can thoroughly look for more gentle options.

Meanwhile, you will need eye drops with a high and long-lasting moisturizing ability for moderate to severe symptoms.

Reason for use

You need to identify your symptoms correctly to choose the right eye drops. If you have a particular eye condition, contact the experts to select the right eye drops.

Frequency of use

If you want to use eye drops regularly, consider preservative-free options.

These medications should be safe for daily use. It will significantly reduce pain and eye fatigue. In addition, it will also improve eye health, preventing unpleasant symptoms.

Contact lenses

Most eye drops are not very contact lens friendly. If you’re a lens wearer, consider eye-friendly, preservative-free options.


I have been with the Systane Lubricant Eye Gel and am pretty satisfied with its eye protection effect. Meanwhile, the Lumify Redness Reliever Eye is the first choice to remove red spots on the eyes.

I am pretty satisfied with the other products on the list above because one of these can effectively support your eye diseases.