10 Best Laptop Backpacks

Do you need a good backpack for laptops and essentials with a stylish and sophisticated design? I have searched and selected the ten backpacks for many different budgets for you to consider easily.

They all come with practical and stylish designs for all ages. If you’re curious about the top-rated backpacks, let’s dig into this article for details!

Our Top Picks:

There are laptop backpacks on the market today. Yet, few options can bring a good user experience, so you can choose one of the best 10 ideal models below.

1. Amazon Basics Backpack – Best for Overall

Amazon Basics Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Size: 15 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.7″ x 11.25″ x 5.7″.

Product’s Highlight

The Amazon Basics backpack accompanies me in all activities, from school to work or even travel.

The spacious storage space is why I always prefer to use this backpack. Its main compartment is large enough for me to store my 15-inch laptop model. The backpack also has an additional zippered pocket for books and other belongings.

Comfort is also something I appreciate about Amazon Basics. After prolonged use, I am still quite satisfied with the soft padded straps of the product. It is durable, comfortable, and suitable for everyday use.

Unfortunately, this bag model does not include a chest strap. Overall, Amazon Basics is still an option worth considering.

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What We Like

  • Durable material.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Easy-to-adjust straps.
  • Suitable for use on many occasions.

Thing To Consider

  • Strap not included.

2. Timbuk2 Authority Backpack – Best for Durability

Timbuk2 Authority Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 2.49 pounds.
  • Size: 17 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.91” x 11.42” x 18.11”.

Product’s Highlight

Timbuk2 Authority is the laptop backpack I have used for two years. And so far, its high-quality materials still make me satisfied. It’s still good waterproof, still comfortable enough for my day-to-day use.

The manufacturer also guarantees the durability of Timbuk2 Authority. Timbuk2 provides a lifetime warranty for the product and is ready to repair when there is a problem with the material.

In addition to the warranty service, I am pretty satisfied with the storage space of the Timbuk2 backpack. In addition to storing my 17-inch laptop, I can also store books, pens, a jacket, and some items for long road trips.

After a long time, I am still quite satisfied with Timbuk2 Authority for now. My only complaint about this backpack is its small water bottle pocket. I wish the side pocket could be more significant to fit a 36oz water bottle.

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What We Like

  • Comfortable.
  • Good waterproof.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Large storage space.
  • High-quality, durable materials.

Thing To Consider

  • Small water bottle holder.

3. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack – Best for a 13-inch Laptop

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: ‎14.1 ounces.
  • Size: 13 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.78” x 9.84” x 6.3”.

Product’s Highlight

If you are looking for a compact backpack suitable for small laptops or tablets, don’t miss the Fjallraven Kanken. Unlike many other laptop backpack models, Fjallraven Kanken has a classic and elegant design.

Its main compartment is large enough to store a 13” laptop or small tablet. In addition, I also tried using a backpack to keep notebooks and some other office items. And this compact backpack still has enough space for the above items.

In addition to the unique size and design, the Fjallraven Kanken also impressed me with many advantages, such as good dirt resistance, a comfortable strap, and a protective zipper.

The only point I am not satisfied with this backpack model is that the colors are pretty limited. Manufacturers can add some bright colors to make this compact backpack more elegant.

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What We Like

  • Compact size.
  • Comfortable strap.
  • Classic, elegant design.
  • Two-way security zipper.
  • Dirt-resistant, waterproof material.

Thing To Consider

  • Limited color choices.

4. Matein Travel Backpack – Best for Budget

Matein Travel Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.56 pounds.
  • Size: 15.6 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 18” x 12” x 7.8”.

Product’s Highlight

At first contact, this backpack made me extremely surprised. It has an excellent finish, unlike what I imagined for a cheap laptop backpack.

The comfort and luxury of the Matein Backpack come from thick ventilated padding, high-quality belts, and comfortable foam padding.

During my use, Matein was always breathable, did not put stress on my shoulders, and provided maximum support for my back.

As an affordable backpack, the Matein possesses valuable features in high-end products. One is the design that supports the USB port for quick charging.

I’m delighted with Matein’s durable and water-resistant material. Yet, the fabric under the backpack is not thick enough and absorbs shock as well as I expected.

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What We Like

  • Affordable price.
  • High-quality belt.
  • Breathable ventilated material.
  • Support design for USB charging port.
  • No stress on the shoulder when worn.

Thing To Consider

  • The bottom cushion is a bit thin.

5. Ugrace Vintage Backpack – Best for Intelligent Charging

Ugrace Vintage Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.53 pounds.
  • Size: 15.6 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ‎17.2” x 5.4” x 11.6”.

Product’s Highlight

One of the outstanding advantages of the Ugrace Vintage Backpack is the intelligent charging port. It has a separate pocket for me to put my power bank and a USB cable, and charging the phone is simpler and more convenient.

In addition to a dedicated compartment for power banks, Ugrace Vintage also owns 5 other large and small cases.

Its main room has enough space for a 15.6-inch laptop. The different smaller compartments are perfect for storing phones, magazines, books, and tablets.

There is ample storage space, but it still has a neat classic beauty. Its trendy design is sure to impress even the most discerning person.

I cannot deny the aesthetic of the Ugrace Vintage. However, the applicability of the design did not make me satisfied. Because the Ugrace’s side pockets aren’t too valuable for me, these bags aren’t big enough to hold the water bottles I usually carry around.

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What We Like

  • Comfortable.
  • Fashionable design.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Support smart charging port.
  • Many color options.

Thing To Consider

  • The side pockets are too small.

6. Nubily Waterproof Extra Large Backpack – Best for Compactness

Nubily Waterproof Extra Large

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Size: 17.3 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.1” x 8.3” x 18.5”.

Product’s Highlight

As the name suggests, the Nubily Waterproof Extra Large Backpack is one of the most impressive storage products I’ve ever used.

It has a capacity of up to 45 liters, can fit a 17.3-inch laptop, and has up to 15 functional pockets. With Nubily, it’s easier than ever to organize your belongings for long road trips. I know exactly where my items are and find them at any time.

Not only spacious storage space, but this backpack model also conquered me with high-quality and durable materials.

The polyester fabric is waterproof, while the metal zipper is sturdy. My only complaint is that the belt padding is uncomfortable to wear for many hours.

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What We Like

  • Good waterproof.
  • Solid metal zipper.
  • 15 functional pockets.
  • Ample storage space.
  • High-quality, durable material.

Thing To Consider

  • The straps are not comfortable.

7. Volher Backpack – Best for Comfort

Volher Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Size: 15.6 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 18″ x 13″ x 8″.

Product’s Highlight

The Volher is one of the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever used.

During wear, it stays breathable and comfortable, even under heavy loads. I also highly recommend the strap of the backpack. It’s easy to adjust and puts almost no strain on my shoulders.

This product isn’t simply a comfort product. It is also worth considering because it has a lot of valuable functions.

Some features I love about this backpack are the reliable anti-theft pocket, built-in luggage strap, and side pockets big enough to hold a water bottle.

But, Volher still has some points I am not satisfied with. One of them was the mismatched zipper, which made it difficult for me to open the side pockets.

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What We Like

  • Easy-to-adjust strap.
  • Soft, breathable material.
  • Comfortable for shoulders.
  • Come with a luggage strap
  • Anti-theft bags help keep valuables safe.

Thing To Consider

  • Need to redesign the zipper.

8. Tzowla Backpack – Best for Waterproof

Tzowla Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.68 pounds.
  • Size: 15.6 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.5” x 5.5” x 20”.

Product’s Highlight

The Tzowla is a laptop backpack model I always trust to use in the rainy season.

Because unlike many options available on the market, this backpack model is made from high-quality 300D nylon that is waterproof. In addition, the manufacturer also reinforced the edges around to keep the interior space dry.

Tzowla also has good shock absorption to protect my laptop and essential stuff from scratches and bumps.

Yet, Tzowla’s guard would be even better if it had extra padding at the bottom. Although there have been no incidents, the lack of protective padding still worries me immensely.

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What We Like

  • Lots of space.
  • Durable metal zipper.
  • Good waterproof material.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • Protect your laptop from scratches and bumps.

Thing To Consider

  • Lack of bottom protection.

9. Himawari Large Travel Backpack – Best for Travel

Himawari Large Travel Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.75 pounds.
  • Size: 15 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 8″.

Product’s Highlight

Himawari is not only a helpful laptop backpack model to carry when going to school or work. It is also a great choice to accompany you on your travels.

I used to take Himawari with me on many long road trips. And its reasonably ample storage space is enough for me to store my laptop, documents, notebooks, and portable electronic devices.

I am satisfied with the excellent durability of the product. Himawari withstands the harsh test of weather, ensuring the safety of all my personal belongings.

Himawari is a reliable product to use on long road trips. However, I discovered some disadvantages of this backpack model. The deep zipper design is not optimal for anti-theft. I can’t reach my arms behind to handle it entirely, either.

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What We Like

  • Enduring.
  • Versatile.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Ideal for carrying while traveling.

Thing To Consider

  • Unsafe zipper design

10. Lovevook Backpack – Best for Anti-Theft Design

Lovevook Backpack

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.83 pounds.
  • Size: 17 Inches.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12″ x 7.8″ x 17″.

Product’s Highlight

Not many laptop backpacks available on the market are equipped with anti-theft bags like Lovevook. The invisible anti-theft pocket always gives me peace of mind to keep my wallet or mobile phone.

In addition to the anti-theft pocket, the Lovevook backpack also includes a large zip pocket to store used items such as laptops, tablets, and notebooks.

The Lovevook laptop backpack also comes with a small zip pocket and a pocket for napkins. These bags are small but very useful. I like to keep minor keys, maps, and mouth wipes in these zip bags.

Yet, I wish the front zip pockets had a more convenient design. Every time I open it and take out the contents, I have to empty all the other side pockets, which is highly inconvenient and a waste of time.

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What We Like

  • Lots of functional little pockets.
  • Effective anti-theft design
  • Ample storage space.
  • Keep your belongings tidy.
  • Integrated charging cable.

Thing To Consider

  • Quite tricky to manipulate.

Buying Guides

A laptop backpack on the street


The material affects the durability and ability to protect the backpack’s laptop. I always prefer waterproof quality packs with good bearing capacity.


You can try on the backpack to assess its comfort. Look for thick, breathable shoulder and back padding options for the best user experience.

Comfort is essential for your long journeys. You don’t want to travel for hours with an annoyingly grainy backpack strap.

Storage Space

The storage space of the backpack depends on the size of the laptop. If you want to carry many other things like notebooks, pens, and tablets, you will need a bag with many personal compartments.


What is the point of a laptop bag?

A laptop backpack was born to protect laptops, devices, and belongings from shocks and scratches. Some unique backpack models protect the laptop from water and other harmful agents.

Is a laptop bag or backpack better?

Backpacks will be the ideal choice if you travel long distances. Compared to bags, backpacks can hold more things, more comfortable and convenient.

Is a backpack good for a laptop?

The backpack is very functional, stylish, and helpful in carrying a laptop. In particular, it is suitable for different occasions, from travel to school to work.

What should I look for in a backpack?

Some features on a backpack should be water resistance, many compartments, good shock resistance, and comfortable shoulder pads.

Final Words

The Amazon Basics Backpack is my choice due to its comfort and convenience.

In cases like going in the rain or traveling long distances, I will choose the Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack or Himawari Large Travel Backpack to keep the laptop safe and make a comfortable feeling for long trips.

So what is your option? Hopefully, through the suggestions on the list in the article, you have given the product.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post!