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10 Best Mathematics Schools in the U.S.

We have a list of the 10 best math schools below. We created it using some reputation rating systems of many institutions.

A career in mathematics provides potentially lucrative prospects throughout the technology and research industries. It will help if you attend one of the following educational institutions. Check them out right now!

Choose one of the suggestions listed below to select the schools that interest you the most. Scroll down slowly, so you don’t miss important information!

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), founded in 1861, is a private research institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The mathematics program at MIT is one of the best in the globe.

Due to traditional and applied math teaching, you can understand math in a broader range here. In conventional mathematics, you will study geometry, algebra, topology, and analysis.

In computational math, you’ll learn topics like computational biology, theoretical computer science, theoretical physics, and fluid dynamics. The Department’s concentration options for the Bachelor of Science in Math include the following:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • General Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Mathematics with Computer Science degree

You must achieve extraordinary results to meet the approval rate requirement of 8%. The range for your SAT overall score should be from 1510 to 1570.

Your ACT score, on the other hand, should fall around 34 and 36. Your TOEFL scores must also be excellent for you to have an opportunity.

The school is ready to sponsor talented learners, and these students are eligible for financial support for the whole four years of their undergraduate studies.

Some notable former students who used to study there are Tadotoshi Akiba from Japan, Mohammad Ali Najafi from Iran, and Gilbert Strang from America.

Website: https://math.mit.edu/

2. Harvard University

Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is also in Massachusetts. ‍Harvard is a university belonging to the Ivy League.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is where they run the math program.

The school plans students’ education in the most appropriate area through individual reading and conferences. They offer advanced courses once students have demonstrated their math aptitude by passing the qualifying exam.

Harvard collaborates with other reputable math-focused universities like Brandeis, MIT, and Northeastern Universities to host conferences and seminars.

With a hair-raising 5% admittance rate, Harvard is very competitive. You will need to get A+ grades. Expected SAT scores range from 1460 to 1570, and the GPA of your high school must be 4.04.

Your ACT score, on the other hand, should fall from 33 to 35. High GRE and TOEFL scores will also increase your probability.

The most qualified candidates have a chance to get accepted thanks to need-based monetary help.

Over 50% of Harvard students receive demand-based scholarships, and twenty percent do not have to pay anything for their education there.

Famous former students in this school are David Mumford from America, Heisuke Hironaka from Japan, and Daniel Quillen, who developed a higher algebraic K-theory.

Website: https://www.math.harvard.edu/

3. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford first opened on October 1st, 1891. The independent research university’s full name is Leland Stanford Junior University.

It lies close to Palo Alto in Stanford, California. Over 17,000 students attend the campus, one of the biggest in the country at 3.959 square yards.

Stanford is a reputable research center that commits to overcoming impossible obstacles. Master’s, Graduate, and Ph.D. programs in math are available from the mathematics faculty.

Students receive a solid foundation in mathematics which covers formal proof, abstraction, generalization, and logical reasoning.

They receive instruction on building, examining, and evaluating mathematical problems and effectively expressing points based on thorough data analysis and mathematical reasoning.

The University only accepts 4% of applicants, so getting accepted is very difficult. You will need to get A+ grades. On a rating of 4.0, a high school graduate should have a GPA of 4.18.

The range for your SAT scores ought to be from 1440 to 1570. Your ACT score, on the other hand, should fall around 32 and 35. Excellent TOEFL results will be a plus for you.

Even though approximately 70% of Stanford students get financial help, all funding is demand-based. John Tate and Terence Tao are famous students in this school.

Website: https://mathematics.stanford.edu/

4. Princeton University

Established in 1746 as the College of New Jersey in Elizabeth, Princeton University is a member of the Ivy League research university. It is the fourth-oldest school of higher learning in the US.

Their goal is to improve society and cultivate knowledge to make the world better through education. Students majoring in mathematics at the undergraduate level start the program with introductory-level courses.

Students will learn linear algebra or the traditional calculus curriculum here and fall in love with mathematics.

Being approved is difficult because the school only accepts 6% of applicants.

On a scale of 4.0, your GPD at high school should be 3.87, and you should have SAT scores that range from 1460 to 1570.

Your ACT score, on the other hand, should fall around 33 and 35. Additionally, TOEFL results ought to be strong.

Paul Erdos, John H. Conway, and Manjula Bhargava are notable former students.

Website: https://www.math.princeton.edu/

5. New York University

New York University

According to US News, NYU took the #1 place in the US for applied mathematics. Numerous courses in pure and applied mathematics are available in the Department of mathematics’ undergraduate program.

The Department also offers honors programs for exceptional students in mathematics, computer science, economics, and mathematics. Students with particular interests may also take individual study courses.

Majors in mathematics may take a semester off to study abroad. Now, NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU London, NYU Paris, and NYU Shanghai offer mathematics courses.

NYU looks to enroll students that are inventive, ambitious, and self-driven.

These are characteristics that your child’s academic record, including the courses they choose and the grades they receive, can readily attest to.

Website: https://math.nyu.edu/dynamic/

6. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania awarded 45 bachelor’s degrees in mathematics during the 2019โ€“2020 academic year. So, among all schools and institutions that provide this degree, the school took 17th place in terms of popularity.

Seven students graduated with math doctorates in 2020, ranking the institution as the 68th most famous school in the country for this group of students.

The major in mathematics offers a strong foundation for further study in mathematics and a background for studies in economics, biology, physics, engineering, and many other non-traditional fields.

A wise selection of electives within the major may provide this flexibility. There are several electives available.

They meet the requirements of math majors and anyone who wants more in-depth instruction in mathematics and its applications.

Individualized study plans may be an option for students with unique needs and interests, potentially in combination with a major in another subject.

Students with exceptional qualifications should know that it is possible to complete both the B.A. and M.A. degrees in four years.

Website: https://www.math.upenn.edu/

7. Northwestern University

Northwestern University Campus

In the category of Best National Institutions, Northwestern has progressively risen the rankings of being included among the top 10 universities. The school is also one of only four top 10 American institutions.

More than 90 school-based and 50 university research centers are available at Northwestern. Thanks to its multidisciplinary culture, its research covers a wide range of topics, including neurology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and drug development.

Northwestern has always been tough to get into and is just growing harder.

A GPA of at least 4.1 is also required. You must make the difference if your GPA is below this with a better SAT/ACT score.

You’ll also need to impress them with the remainder of your application because Northwestern is such a prestigious institution.

Test results may be an indication of your dedication, work ethic, and confidence.

Northwestern not only seeks motivated students but also desires kids that value honesty, community service, and integrity.

Website: https://www.math.northwestern.edu/

8. University of Texas at Austin

In terms of national universities, University of Texas at Austin is ranked number 38 in the 2022 rankings. This positions the University’s bachelor’s program in the country’s top 15% of all universities.

The University of Texas at Austin awarded 319 bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and statistics for the 2019โ€“2020 academic year.

The mathematics department is home to professors of the highest caliber who have made significant contributions to the field of mathematics.

The most relevant research topics in the mathematical sciences are included in the training for its math majors.

It’s a lot of fun majoring in mathematics at UT Austin. Many students choose this institution over others due to its flexibility, accessibility to opportunities in the research and business sectors, and geographic location.

One of the reasons students opted to move to Austin was the ease with which they could find work. The startup community is thriving and growing all the time.

Website: https://www.ma.utexas.edu/

9. Columbia University

Columbia University

On the most current College Factual ranking of the top colleges for math majors, Columbia took 52nd place. This puts the school’s bachelor’s program firmly in the nation’s top 15% of all colleges and universities.

The undergraduate mathematics major provides an overview of some of the most significant developments in theoretical mathematics during the last 400 years from a contemporary viewpoint.

Numerous issues that arise in fields other than mathematics, including physics, encryption, and finance, are also addressed by this research. The Calculus series or Honors Mathematics A-B are the first courses majors take.

In the second year of study, Linear Algebra is often taken by students who do not enroll in Honors Mathematics A and B.

After that, majors start learning some of the fundamentals of algebra, analysis, and geometry, as well as some of its subfields and hybrids.

The more advanced the courses, the more theoretical, proof-oriented, and less computational they get.

Your admissions officer will carefully review your responses using a holistic approach to find intelligence, curiosity, and dynamism. The institution awards sizable scholarships based on academic achievement and various other criteria.

Both domestic and international students may receive scholarships. The goal of Columbia College’s financial assistance programs is to satisfy the needs of our students.

Website: https://www.math.columbia.edu/

10. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley

Founded in 1868 under the name of the University of California, the school lies in Berkeley, California. It is the first institution in the state and the original campus of the University of California chain.

The school awards a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree for the main undergrad mathematics program. In this course, students will study linear algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, differential equations, abstract algebra, etc.

The Department of Mathematics’ primary programs educates students for graduate study in economics, industrial engineering, physical sciences, etc.

UC Berkeley has a 16.8% admission rate. But, you must be the top student in your class. 3.84 is the predicted GPA at your high school. Moreover, you will need to get SAT scores that range from 1310 to 1530.

Your ACT score, on the other hand, should fall around 28 to 34. Your opportunities will increase with a strong TOEFL score.

Website: https://math.berkeley.edu/


What is a good major for math?

Engineering, education, business, finance, accounting, and computer science are just a few. Each of these degrees uses various mathematical techniques and lets you use your mathematical understanding and abilities in the workplace.

Is mathematics a promising career?

The Mathematical Association of America claims that math careers are growing in appeal. According to pay levels, careers as a mathematician, actuary, or statistician are among the most promising.

What is the highest degree in mathematics?

The most significant level of study in mathematics is a doctorate, which typically takes 4โ€“7 years to accomplish.

These programs provide specializations in various fields, including computer algebra, mathematical theory analysis, and differential geometry.

Wrapping Up

With so many alternatives available, it may be challenging to determine which institutions are among the best for studying mathematics in the US.

It’s crucial to consider graduate and professional prospects, specialties, and location in addition to the best math schools in the US.

We hope that my ranking of the top mathematics institutions can assist you in advancing your professional objectives and selecting the appropriate associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. Thank you for reading!