10 Best Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is essential for development in today’s world. Many leading marketing experts have designed online lesson plans and released them globally to meet the needs for regular updates of professional knowledge from learners.

Yet, are all digital marketing courses worth learning? Should you choose paid or free programs? I’ll help you answer these questions with some learning guides and the course’s brief overview, cost, and duration in this section below.

1. Digital Marketing Specializations

Digital Marketing Specializations


  • Price: 592 dollars
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Course’s Highlights

Digital Marketing Specializations is the best overall quality course in my collection. It includes a wide range of programs in marketing, data analysis, campaign planning, and related options.

The teachers train you from basic to advanced for eight months for a fee of $592. Compared to similar courses, turning you into a talented marketer is affordable.

For a beginner in digital marketing, two months of taking the course helped me accumulate new helpful knowledge. Thereby, I have applied flexibly and effectively to my small business.

What impressed me about this course was its division of lecture material. Each lecture topic is logically separated according to an in-depth route to help students quickly absorb and deepen their knowledge.

The course interface design is also very eye-catching, with many good examples for participants to understand and best practices.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/digital-marketing


  • Easy access
  • The perfect overall
  • Eye-catching interface
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Design appropriate lessons and materials


  • Less flexible scheduling

2. Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Google Digital Marketing Ecommerce


  • Price: 246 dollars
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Course’s Highlights

It’s never too late to start with digital marketing if you’re passionate. With the support from the Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce course, all your starting difficulties will be solved.

This course will provide you with all the basic skills required for digital marketing, such as marketing, e-commerce, and visual or consumer advertising.

Without much understanding of e-commerce, I chose this course as a solution to improve my level. After more than 3 months, I have gained much new knowledge to plan my business management.

The cost for this course is relatively cheap compared to current equivalent programs. The knowledge it provides is somewhat more diverse and flexible.

The amount of knowledge the course provides is relatively vast for beginners. So, you must be highly focused and severe when participating in class. Otherwise, everything will be meaningless.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/professional-certificates/google-digital-marketing-ecommerce


  • Course value
  • Flexible schedule
  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to access and learn
  • Include a variety of study programs


  • Requires intense concentration

3. Nanodegree Program Digital Marketing

Nanodegree Program Digital Marketing


  • Price: 1017 dollars
  • Duration: 3 months (10 hours per week)
  • Skill Level: Beginners and those with experience.

Course’s Highlights

Flexibility in each course is what students seek and desire to experience. The Nanodegree Program in Digital Marketing is an excellent example of attention.

The system includes many different programs with flexible study time according to the specific schedule of each student. Accordingly, it will help you easily organize your work and study more effectively.

As a business owner, I am pretty busy managing the company’s administrative work. And the Nanodegree Program in Digital Marketing is the best course for me to streamline my schedule and still learn valuable knowledge.

This course focuses on real-life projects from a variety of industry professionals. It will help students visualize what they have learned before and apply it effectively to solve a specific case study.

However, this course has a relatively high time commitment per week. Specifically, force you to attend at least 10 hours per week, or you will lose your right to participate.

Enroll Here: https://www.udacity.com/course/digital-marketing-nanodegree–nd018


  • Easy access
  • High flexibility
  • Include many real projects
  • Comprehensive beginner-friendly
  • Great for the right tips and strategies


  • Must commit to weekly attendance

4. How To Get Found Online

How To Get Found Online: An Introduction to Digital Marketing


  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 9 lessons
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Course’s Highlights

Having experienced the crisis of online learning, I understand the anxiety and confusion of many freshers in the marketing industry. What they are most concerned about right now is the core value of the course and its price.

With the system How To Get Found Online An Introduction to Digital Marketing, all headache thoughts about the above issues will be dispelled.

This course comes with nine different 41-minute lessons. It ranges from essential to advanced knowledge to help students easily approach and get used to the new learning environment.

After two months of experience, I got caught up in the continuous lectures, and the new knowledge was easy to understand for me to apply in practice.

The program is suitable for beginners or experienced people who want to learn new knowledge. It is developed by a professional digital marketer with regular interactions with students.

I received much feedback from the instructor, which improved my learning efficiency more than in many other programs.

Enroll Here: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/How-To-Get-Found-Online-An-Introduction-to-Digital-Marketing/1113144451


  • Easy access and learning
  • Include 9 different lessons
  • Many interesting examples
  • The duration of each class is just enough
  • Guided by a talented digital marketer


  • No advanced professional knowledge

5. Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing


  • Price: Free
  • Skill Level: Beginners and experienced people

Course’s Highlights

The Facebook Social Media Marketing course is around the most real-world projects in my collection. It includes real-life stories of people who have taken the course and been successful. Accordingly, it helps students easily absorb knowledge and visualize exactly what they need to do to get the desired results.

I appreciate the course’s effectiveness after more than 2 months of participation. It hit the gap in my knowledge of social media and related marketing strategies.

Unlike many other introductory courses, Facebook Social Media Marketing has a new nuance. It is more about thinking and developing students’ perspectives than theory from the teacher. So, I am more confident in contributing more valuable ideas to develop my teamwork system thinking.

Regarding the weak point, what I want to correct is the time of the final exam.

I need a few days’ notice to have more time to review and review the lectures I have heard and experienced.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/professional-certificates/facebook-social-media-marketing


  • For beginners
  • Many useful lessons
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Include many real projects
  • Develop with the perspective for students


  • Exam time is a bit rushed

6. Creating Selling Digital Product

Creating Selling Digital Product


  • Price: $29 per month
  • Course Developer: Mark Heath
  • Skill Level: Beginners

Course’s Highlights

My number one priority when looking for the right digital marketing course is the variety of programs available.

Many topics with different lecture categories will help us quickly absorb knowledge and create cohesion and logic with previous knowledge. And Creating Digital products is a typical example not to be missed.

This course includes a variety of study programs, divided into different subcategories, with streamlined content suitable for first-timers.

Moreover, the teachers present many practical projects with high feasibility to help students easily understand the problem and apply it in practice.

The content of the course is to direct students on how to create digital marketing programs to bring high business results.

I appreciate the results the system gets. It has closely followed what a business needs to thrive in today’s new age trends.

Enroll Here: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/creating-selling-digital-product


  • Various study programs
  • Content close to reality
  • Easy to understand and apply
  • Communicate directly with teachers
  • Suitable for both experienced and beginners


  • Expensive

7. Digital Marketing Crash Course

Digital Marketing Crash Course


  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 25 lessons
  • Skill Level: Experienced Person

Course’s Highlights

For senior marketers, regular addition of expertise is imperative. Digital Marketing Crash is a suitable course for improving your skills.

It is intensive digital marketing for an online marketing program to help learners set up and manage campaigns promoting related products/services.

The course consists of 25 different lessons with 25 separate topics. These arrangements make me extremely excited to start each class.

Each lecture has a relatively short duration to limit the boredom of everyone. It is probably the best course I have ever attended because of the rich knowledge.

Yet, this course will be a bit difficult for beginners. It will be impossible for you to keep up with the teaching pace of experts and other professional students.

Enroll Here: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Digital-marketing-crash-course-for-online-marketing-Social-media-email-SEO-advertising-and-more/521248492


  • Flexible
  • Easy access
  • For professionals
  • Includes 25 lessons
  • Limit boredom for students


  • Not suitable for beginners

8. Foundations of Digital Marketing And Ecommerce

Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce


  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 4 major study programs
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Course’s Highlights

Google develops the Foundations Of Digital Marketing And Ecommerce course to provide the proper knowledge in digital marketing and e-commerce.

It includes four large learning programs with a logical sequence so that students can understand easily and remember longer.

Instructors will plan training following e-commerce and digital marketing standards with the course. Each video lecture will include different projects to get you excited about your learning.

This course is quite rewarding and flexible. As it comes with a stand-alone lecture video, it is convenient for me to learn any topic necessary for my needs.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/foundations-of-digital-marketing-and-e-commerce


  • Free study
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Include 4 major study programs
  • There are many practical projects


  • Lack of interaction with instructors

9. The Strategy of Content Marketing

The Strategy of Content Marketing


  • Price: Free
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Provider: UC DAVIS

Course’s Highlights

The Strategy of Content Marketing is the leading free course available today.

It features leading industry experts to help you dive deeper into core strategies for attracting and retaining a potential customer. Specifically, you will learn how to develop an organization and execute a content marketing strategy.

Also, it can help you measure the compelling effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Thereby, you will judge the strengths to promote and the weaknesses to overcome in each affiliate marketing program.

The course’s knowledge is affluent in theoretical background and practical case studies. And perhaps it requires students to be severe and focused with a specific knowledge background.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/content-marketing


  • Flexible time
  • The best free course
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Get marketing insights and lead retention
  • Provide practical analysis of marketing strategy


  • The interface is hard to see

10. Create a Simple Digital Marketing Plan

Create a Simple Digital Marketing Plan


  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 6 lessons
  • Skill Level: Beginners and experienced people

Course’s Highlights

If you want to do the most straightforward marketing programs, creating a Simple Digital Marketing Plan can help you.

It is a free course with a total of 6 sessions with different lecture categories, giving beginners quick access to digital marketing. Accordingly, it will also be easier for them to set up a primary strategy.

Right from the first days of learning, I have chosen this program of study. Fortunately, I knew how to set up basic strategies and effectively execute them. Hence, I appreciate the results the course brings.

The short duration of each study session has limited the blandness and boredom much more than in traditional learning programs.

Enroll Here: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Create-a-Simple-Digital-Marketing-Plan/2038305476


  • Easy to learn
  • Short duration
  • Include six basic lessons
  • Suitable for many participants
  • Create a simple digital marketing program


  • Not valid for advanced marketers

Learning Guide

How to choose one

Finding and taking digital marketing courses that fit your time and finances should be a priority. There are many online options for sale on social media. So, how to check out their credibility? Let’s check with the factors below!

Ability to pay

As mentioned above, finding affordable and suitable courses for your finances becomes significant.

Quality free courses can often still give you a lot of valuable basics. But, the skills this course provides are pretty basic without breaking ground compared to other mass-market programs.

If you need to upgrade your skills, you should attend paid courses.


Flexible study programs are always an essential factor for you to consider. It allows you to be more proactive in arranging your current work and study. That way, it will be easier for you to plan your learning.

I prefer to choose courses free of time and materials for your convenience in my collection.

Course Rating

The course rating is the most important criterion for purchasing any online learning program. You can scroll down to read the feedback of previous students to understand the quality of lectures and teachers. You can also join many social networking groups and consult with them about the program.


How long is the digital marketing course?

The duration of each course is different based on the specialized training program. On average, it will last from 2 to 6 months. Trainees with certificates in short-term training classes may only have to attend courses from 2 to 3 months.

Which certificate is the highest?

A doctoral degree is the highest certificate we can get after a period of study effort. You will also receive the corresponding certificate at the end of the digital marketing degree program.

Can I study digital marketing at home?

Entirely possible. Through the Internet, you can find many digital marketing courses from beginner to advanced levels. However, consider carefully before deciding to enroll in those programs!

Is digital marketing hard to study?

No, it’s not as hard as you think. If you are determined enough and choose the right course, you will quickly become a talented digital marketer.

Does Google do digital marketing?

The short answer is Yes. You should browse various forums to search for free and paid digital marketing programs from Google.


Through the actual analysis of the course list above, hopefully, you will find the right course for your time and budget.

For me, the Digital Marketing Specializations from Coursera has been the best choice for both beginners and experienced. So, don’t forget to leave feedback on my posts!

Thank you for reading!