10 Best JavaScript Courses

Want to learn a new programming language or want to develop a career as a JS developer? Today, JavaScript courses are available to help improve all skills.

I have attended many free and paid courses and documented my experiences with each curriculum. The list below will help your learning process and improve your skills. Scroll down to see more!

1. JavaScript for Beginners

JavaScript for Beginners


  • Difficulty: Beginners.
  • Duration: 12 hours.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: UC Davis.

Course’s Highlights

Background knowledge is essential to master and develop a career related to Javascript. And one of the best beginner courses I’ve ever used is JavaScript for Beginners Specialization.

I highly recommend this course for its good combination of theoretical and practical teaching. It provides a solid knowledge of the Javascript language and has many add-on exercises for programming in basic syntax, associative branches, and loops.

I especially enjoyed the lectures in modules 2 and 3. It explained the Javascript syntax, such as the writing expression principles, operators, and loops.

These contents will be pretty confusing for beginners. But, with varied and practical examples from the teacher, I quickly understood everything and applied it generously to my tasks.

Yet, I don’t appreciate module 1, which took me quite a while without getting as far out of it as I expected.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/javascript-beginner


  • Helpful practice exercises.
  • No experience is required.
  • Provide knowledge for beginners.
  • Understanding branches and loops.
  • Javascript syntax is easy to understand.


  • Some modules are not really useful.

2. Javascript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners

Javascript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners


  • Difficulty: Beginners.
  • Duration: 1h 22m.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Skillshare.

Course’s Highlights

Javascript programming will be incredibly complicated for beginners. So, you can completely get acquainted with this language with introductory courses like Javascript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners.

As the name suggests, this course provides essential information for someone who has never worked with Javascript. First, I learned about code structure, common terminology, and shared programming tidbits.

At the end of the course, I was to complete a relatively simple project. If you study seriously, it won’t be difficult for you.

In short, I am pretty satisfied with the background knowledge that Javascript Basics provides. The only problem is that the videos seem pretty old, causing me to wait a while for everything to work.

Enroll Here: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Javascript-Gentle-Introduction-for-Beginners/463484328


  • Short study time.
  • Simple final project.
  • Provide basic knowledge.
  • Create excitement for beginners.


  • Low-quality videos.

3. The Complete JavaScript Toolkit

The JavaScript Toolkit: Write Cleaner, Faster & Better Code


  • Difficulty: Intermediate.
  • Duration: 3 Months.
  • Price: $399 per month.
  • Provider: Skillshare

Course’s Highlights

The JavaScript Toolkit: Write Cleaner, Faster & Better Code can help learners solve real-world programming problems.

In the first lessons, I was pretty skeptical about the reality of the above goal. However, after three months, I completely changed my opinion.

This program teaches from the most basic to the most advanced knowledge so that you can handle most of the tasks in practice.

I especially love the lectures on its syntax, conditional statements, functions, and loops. These contents are entirely available for beginners in programming with little or no Javascript experience.

In addition to the basics, it covers less common Javascript features. I was pretty surprised by this course’s knowledge of serialized functional programming. This content is helpful in creating unique and professional programs.

This program is a relatively detailed and convenient course. Yet, the price to enroll in this course is not affordable, which is the biggest downside of this rather impressive course.

Enroll Here: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/The-JavaScript-Toolkit-Write-Cleaner-Faster-Better-Code/1962091348


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Provide complete basic knowledge.
  • Lectures are detailed and easy to understand.
  • Many studies on less common Javascript features.
  • Help learners solve real-world programming problems.


  • Requires a fee

4. JavaScript: Getting Started

JavaScript: Getting Started


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 5 months.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Pluralsight.

Course’s Highlights

This course focuses on core programming concepts. After completing the course, I believe any learner can write code for the most complex problem.

In particular, it also has many additional projects to reinforce the knowledge. Some of my different favorite projects are an interactive website with visual filters, an encoder, and a predictive text generator.

Plus, it teaches some foundational skills a software engineer should have. Although it doesn’t take up too much of the entire course, its lectures on testing and debugging are still quite functional.

This course is beneficial for software engineers. Even so, its diverse knowledge is sometimes a bit overwhelming for beginners. If you overcome this barrier, you will take a significant step toward becoming a software engineer.

Enroll Here: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/javascript-getting-started


  • Core programming concepts.
  • The lecture is relatively easy to understand.
  • Many additional projects reinforce knowledge.
  • Teach the foundational skills that software engineers need.
  • Useful for people who are oriented to become software engineers.


  • Not suitable for a beginner.

5. Programming with JavaScript

Programming with JavaScript


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 10h 57m.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Coursera.

Course’s Highlights

You’ve never written any Javascript program or have no idea about programming? Join Programming with JavaScript, and the above problems will no longer be complex for you.

With easy-to-understand lectures, the course provided the Javascript basics. During this period, the teacher wrote many programs in this language and gave quite a few highly relevant examples.

The course also covers the use of Javascript advanced components. Challenging lessons are kept at a moderate pace for me to follow and practice coding easily.

My only suggestion is that it needs more practice exercises because 5 or 10 activities during the course are too few for learners to apply knowledge.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/programming-with-javascript


  • Enthusiastic teachers.
  • Teach at a moderate pace.
  • Examples are highly applicable.
  • Provide Javascript basic knowledge
  • Change the way learners think about programming.


  • Need more practice exercises.

6. JavaScript Best Practices

JavaScript Best Practices


  • Difficulty: Intermediate.
  • Duration: 5 months.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Pluralsight.

Course’s Highlights

To become an IT developer or use Javascript in an enterprise environment, you need to understand the fundamentals to practice programming regularly. And JavaScript Best Practices creates maximum conditions for you to practice and practice new skills.

The course helped me develop packages into a rich set of core libraries. It also introduces object-oriented programming and details how to apply this knowledge in Javascript.

I was particularly impressed with the content of Module 4. I used selected parts of the LI library and practiced many other important Javascript projects.

When I took this course, I had to practice quite a bit. I recommend you learn some impressive Javascript design principles to accomplish any task well.

Enroll Here: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/javascript-best-practices


  • Many practice exercises.
  • Detailed instructions.
  • Lots of advanced knowledge.
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming.
  • Towards using Javascript in an enterprise environment.


  • Need to have background knowledge available.

7. JavaScript Basics

Javascript Basics


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 25 Hours.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Codecademy.

Course’s Highlights

Object-oriented programming is one of the essential programming techniques today. And with JavaScript Basics, I was taught this technique in detail.

The course does not teach programming using Javascript through theory. Instead, it asks learners to build 7 projects over their studies.

Another impressive advantage is that it updates regularly to meet the needs of learners. Not many online Javascript courses can do this.

It only took me about 25 hours to complete Learn JavaScript, but the knowledge gained was exceptionally helpful. Yet, I’m not sure beginners, in this relatively short amount of time, can meet the seven required projects.

Enroll Here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/javascript-basics


  • Short course duration.
  • Updated frequently.
  • Easy-to-understand lectures.
  • 7 projects throughout the study.
  • Combination of theory and practice.


  • A bit too much for a beginner.

8. Asynchronous JavaScript

Asynchronous JavaScript


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 6 Hours.
  • Price: Free.
  • Provider: Codecademy.

Course’s Highlights

Are you a programmer and want to learn more about Java? Learn Asynchronous JavaScript is the course just for you.

This course includes short lectures, and I often skim them to save time and only pay attention to the essential knowledge. I also recommend balancing skimming and deep learning to get the most out of this course.

My special lectures were on how to work with object-oriented programming. Its background knowledge gives me quite a lot of interest.

The course also provides extensive knowledge of integrated data structures, dynamic programming, and advanced codes. However, this course didn’t come with many hands-on exercises to apply what I’ve learned.

Enroll Here: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/asynchronous-javascript


  • Short lectures.
  • Ideal for programmers.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Focus on object-oriented programming.


  • There are not too many exercises.

9. JavaScript Essentials for Web Development

JavaScript Essentials for Web Development


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 3 days.
  • Price: $2,650.
  • Provider: Learningtree.

Course’s Highlights

The thing I appreciate most about JavaScript Essentials for Web Development is the hands-on experience with lambda expressions.

After this course, I developed several web applications and have core Javascript skills. Thanks to that, creating programs for me was more straightforward and less error-prone.

As a course that provides in-depth knowledge of HTML5, however, it is not the first choice for everyone. Its price is relatively high for beginners.

Enroll Here: https://www.learningtree.com/courses/javascript-essentials-for-web-development


  • The short course duration.
  • Build up the core Javascript skills.
  • Some Javascript applications can be developed
  • Easy to apply Javascript for programming.
  • Provide hands-on experience with lambda expressions


  • High price.

10. Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Full Stack JavaScript Developer


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Duration: 1h 58m.
  • Price: $19 per month after a 10-day trial.
  • Provider: Skills.

Course’s Highlights

Full Stack JavaScript Developer does not focus on providing knowledge and skills about programming and creating applications. Instead, it helped me answer questions about Javascript code and its application.

After finishing the course, I understand the language better and have a broader view of new programming skills. I recommend this course to programmers new to Javascript for the first time.

In short, it helps me understand the theory and practical Javascript applications.

You’ll probably be a bit disappointed if you’re looking for a course that delves into teaching these programming language skills.

Enroll Here: https://www.udacity.com/course/full-stack-javascript-developer-nanodegree–nd0067


  • Answers beginner’s questions about JavaScript.
  • Support career development orientation.
  • It helps to understand the big picture of JavaScript.
  • Help learners understand more about programming languages.


  • Does not teach programming language skills

Learning Guide

Learning Level

It is not difficult for you to find the right course for your level. Especially for those who are just starting, the course options are pretty diverse.

Intermediate or advanced learning difficulties will be more complex and will require you to have specific skills and knowledge.


For beginners, the free introductory courses are more than enough. These courses provide the basics, giving you a solid foundation in JavaScript.


There are quite a few Javascript courses you can enroll in these days.

These learning difficulties have pretty flexible study time. Take an interest in these courses so you can study anywhere, anytime.


I have compiled some frequently asked questions related to Javascript courses. If you have the same interest, don’t skip any answers.

What skills do you need to learn JavaScript?

Some skills you need when learning JavaScript are functional programming, cross-browser coding, and asynchronous programming.

How many days will it take to learn JavaScript?

You should spend at least 6 to 9 months learning and mastering JavaScript.

What is the hardest thing to do in JavaScript?

JavaScript has a lot of confusing concepts like prototypal inheritance, recursion, and scope.

How can I understand JavaScript better?

To understand JavaScript, you should take some courses and start your projects.

How can I be good at JavaScript?

You need to have background knowledge of this programming language. In addition, you also need to understand HTML, CSS, coding, and some other skills.

Final Thoughts

One of the Javascript courses I am most satisfied with is JavaScript for Beginners. It provides easy-to-understand knowledge and has a good balance of theory and practice. If you have a pre-existing understanding of Javascript programming, you can also refer to some of these 10 courses I recommend.

Hopefully, you will significantly improve your level and achieve achievements in this field. Thank you for reading!