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10 Best Paying Jobs in Technology

There are several reasons why you should pursue a career in technology. It is not only one of the most dynamic fields in the world, but it also gives a high income and is steadily growing.

If you love technology and salary is your top concern, never miss this list. We have compiled the top 10 tech jobs.

We will list each job’s salary rate per year from three levels: entry, median, and senior. You can also learn what you should do when pursuing each path. 

Please note that the average salary rates we mention are recorded in the USA in recent years. The real value may vary depending on the region. 

1. Data Scientist ($124,540)

computer database system

Average salary: $124,540 per year

Skills and experience:

A data scientist analyzes data to deeper understand and describe processes in their surroundings and assist the company in making important choices.

A data scientist might perform these tasks:

  • Finding trends and patterns in the database to identify insights.
  • Building algorithms to predict outcomes.
  • Employing machine learning approaches to improve data quality. 
  • Communicating with other teams and managers to recommend the best possible solutions. 
  • Using data tools such as SAS, Python, and SQL to analyze data.
  • Keeping up with the latest advancements of data science.

Consider pursuing a master’s degree in data science. You may enhance your understanding of machine learning, statistics, algorithms, and modeling.

There are some soft and hard skills that you should master to become a data scientist.

Programming languages

Data scientists may expect to sort, analyze, and manage bulk data using computer languages.

Some of the most popular programming languages for this job are Python, SQL, R, and SAS. 

Data visualization

A crucial part of becoming a data scientist is making graphs and charts. You should be able to accomplish the task if you are familiar with Tableau, Power BI, and Excel.

Machine learning

As a data scientist, applying machine learning in your job involves continuously upgrading data quality and forecasting the results of new datasets.

2. Android Developer ($145,006)

VPN app on mobile phone and laptop

Average salary: $145,006 per year

Skills and experience

An Android developer is a person who makes our life easier by providing mobile and desktop apps that assist us in our daily chores.

The developer is in charge of these tasks: 

  • Building and designing Android apps.
  • Working in conjunction with the development and evaluation teams to create superior products with fewer problems.
  • Working with a variety of APIs and datasets.
  • Fixing bugs. 
  • Evaluating, finding, and utilizing new technologies continuously.

The best place to begin is with a summary of Android. Read some Android-related articles as well. 

Make oneself self-motivated with simple things first, then move to the expertise parts such as:

Programming languages

Kotlin and Java are the two main languages utilized in Android application development, with Kotlin being a first-class option to write Android apps.

This language comes with various features that aid developers in their day-to-day programming.

Kotlin also minimizes developers’ time on boilerplate code, leading to increased efficiency.

Android platform

The platform has multiple parts. However, the following items are essential to start designing apps:

  • App Components
  • Context
  • Handling app changes
  • Multithreading
  • Security
  • Navigation
  • Unit testing

Android tools

Any Android developer should be familiar with these tools:

  • Android Studio: your primary development platform.
  • Git: your control system of choice.
  • Gradle: your build automation kit.

3. Software Architect ($142,414)

software architecture

Average salary: $142,414 per year

Skills and experience

A software architect is a software developer. He works with different teams to ensure that the company executes the processes efficiently.

A software architect is responsible for numerous tasks and duties in a company, including:

  • Identifying software components and other demands by interacting with customers. 
  • Developing the project’s best technical standards, resources, processes, and so on.
  • Joining a group of developers and assigning development tasks when necessary.
  • Delivering high-quality software products by working with other end-users and other teams.
  • Examining, documenting, debugging the codes.

As a rule of thumb, software architects should take advantage of training courses in order to improve their skills. The following are some important types of training to take into account:


DevOps (Development Operations) includes different practices designed to accelerate the software development workflow at every stage.

Skilled software architects often deploy and supervise DevOps processes with their teams to boost productivity.

Systems design

If you want to become a software architect, you will also design and monitor a software project’s operation. 


Software architects often have expertise in programming and experience with different coding languages and frameworks.

4. Computer Scientist ($165,940)


Average salary: $165,940 per year

Skills and experience

Computer science is the science of the theoretical background of information and computing. Computer scientists create software for websites and services that we use every day. 

A computer scientist’s job responsibilities may include:

  • Meeting representatives from companies to determine their primary computer science demands.
  • Developing computer platforms or apps that satisfy the expectations of a company.
  • Designing algorithms to help the company’s front-end platforms.
  • Troubleshooting established platforms for system failures before delivering them to the clients. 
  • Introducing platforms and tackling bugs as the programs start running.

Computer scientists work on a variety of skills to succeed. Aside from programming, they also focus on these aspects: 

Cloud management

Computer scientists are in charge of a company’s cloud-based programs, which they integrate with current networks and upgrade when needed.

Mathematical proficiency

They also employ some mathematical structures and methods. These tools are all important to construct and operate a company’s computer systems.

Network management

They are in charge of a company’s network and establish cybersecurity measures and provide proper user access to all workers.

5. Data Architect ($139,946)

data modeling

Average salary: $139,946 per year

Skills and experience

Data architects build and maintain large electronic databases to store and handle data. They examine a firm’s current data architecture and find solutions for integrating existing systems with the expected future state.

Expect to accomplish the following if you want to be a data architect:

  • Interact with non-technical staff to determine the company’s data requirements.
  • Assess the existing data infrastructure of the company to see where to improve. 
  • Create new data structures that allow for more precise analysis.
  • Employ coding skills to build innovative architectures that improve the existing databases while preserving data from the previous ones.

The mission of a data architect is to optimize the data flow from clients to the web and back. 

To successfully achieve these tasks, they should have a comprehensive understanding of data modeling and database design.

Data modeling

The first stage in developing a database is data modeling. It involves the database itself, interactions between elements, and limitations.

Database design

The database design comes with two fundamental ideas. One considers the redundant info as a waste. The other claims that data accuracy can improve overall productivity. 

A good design should include:

  • Reducing unnecessary material by separating all content into subject-based categories.
  • Assuring the content’s accuracy and reliability.
  • Supporting the company’s data processing objectives.

6. Computer Hardware Engineer ($146,463)

a chipset

Average salary: $146,463 per year

Skills and experience

Computer hardware engineers handle all aspects of computer components. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Analyzing user requirements and recommending the appropriate hardware. 
  • Prototyping solutions to upgrade computer systems.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and updating designs regularly to develop computer hardware effectively.
  • Supervising the computer hardware production chain.
  • Finding innovative ways to boost the efficiency of the hardware through exploring new technologies.

To become a computer hardware engineer, make sure you have mastered these skills and tools:


Verilog is a standard description language for computer hardware. The engineers use it to develop analog, digital, and mixed-signal systems.

Engineering design

A critical distinction between computer science and computer engineering is engineering design. 

Computer engineers must employ design methodologies, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking skills to develop hardware. 

Board design

Employers and colleges commonly refer to the board design abilities in circuit boards, which link the electrical and mechanical parts of computers.

Hardware engineers should be able to construct, test, and analyze these circuit boards.

7. iOS Developer ($137,070)

Mac desktop and iPad

Average salary: $137,070 per year

Skills and experience

An iOS developer has a solid understanding of the iOS platform, including how it operates on various Apple devices.

The responsibilities of an iOS developer are: 

  • Designing and developing mobile apps for Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Establishing app features in collaboration with the designers.
  • Make sure that the application meets its standards in terms of quality.
  • Detect potential issues and fix bottlenecks in the app.
  • Address bugs in the program before its final launch.
  • Release an app on the App Store.

If you decide to work as an iOS developer or design your own apps, here are some basic iOS skills to have.


Start your journey with Swift, an intuitive and powerful programming language for macOS, watchOS, iOS, and tvOS. The code is safe and produces programs that run smoothly 

iOS Platform

The following are some of the basics you’ll need to know about the iOS platform:

  • Apple Developer
  • Xcode
  • Interface Builder 
  • Auto Layout


iOS developers use databases to archive and retrieve data in iOS apps. Understanding how databases operate may be beneficial when it comes to iOS development.


Most iOS apps need data transmission through the internet. This feature necessitates comprehension of how the internet runs for the developer. 

8. Information Scientist ($135,978)

an information scientist works with multiple computers

Average salary: $135,978 per year

Skills and experience

An information scientist is a specialist whose primary responsibility is to organize data and make it easily accessible.

Scientists that work in this field usually perform the following tasks:

  • Examine computer issues and develop ideas and systems to solve them.
  • Collaborate with other engineers to address complicated computational problems.
  • Analyze computer requirements and system specifications.
  • Develop new computing languages, software platforms, and other technologies to simplify how humans deal with computers.
  • Write studies for publication and present research results at conferences.

As an information scientist, you should be able to show the critical skills listed.

Data science

Because you work with figures at every step, data is essential. You need to control, handle, visualize, and analyze data effectively. 

Robotics and machine learning

In the field of computer science, automation is crucial. Information experts work a lot with robotics and machine learning when trying to simplify procedures.

9. Video Game Developer ($135,768)

developer creates a video character

Average salary: $135,768 per year

Skills and experience

A video game developer specializes in creating and scripting all parts of a video game’s features.

These are some day-to-day tasks you may have in this position:

  • Creating innovative game design concepts.
  • Converting visual concepts into code.
  • Working with designers, artists, producers, and quality assurance analysts.
  • Keeping an eye on the game’s functionality across platforms.
  • Analyzing existing code and giving suggestions for improvements.

The skills needed to become a video game developer include:

Game engine

Game developers should master one game engine or more. It’s best to start with Unity since it is the most prominent development tool for building interactive and multi-platform games. 

2D/3D modeling

Blender Maya, Unity, and RealFlow are some of the programs used by video game developers to design 2D/3D materials. The developers also need to maintain the game’s resources and upgrade frequently. 

Prototyping and testing

The game developer creates high-fidelity and low-fidelity prototypes of game themes and features.

10. Software Engineer ($133,722)

a software engineer working at home wearing a headphone

Average salary: $133,722 per year

Skills and experience

Software engineers are responsible for developing, designing, and evaluating software programs. 

They create software for computers, mobile applications, cloud-based services, and web programs using programming languages such as C++, Python, and Java.

A software engineer’s duties frequently include: 

  • Planning the solutions to create new software.
  • Designing concepts that illustrate the various elements of the software.
  • Testing software to detect and fix bugs.
  • Working as part of a software research and deployment team.

There are many things to learn if you dream of being a software engineer, including:

Programming languages 

A software engineer should know at least one scripting language, like Python and JavaScript, and an object-oriented language, like Java and C++.

Algorithm and data structure

The data structure is the method of organizing a database, while an algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a given issue.

A software engineer provides the best solution while considering both time and memory concerns.

They should be able to identify which data structure and algorithm are best suited to the case.


Before starting your journey, you should attend any field workshops and conferences. Make your aim clear and keep moving forward.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!