10 Best Photo Editing Computers

There’s no denying the power and portability of a laptop. However, the computer is still better for home photo editing tasks.

These products come with impressive processing speed and large screen sizes, which are especially suitable for rendering and auditing high-quality images.

If you are looking for a device that supports your image creation tasks, don’t miss the top 10 computers below.

Our Top Picks:

The computer for photo editing needs strong performance and a quality display with high color accuracy. And the computer models that will appear in this section are such options.

1. 2021 Apple iMac – Best for Overall

2021 Apple iMac

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Apple M1 chip.
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB.
  • RAM: 8GB.

Product’s Highlight

The Apple iMac has all the features I need in a computer dedicated to image editing.

It has strong performance due to using an Apple M1 chip with a built-in CPU and GPU. When working with professional photo editing applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, I quickly noticed a difference due to the outstanding performance of the iMac.

The gorgeous retina display is why I’ve always loved editing photos on my Apple iMac. With a wide color gamut and high brightness, it is not difficult for me to get vivid images with minimal color deviation.

On the downside, the 2021 Apple iMac is quite challenging to upgrade hardware without a driver. Yet, the excellent interface and powerful processor make it the best basic graphics monitor available today.

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What We Like

  • Luxurious design.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Gorgeous retina display.
  • Wide color gamut, high brightness.
  • Handle popular photo editing applications well

Thing To Consider

  • Difficult to repair and upgrade.

2. Apple Mac Mini – Best for Home Office

Apple Mac Mini

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Apple M1 chip.
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB.
  • RAM: 16GB.

Product’s Highlight

Mac Mini is compact and highly portable. I use it as the leading work computer in my home office. So far, the Mac Mini still makes me quite satisfied.

This device uses the Apple M1 chip, which delivers powerful performance. Apple Mac Mini supports quite well for my design work, multitasking, and especially image editing.

This computer model also conquered me with a relatively diverse number of ports. Unlike many other products from Apple, Mac Mini supports USB, HDMI, LAN, Thunderbolt 3 ports, etc. Thanks to that, I have almost no difficulty connecting my Mac computer with a mouse, speakers, and other peripherals.

In short, the image editing experience with the Mac Mini is pretty awesome. My only complaint about this model is that it heats up quickly when performing heavy tasks.

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What We Like

  • 16GB RAM.
  • Various connection ports.
  • Compact, space-saving.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Stable and smooth with many graphics software.

Thing To Consider

  • Heats up quickly with heavy tasks

3. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – Best for Versatility

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-10100.
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB.
  • RAM: 8GB.

Product’s Highlight

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop has a dedicated NVIDIA Turing graphics card and an Intel Core i3-10100 processor. The equipment above is not the most powerful, but enough for me to handle multimedia content.

4K images are also an advantage I appreciate in this model. The stunning display image quality has helped my creative work a lot. Besides, the beautiful screen also provides an engaging entertainment experience.

Finally, I appreciate the 256GB SSD memory that the manufacturer offers. Compared to a traditional hard drive, HP’s memory is incredibly faster and easier to access.

Yet, I’m not too happy with its amount of RAM. 8GB is enough for essential graphic editing work. Of course, the above equipment is not enough when I want to entertain with heavy games.

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What We Like

  • High-quality display.
  • Easy-access memory.
  • Powerful dedicated graphics card.
  • Sleek and space-saving design.
  • Powerful enough for multimedia content editing.

Thing To Consider

  • Need to improve the amount of RAM.

4. Apple iMac 21.5-inch – Best for Display Quality

Apple iMac 21.5-inch

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i5.
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB.
  • RAM: 8GB.

Product’s Highlight

When looking for the best photo editing computers, I’m always interested in devices with beautiful screens and high color accuracy. And the 21.5-inch Apple iMac is just that.

Apple iMac has a wide screen of 21.5”, sharp resolution, and supports the P3 color standard. Editing images on an Apple iMac, I don’t have to worry about the color accuracy of the final product. I also appreciate the handling of this model.

This iMac model only uses the latest i5 chip instead of the latest M1. However, this processor is still powerful enough to operate image editing software, serving my design process well.

The Apple iMac also supports up to two Thunderbolt 3 ports. With the trend of increasingly thin and compact computer designs, not many Apple products support as many ports as the 21.5-inch iMac.

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What We Like

  • Big screen.
  • Sharp resolution.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Supports the P3 color standard
  • It supports two Thunderbolt 3 ports

Thing To Consider

  • The sound quality is not impressive.

5. HP 27-d0072 All-in-One PC – Best for 4K Video Editing

HP 27-d0072 All-in-One PC

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel i7-10700T.
  • Storage capacity: 512GB SSD, 1TB HDD.
  • RAM: 16GB.

Product’s Highlight

The HP 27-d0072 owns an Intel Core i7-10700T processor and Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card. The powerful equipment makes it easy to transmit 4K content and handle other complex tasks.

In addition to performance, the HP 27-d0072 conquered me with its unique dual storage option. The machine supports storing data on HDD and SSD with 1TB and 512GB capacities, respectively.

This storage option makes saving high-resolution images and videos no longer too difficult. I also did not experience a lag in processing or accessing files.

With all the above equipment, the HP 27-d0072 is a powerful configuration computer for work.

Yet, it may not be ideal for handling the most graphically intense games. The lack of a high-speed graphics card is the big downside of this all-in-one model.

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What We Like

  • Dual storage.
  • Start up in seconds.
  • Smooth operation with no lag.
  • Powerful configuration.
  • Quickly transfer 4K images.

Thing To Consider

  • Lack of high-speed graphics card.

6. ASUS V241EA-ES001 All-in-One – Best for Daily Tasking

ASUS V241EA-ES001 All-in-One Desktop

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Pentium Gold 7505.
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB.
  • RAM: 8GB.

Product’s Highlight

The ASUS AiO V241EA-ES001 is a basic computer model that meets my needs.

This model has a standard aspect ratio anti-glare screen with sharp image quality. In addition to image-related tasks, its 23.8-inch screen also serves my entertainment needs quite well.

The manufacturer also equips the machine with an Intel Pentium Gold 7505 processor. The above equipment, of course, cannot help ASUS AiO V241EA-ES001 meet 2D and 3D graphics.

But, editing photos with popular applications still can’t make it difficult. And I am delighted with the experience of handling basic tasks that the machine brings.

The only downside I hope the manufacturer can fix is ​​the amount of RAM. This template is still suitable for basic Photoshop or Lightroom. However, the processing speed will not be comparable to devices with 16GB RAM.

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What We Like

  • Anti-glare screen.
  • Meet basic usage needs.
  • Serves quite well for entertainment needs
  • Lightweight and high portability.

Thing To Consider

  • Need to upgrade RAM.

7. Skytech Shiva II Gaming PC – Best for Storage

Skytech Shiva II Gaming PC

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Core i5 12400F.
  • Storage capacity: 500 GB.
  • RAM: 16GB.

Product’s Highlight

I always appreciate devices that use SSDs over traditional HDDs. It has superior data read and write speeds for more accessible storage and retrieval of multimedia files.

And Skytech Shiva II is one of my favorite desktop SSD models. 500GB enables faster access than traditional hard drives.

In addition, this template is quite perfect, with various ports for my many graphics connections. Finally, its powerful heat-dissipating RGB fan provides me with the most stable working experience for a long time.

I had to pay a higher price to bring all the above advantages in one. However, all expenses are pretty worth it for my work and entertainment.

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What We Like

  • Comes with an RGB fan
  • Provide multiple connectivity ports
  • Easily store and access data quickly.
  • Excellent graphics processing performance.
  • Handle all work and entertainment tasks well

Thing To Consider

  • Expensive.

8. OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop PC – Best for Performance

OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop PC

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K.
  • Storage capacity: 1TB.
  • RAM: 32GB.

Product’s Highlight

For professional image editing, I have to resort to complicated tools. So, my computer needs to come with a powerful processor for efficient and fast tasks.

And the OMEN 30L is such a model. The manufacturer has equipped this computer model with a 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10900K processor. Design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is no longer as complicated for me to handle as before.

Its extreme performance comes from GeForce RTX 3080 discrete graphics card and 10GB RAM. The above equipment has brought a faster and more efficient video editing experience.

Because the performance is quite strong, the OMEN 30L heats up quickly with heavy tasks. The manufacturer has equipped the device with up to three custom fans, but the cooling effect is still not too impressive. The fan noise is still quite loud for me for a long time.

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What We Like

  • Discrete graphics card.
  • Handle heavy tasks well
  • Operate complex photo editing tools well
  • Powerful Intel Core i9-10900K processor.
  • Edit multimedia content quickly and efficiently.

Thing To Consider

  • The fan is quite noisy.

9. HP Envy Desktop – Best for Connectivity

HP Envy Desktop

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-12700.
  • Storage capacity: 512GB SSD, 1TB SATA.
  • RAM: 16GB.

Product’s Highlight

While editing images, I often need to export images to a removable monitor or transfer data from one device to another. And HP Envy Desktop with various connectivity ports has met my needs quite well.

This computer model supports USB Type C, USB Type A, USB 2.0, HDMI, and headphone jacks. The above fully equipped equipment has made connecting the monitor and external storage drive to the computer no longer too difficult.

But the HP Envy is more than just an easy-to-connect computer. It also possesses all the advantages that are perfect for image editing.

A few things that stand out must be the latest processor and graphics, a beautiful display, and dual 512 GB storage drives.

However, I had a lot of trouble installing the operating system on the SATA drive. This minor issue didn’t have too much of an impact on my overall experience.

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What We Like

  • The display is beautiful.
  • Dual storage drives.
  • Supports multiple ports
  • Good heat dissipation.
  • Powerful latest processor and graphics.

Thing To Consider

  • It’s a bit difficult to install the storage drive.

10. Dell Optiplex 7010 Tower Desktop Computer – Best for Budget

Dell Optiplex 7010 Tower Desktop Computer

Important Specifications

  • CPU: Intel i7-3770.
  • Storage capacity: 1TB.
  • RAM: 32GB.

Product’s Highlight

In the past, I was always skeptical about the performance of affordable models.

But the Dell Optiplex 7010 made me change my mind. This budget-friendly model offers workstation-class performance, something not many competitors in the same price range do.

The processing power of Dell Optiplex 7010 comes from Intel Core i7-3770 and up to 32GB RAM. It not only smoothly operates editing and design software but also handles the most complex tasks well.

Mini-tower design is also an advantage I appreciate very much in Dell computers. It doesn’t take up too much desk space, perfect for my home office.

In short, I am pretty pleased with this reliable model. My only complaint is that the device does not have a direct HDMI connector. Yet, I equipped an adapter to overcome this drawback.

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What We Like

  • USB port for ultra-fast data transfer.
  • Quick access to files and software.
  • Reasonable price for the budget.
  • Compact design does not take up much space.
  • Excellent workstation-like processing performance.

Thing To Consider

  • There is no direct HDMI connector.

Buying Guides

Things to consider for photo editing computers

After checking the list, are you curious about how I chose the 10 best photo editing computers? Here are some criteria I use to select the suitable device.

Graphics card

For image editing needs, a discrete graphics card is a better choice. This device helps to expand the screen to maximize the working space. The discrete graphics card also supports a wide color range, ensuring image quality.

Integrated graphics cards cannot deliver the above experiences. However, devices using integrated graphics cards are often reasonably priced.

The integrated GPU also saves power, limiting heat gain quite well.

RAM and a multi-core processor

Computers must have large RAM and multi-core processors to quickly launch and smoothly operate photo editing and graphic design software.

A good photo editing computer model typically needs at least 8GB RAM and a 4-core core.

If you need to edit many large images or run 2D, or 3D design software, 16GB RAM and a new 6 or 8-core processor help you work quickly and efficiently.


If you are a creative person who loves originality, you will want to set up your computer to your taste. Yet, if you do not have too much experience choosing accessories to build a PC, you better still consider the names in the article.


What PC parts are essential for photo editing?

The crucial PC components for image editing are the storage drive, RAM, processor, and graphics card.

How much memory do I need for photo editing?

To operate the most complex image editing software, your computer needs at least 16GB of RAM.

Do you need a powerful computer for photo editing?

You need a powerful computer model for image editing. Ensure the device uses a 4-core CPU, intel i5 chip, or higher.

The minimum RAM level for a photo editing computer is 8GB. However, 16GB of RAM is the best choice for running professional software.

What does an editing computer need?

A photo editing computer model needs 8GB – 64GB RAM, i5 CPU or higher, and requires at least four processing cores.

Do I need a graphics card for photo editing?

You need a graphics card for photo editing. Primarily if you work with large multimedia files or high-resolution photos, a graphics card is a must if you want fast and smooth processing.

Final Words

The 2021 Apple iMac remains my ultimate favorite photo editing computer. It has a powerful processor and high color accuracy to meet my work needs well.

Besides, the other of our list are worth your consideration. I hope you will carefully consider all the pros and cons of each and choose for yourself the most satisfying option.