10 Best Programming Certifications

Information technology is a competitive field. If you want to impress employers and get a higher income, you should have some programming-related degrees.

Here are some of the best certifications you can pursue. They can help you perfect your resume and skill set.

Programming certifications can guarantee the knowledge and skills of programmers, especially beginners. No matter your level, you can find the right degrees for you through the sharing below.

1. R Programming Certifications

R is one of the most loved languages by graphics coders. It meets the needs of data analysis in many fields and beyond.

Compared to Python and C++, the number of experts who master R is much less. So, you’ll have more job chances if you get your data science degree with R.

To earn an R certification, you’ll need to master data operations. In addition, you’ll also need to master some basic R packages and forecast operations.

2. AWS Certified Developer Associate

AWS is the leading cloud service provider today. More and more businesses are focusing on building solutions on AWS. As a result, the demand for AWS coders will keep growing in the near term.

You need to grasp the basic concepts from AWS, such as EBS, IAM, EC2, and a lot of related knowledge. Also, you need to learn how to implement and design AWS using cloud computing services.

3. AWS Solutions Architect-Associate

This certification comes with dedicated courses for solution architects. Yet, you will have to spend about a year with AWS to pursue this advanced course.

It is one of the most worthy certifications related to the AWS field. Thus, owning it will make you a good candidate for large companies and increase your income.

4. C and C++ Degrees

C and C++ are the two main factors that have built the foundation for today’s Internet world. Today, these languages remain trusted tools across many areas.

Even if you already have a high level of Java or Python, learning about C and C++ is a good idea. So, the related gains will help a programmer’s career path.

5. CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

Big data is one of the topics that have received the most attention in recent years. If you’re a coder working in data analytics, knowing how to use tools like Hadoop or Spark is necessary.

Most companies hiring big data coders require you to master working with Hadoop and Spark. So, having degrees related to these two data control tools will make your resume more worthy than ever.

6. CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+

Besides big data or the cloud, network safety is also an issue that every coder needs to pay attention to. If you’re looking for a certificate that’s valuable in the field, CompTIA is the unit you should consider.

It is a neutral certificate provider recognized by many IT companies worldwide. After this course, you’ll know risk control and protect your network’s security.

7. Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer (OCAJP)

Java is one of the most used languages. So, to stand out with Java skills and knowledge, you should get a related degree in this field.

With the Java certification offered by OCAJP, you’ll learn and build with the language. Most students who are new to Java will aim for this certification.

In fact, conquering OCAJP will also help you continue to improve your level and skills. There are many organizations that accept this Oracle certificate, including Smart Monitor Pvt, Micron Asia Pvt, Fiserv, and more.

8. Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP)

Python is one of the most widely used languages. AI and cyber safety coders can use this language from web development to data science.

If you are an entry-level coder and want to start your career with Python, consider conquering the PCAP certification.

Besides, it certifies your working ability in code generation and object-oriented programming with Python. This certificate will also be beneficial if you want to get an internship or a programming-related job in a big company.

Many corporations that accept PCAP for Python coders are Google, Adobe, Apple, IBM, Intel, and more.

9. MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam

MongoDB is a data system built on documents instead of spreadsheets. Data experts would appreciate what you learn from this course.

MongoDB is a relatively new field with little competition. And owning a degree related to MongoDB can make you an ideal candidate.

It would help if you learned about data import, query, and segmentation models with MongoDB to conquer this course. Their exam also requires you to acquire specific skills about the MongoDB structure, such as backup and control.

10. MySQL Database Administration Certification (CMDBA)


MySQL is the most widely used data query language today. So, young coders with SQL skills can apply for data administrators or access analysts.

Oracle’s MySQL degree will be a worthy choice for you to prove your ability to work with SQL data. In fact, it is not difficult for you to obtain this certificate.

The most basic knowledge you need to master is only related to using data in apps, structuring data, and managing and creating SQL statements.


As the requirements for programmers increase, degrees and courses related to this field are growing. However, not all are useful for future career advancement.

Instead, focus on a few of the programming certifications featured above. Surely you will increase your value in the recruitment market.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the best programming certifications, don’t forget to leave them in the comments, our experts will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!