10 Best Programming Languages for Game Development

Advances in the video game industry bring in billions of dollars each year. So, becoming a game developer is a great career path. But it would help if you mastered several programming languages to handle tasks.

If you are still struggling with your options, you can take notice of the eight programming languages in the article below.

There are many programming languages today. So, choosing a tool for your strength is the first step towards becoming a great video game developer.

Join me to learn about each of the following top languages!

1. C++

C++ is the basis for creating many games on the Microsoft Windows platform. Its power can help maximize your software with ease.

Indeed, it will be helpful for you to build every aspect of game software, including teleportation, graphics, and sound. Codings in C++ can become a self-contained unit, so you will be able to reuse them in future projects.

Games based on C++ can work smoothly and quickly on many platforms. You can use it on many operating systems without worrying about software lag.

2. C#

C# is a more straightforward language than C++ for newbies. This language allows you to handle more deep tasks than C++.

Developers can use this language to further solve problems with the server because it is a back-end language. The user’s server, through C#, will know how to interpret the player’s actions in a particular game.

The syntax that this language uses can encourage users to download using codes. C# can warn developers of common mistakes to improve their workload.

So, many developers have chosen to use this tool for Unity 3D games. Some outstanding examples are famous games such as Temple Run 2, Pokemon Go, and other VR games.

3. JavaScript


Web developers love JavaScript’s front-end features. This language allows them to add user interactions to their websites.

When applying JavaScript to their work, game developers can combine it with CSS and HTML. Their work creates games hosted in web browsers, so these apps are very flexible and suitable for iOS and Android.

The various support tools for JavaScript are another reason to convince you to choose to learn this language for running games. Ease of maintenance, sharing, and storage are the boons that technology products running on this language perform. In short, JavaScript is one of the top choices for game developers.

4. Java

Next, Java is a highly flexible language that I want to recommend to you. Learning Java is relatively easy because this programming language is very user-friendly. You will spend much less time learning to code and debug on Java than learning other languages.

Mission III and Minecraft are popular games that run in this language. Accordingly, Java-based applications can work on a variety of operating systems. They are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux, and Microsoft.

Small game projects are well suited to this programming language, for example, mobile and iPad games. In particular, socket programming on Java also makes this language a smart choice for coders.

5. Lua


You probably already know Lua if you’re a fan of games like Age of Conan or Angry Birds. This language is also the base for tools like Gideros Mobile, Corona SDK, and CryEngine.

Lua is a good tool for game coders, even though it is not a common choice. It provides excellent integration for engineers to develop games based on multiple languages, so game coders will get the effect they want.

You don’t need to worry that this language can slow down your computer because it doesn’t take up much memory on your device. Furthermore, working well with virtual machines makes the language valuable to software developers.

6. Python


Python is one of the best options for beginners. Accordingly, you will very quickly master how to use this language because of its English syntax.

Game developers will use PyGame, a free Python library for entertainment applications. The features here are easy to learn for everyone, even beginners.

Learning Python also helps you know how to use GDScript, a simple gaming tool. The way to use Python is similar to Godot, and you can easily switch between the two languages.

Another game development framework for Python is Pyglet. Pyglet is a more advanced framework supporting 2D and 3D game development.

It has graphics, sound, input handling, and event management features, similar to Pygame. Pyglet also supports OpenGL, a popular graphics library for advanced 3D graphics rendering.

7. Golang

There has been a large number of coders who love Golang in recent times. This language is Google’s product, which allows you to program functions quickly.

Golang is a very flexible programming language that allows users to use integrated functions. Because it is open source and compatible with many systems, you can use it for free and flexibly to handle your complex software.

With its advantages, Golang is competing with JavaScript and Python for the most popular gaming language. As expected by many experts, Golang will quickly become a leading language for video game coders.

8. Dart

Google developed Dart to compete with Microsoft’s TypeScript in operating apps and websites. This programming language has developed at breakneck speed across many industrial fields.

Simplicity is the strength that makes Dart a helpful language for many beginner programmers. Accordingly, you can use this programming language to develop cross-platform applications, including video games.

In short, Dart is the best choice for building simple web-based games for you.

9. PHP


Many game production companies like Gameforge, Goodgame Studios, or Funzio appreciate PHP. They use this language to handle browser games.

You should learn PHP to become a developer specializing in games. Mastering this programming language will be a great skill that will bring you success.

10. Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto is a Japanese programmer who developed Ruby in the mid-1990s. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that is a buffer between humans and computers. So, you can write 2D games in Ruby, thanks to the Gosu library.


This article has highlighted the top programming language options that can turn your ideas into products.

Learning about coding is essential for those choosing video game development as their career. Each programming language has its upsides and downsides, suitable for creating different software or games.