10 Best Software Engineering Schools in the U.S.

In the digital realm, software engineering is the unsung hero. Software professionals create programs with amazing real-life applications.

Therefore, this job is gradually becoming attractive in the future and attracts a large number of interested students. The biggest question is which university has the most reputation for Computer Science?

With the growth in job demand for software engineering, many universities and educational institutions have organized related courses.

However, the quality of these centers is not uniform. Some educational institutions have software engineering training programs that stand out from the crowd.

The list below is the top 10 universities that train software engineers in the US.

1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Founded in 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the most prestigious university in the world today. The school’s headquarters are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United States.

This area is quite close to the Boston area, home to famous universities such as Harvards, Tuff, and Boston University.

You certainly cannot doubt the top quality of the curriculum as well as the ability to teach engineering disciplines at MIT.

The MIT School of Engineering comprises eight different academic departments. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a place to teach knowledge about software engineering.

MIT’s facilities are admirable, with two institutes, laboratories, and research centers. They even have their own world-class Artificial Intelligence lab.

Here, people studied chess AI and the underlying technologies of the Internet.

Besides, the school also regularly organizes useful interdisciplinary and extra-curricular educational programs. Students have the opportunity to receive financial support from organizations through their initiatives and research.

Website: https://engineering.mit.edu/

2. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University was born in 1891 and immediately became a quality teaching institution for students. They encourage research and learning in a wide range of disciplines.

However, engineering is Stanford’s top priority. In 1925, Stanford Engineering University was born with the mission of training human resources to promote the industry of the country.

The achievements and awards that the representatives of the school have achieved over the past ten decades are the most apparent evidence.

As a result, the overall ranking of Stanford University has remained stable. They allow students to learn the most advanced techniques in the world.

Stanford also advocates finding and nurturing talented people. They recruit and retain recent graduates to keep the quality of human resources at the highest level.

Website: https://engineering.stanford.edu/

3. University Of California – Berkeley

University Of California – Berkeley

When it comes to UC Berkeley, we immediately think of the most prestigious public university for software engineering. Their history and achievements in the field of computer science are the strongest evidence.

Since its founding in 1868, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences has proven its reputation.

Berkeley’s faculty is extremely qualified. They have seven Nobel laureates and 85 members of the National Academy of Engineering.

In addition, the National Academy of Sciences has a total of 130 faculty members from the university.

Berkeley’s undergraduate, graduate, and graduate degree systems are diverse and allow students to deepen their knowledge. This dedication is part of the reason the school has produced nine Turing prize winners.

Website: https://eecs.berkeley.edu/

4. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

In 1900, self-made steel magnate Andrew Carnegie founded Carnegie Mellon University. This school started as a training academy for working people in Pittsburgh.

In 1956, Carnegie Tech was born and merged with the Mellon Institute not long after. Since then, the center has always held the leading position in training excellent software engineering students.

Carnegie Mellon is known for its extensive computer science curriculum. The theory here is a perfect blend of technical analysis and economics.

The efforts of faculty and students have helped the school receive many grants from donors. This university has about 30 research centers located on campus.

The university also allows students the opportunity to expand their connections and global education by studying in Chile, Japan, or Portugal.

Website: https://www.ece.cmu.edu/academics/ms-se/index.html

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech of Electrical and Computer Engineering boasts the most extensive curriculum in the United States. Their body of knowledge is very comprehensive for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The University offers a wide range of facilities and research programs to develop each individual’s capacity.

Georgia Tech ECE excels in more than 11 engineering fields, 19 research centers, 80 study abroad programs, and 300 student organizations.

Students can also complete several masters or doctoral degrees in dual programs. Georgia Tech has links with many universities in France, Germany, and South Korea to expand student choice.

Website: https://ece.gatech.edu

6. Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most famous universities in the world. The center was founded in 1636 and changed its current name in 1638 in memory of John Harvard, the school’s founder.

More than four decades have passed and Harvard’s position has remained relatively unchanged in the global rankings. Alumni’s long history and unwavering contributions to society have cemented their position.

The Department of Computer Science is an excellent unit at Harvard whose subjects are progressive with the times. Industries such as artificial intelligence, data management systems, security rights, and operating systems.

Not only the field of Computer Science, but other fields at Harvard are also very prominent. Accepting awards everywhere is the most obvious example of this industry.

Website: https://www.harvard.edu/programs/computer-science/

7. Princeton University

Princeton University

In North America, Princeton University is one of the most beautiful universities. What is most remarkable, however, is the top-notch curriculum quality and high-end engineering.

Software engineering is one of the most notable majors here. Computer science students at Princeton are proactive, enthusiastic, and always make active contributions to research.

Princeton’s teaching motto is to integrate research theory with the practice of each discipline. Some examples that you can choose from are Biology, Chemistry to Financial Engineering.

When studying here, students have the freedom to choose to study in the department they want. They can also check for a master’s or doctoral degree in Engineering Science if they are able.

Traditional engineering curricula are a thing of the past. Princeton University today focuses on entrepreneurship and modern technology.

Website: https://researchcomputing.princeton.edu/services/research-software-engineering

8. University Of Illinois

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is one of the schools that sets the standard of excellence for its world-leading engineering curricula.

Our faculty, students, and alumni are the clearest examples. They have a strong ability to drive economic growth, generate innovative ideas, and simulate engineering guidance.

The Department of Computer Science in Illinois offers students five different certifications to practice with. Better yet, you can even participate in distance learning programs to eliminate the distance barrier.

The university has produced many talented professionals across the country in the field of software engineering.

Website: https://catalog.uic.edu/ucat/colleges-depts/engineering/cs/bs-cs-se-conc/

9. University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with its Department of Engineering Electronics and Computer Science (EECS), ranks ninth on the list. Their knowledge and programs are rated as the best in the country.

The EECS faculty also includes two different sub-divisions. They are Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering.

Our main campus is located in Ann Arbor, one of the most livable neighborhoods in the United States.

Michigan’s educational content is a moderate mix of useful knowledge and good real-life experiences. You can choose from master’s, doctoral, or project programs.

Every November, graduating students have the opportunity to participate in seminars. Here, they will receive faculty mentorship, discuss research, and meet renowned speakers.

Website: https://cse.engin.umich.edu/

10. Cornell University

Cornell University

Cornell University established the College of Engineering as an engineering branch in 1870.

In 1965, the university established a computer science department. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering faculties in the country.

You can see the quality of Cornell University just by examining its list of researchers and faculty. The names are well known in the academic world.

Website: https://www.engineering.cornell.edu/computer-engineering

What Is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is a technical profession. Experts are tasked with creating software that has flexible applications in many different industries, such as mechanical engineering, transportation engineering, or aeronautics.

With the development of technology and software, the core and methods of these techniques will also change. They always have to be tweaked to be in tune with the times.

Thanks to the knowledge of software engineering, engineers can launch efficient and reliable versions. They will need outstanding skills to avoid product defects and returns.

The main goal of software engineering is to solve real-world technological problems through information technology. It is a smooth combination of theory and practice.

Why Should You Choose To Study Software Engineering?

Highly skilled software engineers are always the top-quality human resources that most industries are looking for.

With the development of technology, organizations are aggressively improving their software systems and databases. They will need professionals capable of designing, securing, maintaining, and developing supporting software.

Businesses working in national security, finance, banking, or healthcare are particularly interested in software engineering.

Students are writing software code

Software engineering is the process of understanding and applying computer science theories. The requirements of this field are quite high and not everyone can meet them.

Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when more and more software engineering jobs are available in the market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate will increase by 22% from 2020 to 2030.

It means about 189,200 new jobs will appear within ten years. Compared to the average growth rate of 5% of most industries, this growth rate is remarkable.

The average salary of software engineers is also quite high. Annually, they receive about $133,722.

Guide to the Software Engineering Career

After thoroughly researching the top 10 software engineering universities in the US, you may have chosen a destination for yourself.

However, the path to becoming a professional software engineer is not so simple. It takes a lot of steps to become an expert in this field.

Build A Strong Education Background

The first step toward becoming a software engineer is definitely to get into a software development program.

To pursue this path, you need to have a little background in technology. Fortunately, most software development programs offer basic courses for beginners.

You can familiarize yourself with programming languages ​​and basic skills. They are the launching pad for you to grow into more important roles in the future.

Information technology background and knowledge also help you get started faster.

For software specialist positions, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. However, many students may opt for a college software development degree as an easier start.

With this path, you will have a simpler level of entry requirements. Studying time will also be more for you to gain experience for a college degree.

Gain On-The-Job Experience

Once you have enough knowledge, boldly enroll in internships. It allows you to gather practical experiences and compare them with school theory.

The projects or jobs you’ve worked on are also great achievements to add to your resume. They will come in handy for finding your first dream job.

With technological developments, many software organizations now have very competitive entry levels. You will need to stand out to be accepted by the employer.

You should also experiment with working in different environments and fields. They both help accumulate practical knowledge and help you find the most suitable environment for yourself to develop.

Programmers working for a software development company

Get Certified

If you want to maximize your employability, don’t just stop at a bachelor’s degree.

Certifications are the best way to confirm your qualifications to employers. Their value in today’s professional environment is immeasurable.

Employers will love high-level candidates with a lot of specialized knowledge. If you already have the relevant certifications ready, your starting point will be higher than other candidates.

Build Your Portfolio

For all software engineers looking for work, a well-rounded portfolio is an important asset and certainly indispensable. It is also what makes the first impression on the employer.

You will use them to showcase your project and past work. Be sure to choose the most flexible projects as a talented and ready-to-go engineer.

Take the time to invest and organize your portfolio accordingly and logically. A candidate’s main job is to provide as much evidence of his abilities as possible.

Don’t forget to summarize in detail the projects you’re involved in, the technologies involved, and your key roles. Such brief information will help the employer understand more about the candidate.

Apply For Jobs

Once you’ve completed the steps above, get ready to apply to software engineering.

Use your experience to identify the right job, and along with that, outline your career goals and narrow down opportunities that match your qualifications.

To ensure employers can proactively contact you, regularly update your portfolio and professional social media accounts.

Don’t be shy; you need to be confident in your abilities. Try to experience everything; these experiences will help your work later.


Hopefully, our article has helped you find the best universities for software engineering in the US.

Along with top quality, these centers also invest in infrastructure and extracurricular activities to provide students with a variety of research opportunities.

Even so, the entrance requirements of these universities are much higher than the common ground. It is completely understandable since this program is only for elite students.

What do you think about this list? Which university is your choice? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below.