10 Best Standing Desk Chairs

Standing desk chairs are gaining popularity for many reasons, such as many options, reduced pressure on your joints, and less sitting time.

I have done a simple review process to help you choose the best standing desk chair, and each step is critical and in-depth to make informed choices.

Through this post, you can find that I have focused on the following features: adjustability, footrest, seat height, and materials.

Of course, depending on your desk height, you should get something that works best for you.

1. Hylone Drafting Chair – Best For Overall

Hylone Drafting Chair

Key Features

All parts of this chair are adjustable, making it so great. You can adjust its height, foot ring, and arms to suit your personal needs and comfort.

You can raise this swivel drafting chair to 31.2 inches to reach some highest desks. Also, you can adjust its footrest to relieve pressure on your legs after standing for hours.

Its padded armrests add extra comfort if you need to sit back, unwind, and relax after one long day. Its mesh material is breathable, meaning you will not overheat while taking a break.

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Things I Love

  • Mesh material
  • Can swivel around
  • All parts are adjustable
  • Comfortable and breathable

Things To Consider

  • Too bulky or big for smaller spaces

2. Modway Desk Chair – Best for the Classic Office Chair

Modway Standing Desk Chair

Key Features

This standing desk chair gives you adjustability options and ways to use it.

You can adjust its height to three different heights, including 46.5 inches, 23.8 inches, and 35.4 inches, giving you options for taking a break during a work day.

The factor that makes this model even more supportive is the anti-fatigue mat that is attached. It helps ease foot and leg fatigue, keeping you comfortable even if you stand all day.

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Things I Love

  • Easy assembly
  • Maximum comfortable
  • Feature three height adjustments
  • Come with an anti-fatigue mat attached

Things To Consider

  • Lack of the back

3. OCOMMO Standing Desk Chair – Best for Most Supportive Option

OCOMMO Standing Desk Chair

Key Features

When looking for the best chair for a standing desk, you won’t go wrong with one classic like the OCOMMOhair.

This model is adjustable, ergonomic, and sleek, giving you some much-needed relief after standing and working all day. Pulling a lever, you can raise the chair quickly from 21.5 to 29.5 inches.

Its breathable mesh back combined with the lower back lumbar support makes this model ideal for those who need extra comfort when sitting down.

Its breathable mesh back combined with the lower back lumbar support makes this model ideal for those who need extra comfort when sitting down.

Moreover, although this chair has many standout features, it is sold at a pretty affordable price, making it suitable for anyone!

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Things I Love

  • Can swivel
  • Classic look
  • Mesh back and seat
  • Greta value

Things To Consider

  • It can’t rise as high as other models

4. SOHO II Padded Drafting Chair – Best for the Stylish Chair

Soho Chair for Standing Desks

Key Features

If you want to get a standing desk chair that does not sacrifice style, this drafting chair will be your best bet.

It is available in seven colors, allowing it to match any interior design scheme. Alternatively, you can adjust it up to 33 inches in height to work well with any standing desk setup.

The back and the seat cushion are padded for maximum comfort, even if you work all day. Its armrests will give you a bit more relief if necessary.

Its attached footrest is an excellent place to cool your heels when you want to sit to unwind and relax after standing at the desk all day.

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Things I Love

  • Various colors
  • Faux leather
  • Great looks in any space
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds

Things To Consider

  • A bit pricey

5. Fully Luna Standing Stool – Best Ergonomic Stool

Fully Luna Standing Stool

Key Features

The height of the stool can be increased from about 24 to approximately 34 inches and can hold up to 300 pounds.

This model is small enough to be stored underneath traditional-sized or standing desks when it isn’t raised to the maximum height.

It also promotes a good, natural posture when you choose to stand at the desk.

Your core and legs will get stronger once you adjust your posture. You will feel even better when taking a seat.

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Things I Love

  • Non-slip base
  • A 3-year warranty
  • Work great with any desk setup type
  • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds

Things To Consider

  • A bit pricey

6. Office Star Drafting Chair – Best For Budget

Office Star Sculptured Pneumatic Drafting Chair

Key Features

If you’re after a chair for the standing desk in your office but want to avoid breaking the bank, it is one of the great options.

At an affordable price point, you can get a comfortable and ergonomic chair that allows you to adjust up to 33 inches to reach some higher desks.

Its seat depth and back height are ideal for sitting for an extended period.

Moreover, its adjustable footrest offers additional support. When the chair is not in use, it is easy to lower it down before storing it underneath the standing desk.

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Things I Love

  • Very affordable
  • Can raise relatively high
  • Easy to lower and store
  • Weight capacity up to 250 pounds

Things To Consider

  • Basic design
  • No armrests

7. Songmics Adjustable Standing Stool – Best for Adjustable Height

Songmics Adjustable Standing Stool

Key Features

This wobble stool’s padded seat can tilt up to 8 degrees, delivering a superb range of movement than many models.

Because of its foam upholstery, this chair’s seat breathes nicely, preventing trapped heat. Its well-placed handles enable you to maneuver this stool easily.

This model is prevalent thanks to satisfying the needs of one standing desk chair with higher precision and quality. It is an affordable stool that delivers a quality sitting experience, ideal for all budgets.

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Things I Love

  • Adjustable
  • It can tilt and swivel.
  • Weight capacity up to 265 lbs
  • The foam seat dissipates heat and breathes well.

Things To Consider

  • Few aesthetic choices

8. SUN-FLEX Stool – Best for Affordability


Key Features

This model is one of the most inexpensive for wobble stools. Its higher weight capacity, up to 264 lbs, is not too impressive but suitable for many people.

This chair features an anti-skid base, preventing the stool from scratching your floor and falling over when you lean on it.

This stool can swivel around 360 degrees. However, it lacks a seat-specific tilt function. With a lever, it is easy to adjust the seat between 24.5 and 27.9 inches.

As the best option for affordability, this stool serves as an excellent entry model for people who need to try a wobble stool and see if it may be right for them.

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Things I Love

  • Height adjustable
  • Low price point
  • Full horizontal swiveling
  • Weight capacity up to 264 lbs

Things To Consider

  • Lack of tilting features
  • Its height maximum is 27.9”.

9. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool – Best for Weight Capacity

Gaiam Adjustable Balance Stool

Key Features

Unlike many wobble stools, this model features wheeled legs, allowing you to move around easily without getting up.

But even though its wheels have locks, they might still present potential risks and difficulties for people who prefer to lean in seats.

Another notable thing about this chair is its seat which is a half-dome of ball material, which you can hardly find in other stools.

This model is well crafted with high-quality materials, allowing its weight capacity up to 300 lbs. Its inflatable seat delivers strong contouring support that might dissipate heat well. It sacrifices breathability due to its rubber material.

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Things I Love

  • Great value
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Maximum height up to 33 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 300 lbs

Things To Consider

  • Wheels might make balancing tougher

10. Seville Classics Airlift Stool – Best For Value

Seville Classics Airlift Desk Stool

Key Features

This chair features the core features for active sitting. Its seat is constructed of breathable foam cushioning, allowing for body contouring support and heat dissipation.

But you can only adjust its height from 20 inches to 28 inches. So if you are a taller person, it may not be for you.

You can adjust its height using a circular bar under the seat, which you can easily reach. It affords you to adjust height without rising fully, although many still take their weight off of the seat first for safety reasons.

I chose the Seville Classics Airlift as “Best for value” as it offers the core functions of standing desk chairs for an affordable price.

During testing, I found almost no significant flaws or drawbacks. Besides meeting these standards, this stool is well-designed for maximum comfort.

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Things I Love

  • Highly flexible build
  • Seat tilt up to ten degrees
  • Breathable fabric
  • Weight capacity up to 250 pounds

Things To Consider

  • The height maximum is 28 inches

Buying Guide: Things To Consider

Things to consider when buying a standing desk chair

With a lot of products available, sticking to these essential criteria will give you an idea of the best model for you.

Seat Height

Standing desks can allow you to reach heights taller than traditional desks.

If you need to use your standing desk in one extended position for a long time, you should opt for a taller chair.

Consider standing chairs that can reach from 8 to 12 inches below the height your standing desk can reach.

If you’re a very tall guy, we recommend aiming for a model with an extra-tall seat height adjustment range. That is why you want to find a decent ergonomic chair that benefits your comfort and height.


The standing chair comes in various materials, including leather, faux leather, fabric, mesh, and plastic. Mesh is one of the loved options as it is breathable.

But if you put more emphasis on comfort, a good memory foam seat cushion will be your best bet.

Foot Rest

A standing chair might leave your feet dangling in the air, which is not good for your body as you will pressure the nerves in your legs. That is why the footrest is an essential part that you need to consider.


You should consider chairs that enable you to adjust the armrests and the seat angle. I love the models with flip-up arms, giving me more freedom to move.

A chair with ergonomic adjustments is well worth your consideration as it lets you customize it according to your needs to work comfortably.


In this article, I have tested the 10 top-rated standing desk chairs intensively to help you choose one of the best products. The Hylone Drafting Chair is my recommendation if you want something good overall.

Want something that doesn’t break the bank? The Office Star Drafting Chair will be your best bet. Besides, you can choose the SONGMICS Chair if you want a model that allows you to adjust the height to fit taller ones.

Hopefully, my guide will be helpful to you! Thanks for reading!