10 Famous Video Game Companies of All Time

Video games are a modern pastime that many people love after tiring working hours. So, game companies are trying to create unique and attractive games.

If you want to know famous game companies, this article is for you. We will list high-quality game makers with outstanding portfolios, history, and global scale.

Game developers use digital tools to build software and publish video games. Accordingly, the experts will make ideas for the gameplay and the setting.

The best gaming companies can give users the most satisfying experience. The games they offer have ideal graphics and engaging gameplay.

Here are the top 10 famous game developers for you to find the hottest games!

1. Nintendo

Playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Many gamers may be familiar with the Nintendo Switch handheld console. These devices come from Nintendo, a famous gaming and game hardware brand.

After being established in 1889 in the United States, they have not stopped growing to this day. Their greatest strength is providing gamers with highly immersive single-player 2D games.

Standard titles like Pokemon or Super Mario are familiar to many people.

2. Electronic Arts

The second brand on our list is Electronic Arts (EA Games). This brand has created games based on famous sporting events like FIFA, F1, and NFL.

Electronic Arts games are compatible with various devices, including phones, computers, or online services. They are available on Nintendo Switch or Xbox.

European and American gamers love the games of this business more. The brand provides users with high-quality games that are fun and suitable for all ages. Plants vs. Zombies, FIFA, and Apex Legends are their most popular games.

3. Epic Games

Epic Games

Next, I want to mention another famous American game brand, Potomac Computer Systems, established in 1991. While in development, they changed their name to Epic Games to build an expanded gaming community.

The genre that Epic Games is aiming for is action games that allow users to play with their group of friends. Accordingly, Fortnite and Fall Guys are their most notable options in recent years.

In particular, Epic Games has run many 3D emulators that support ideal game-making, such as Unreal Engine, which is free for users.

4. Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a French game development company. Their games will be ideal if you are passionate about fighting or action-adventure titles.

The brand has released many video games for the most popular devices. You can play their games on PCs, tablets, smartphones, or virtual reality devices.

In addition, Ubisoft’s software is also suitable for different platforms, including Xbox, Switch, or Google Stadia.

The unique thing is that they create a network for gamers to interact with each other. You can talk with other users through Ubisoft Connect, no matter what platform or device you play the game on.

This network can connect talented gamers to form a forum to share experiences and discuss games.

5. Sony Interactive Entertainment

The next game maker we want to mention is Sony Interactive Entertainment, behind many popular games like God of War, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us.

Many experts consider Sony to be the best PlayStation game maker in years. They run games and provide other services like online game stores and consoles.

Besides, they have also acquired many studios worldwide to diversify their games. So, the multiple options and exclusive deals have attracted gamers to use Sony’s services.

6. The Ninehertz

Ninehertz is a brand that produces games many gamers appreciate. After being founded in 2008 in Atlanta, USA, The Ninehertz provides ideas and post services.

So far, learning games are the first genre they are pursuing. Their games are mainly for PC, mobile phones, consoles, and virtual devices. Even in the last few years, their games have gone viral on Facebook, attracting many users yearly.

7. ITechArt

With the ability to improve game quality, iTechArt provides users with perfect maintenance service. iTechArt games are for mobile phones, AR/VR devices, and game consoles. Children’s games are the top area focused on promoting.

For example, the standard free games from this brand are Ax of Fury: Hit and Run or Match Cats 3D.

8. Innowise

Innowise is a Polish game maker with 15 years of experience. Accordingly, they have built engaging digital games for many years.

The highest goal that they set is to bring perfect everything to users. So, they always focus on perfecting their services to create friendly games and meet user needs according to the schedule.

9. Zero Games Studio

Many people know Zero Games Studio through their cutting-edge creations.

This French game brand has launched many high-quality games that attract millions of players yearly. Accordingly, the best examples are Garfield Wild Ride, Battle Dawn Earth Arena, Pat the Dog, or The wanderer creature.

Their engineers are usually highly skilled in running Unity and Unreal Engine. So, their games suit many platforms, from Android and iOS to Windows Phone.

10. Gameloft


The games that Gameloft has to offer will satisfy you. With 15 gaming studios, the brand has released games in many genres.

Yet, only action, adventure, and eSports games have made Gameloft one of the global brands. You can choose their famous games like Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Besides, Gameloft products suit many different age groups, including children and adults. Even if you use iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation, you can play games from this maker.


Playing games helps improve mood and relax after working time. Also, it helps bring people together and boosts brain power.

A good game maker will provide users with the perfect software and services. So, their products offer great entertainment experiences that anyone will love.

You can find many games from these famous video game companies. The games created by these brands all have eye-catching graphics and engaging gameplay.