10 Reasons Why You Should Learn C/C++

C++ is one of the most widely used languages to this day. It is available to create high-performance software involved in many essential programming projects.

Learn about C/C++ as a language, and you will expand your career opportunities, increase your salary and receive many other benefits.

These main reasons will surely surprise you. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

1. Career Opportunities

There is no denying the career opportunities that C++ brings to learners.

C/C++ is the foundational language anyone who wants to work in computer science needs to know.

By understanding this language, you can become a programmer or software developer. In addition, you can also take on many other jobs, such as C++ analyst, backend developer, and game developer.

2. Efficiency

It is a highly efficient programming language

C/C++ can support many different programming methods. You can use it for object-oriented programming and functional programming.

C/C++ takes less time to execute than any other programming language. Because it is an intermediate language, C++ is fast and uses fewer resources.

3. Community

C/C++ is the oldest programming language. It has a worldwide user network. Currently, many programmers are constantly researching and learning about it.

Many users make C/C++ the language with the most extensive support community. It is a great advantage because you can ask for help anytime.

You can find instructional resources in blogs, podcasts, and reputable organizations. The large C/C++ support community helps anyone just starting to understand and master the language.

4. Suitable Many Projects

Many programmers and developers often favor using C/C ++ in large projects.

The reason is that projects are related to cloud storage systems, databases, or 3D visualization. C/C ++ is the option that can meet the requirements well.

C/C++ is a programming language for developing popular software and applications such as Spotify, Youtube, and Amazon. And it is the compelling reason for you to learn about this language.

5. High Salary

C/C++ developers are always sought by large organizations, along with receiving a good salary. In the United States, a C/C++ developer will receive a salary of $118,305 per year. Salary will change over time and work experience.

6. Rich Library

C/C++ is one of the few programming languages with a valuable and rich standard library. Its standard template library has main components, like containers and functions. And visitors can use STL to save time coding.

7. Support Many Languages

C++ is the fundamental programming language. Because it is an intermediate one, the user must declare the source code. It also helps you understand the programming nature and the program parts.

Unlike Python, by learning C++, you have a solid knowledge base. Learning about C/C++ is beneficial for your career development in programming.

Another advantage of being fluent in C/C++ is that you can learn Java more easily. And the syntax in both languages has many similarities.

8. Flexibility

Although it appeared more than 40 years ago, C++ is still widely used because it is a flexible language that can adapt to any task.

This language can be used to develop software and games and is compatible with other languages. There are also many fields that need to use this language.

Thanks to its flexibility, C/C++ will still be one of the most popular languages.

9. Popularity

C/C++ is very popular over the world

C/C++ is present in many important projects in all life areas. It is the primary language for creating popular operating systems such as Windows and MacOS. This language is available to develop browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

C/C++ also appears as a development language in the game field, creating complex games. C/C++ is present in almost every field. So, programmers who know this language will have many job opportunities in different organizations.

10. Roles in Embedded Systems

Thanks to its fast and efficient advantages, C/C++ plays a crucial role in embedded system development.

This intermediate language will directly access the embedded system hardware and software without sacrificing the high-level part. This advantage was applicable in the MP3 players, GPS system design, and more.

What Will I Do if I am Fluent in C and C++?

According to Indeed’s latest statistics, over 75,000 C/C++ programming jobs are available. The jobs that use this language that is currently in demand are:

  • Software Engineer: You will be responsible for building and maintaining software. In addition, you will also need to collaborate with designers and programmers to develop software more efficiently.
  • Computer Programmer: The main task is to write computer programs in a programming language. Those doing this job also need to check and update the program regularly.
  • Senior data managers: These people will have to make policies and monitor and manage the database.
  • Computer Programming Instructor: Understanding C/C++, you can teach this language at universities, colleges, and high schools.
  • Game Development: Because of its benefits, C++ is a popular choice for programmers to develop games. So, if you are keen to write your gaming code, this language is useful enough for you.

C and C++ give you the opportunity to expand your skills to projects. So, learning this language more deeply will help you to have more diverse career options.


Above are some reasons why you should learn C and C++. Hopefully, this sharing will be the motivation for you to learn this essential language.

I hope you soon become an expert in C/C++ and achieve the desired success. Thank you for reading!