10 Tech Jobs Without Coding: Careers for Non-Coders

For many years, computer technology has experienced strong and rapid growth. But what should you do to start your career if coding isn’t to your advantage?

Fortunately, many computer jobs that don’t require coding skills are for you to choose from. This article covers the 10 best jobs for non-coders, ideal for you or anyone wanting to join the tech industry.

Many career chances in the technology field are optional coding skills. Indeed, you can easily find potential areas such as digital marketing, administration, journalism, cyber safety, and more.

1. Data Analyst

Data analyst

Data analysis has been among the best tech jobs without coding options in recent years. Businesses need skilled experts in data-driven decision-making. It is a valuable measure to help them increase profit and expand market size.

As a data analyst, your main job is to handle colossal data systems and problems that clients face. In addition, you may have to extract data from sources or arrange the data format as required.

2. Project Manager

Another ideal option is the project manager. It is a job that requires knowledge and soft skills rather than hardware and code manipulation.

As a project manager, you often have to complete project planning tasks. So, the things you have to take care of every day include the following:

  • Ensure project completion on time
  • Review the workload of employees daily
  • Guide and help other team members
  • Share project vision and goals with other members

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing concerns advertising, interaction, and user performance visits.

This career only requires a little work every day. Instead, it allows you to create content and design images, videos, and other media publications.

Besides high income, you also find many career advancement opportunities open when choosing to pursue this career.

Besides, digital marketing does not require a remarkable degree or a master of coding skills. Yet, acquiring basic skills will give you a better competitive edge over your peers.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

Graphic designers are people who harmonize art and digital. The products they create are everywhere on social networks, especially in this explosive online era.

Graphic designers often use complex tools or software to create more impressive typography, images, or titles.

5. Business Analyst

One tech job without coding that involves upgrading and installing programs is a business analyst. Their mission is to help employees enhance their workloads and improve processes within the company.

Usually, they will focus on the cost-benefit and make the change that best suits the company’s business goals and strategy.

In short, you will have to deal with everyday tasks like:

  • Collect and handle the raw data
  • Review and make changes to improve hardware and software
  • Working with the executive board and IT department
  • Define client behavior direction
  • Improve employee workload

6. UI Designer

UI design

UI designers focus on enhancing user navigation in the digital world. Accordingly, they often design a unique and friendly interface for all users.

Also, they define how viewers create touchpoints in websites, apps, and games.

In short, their job is to create a solid bridge between business results and user experience. So, it is a crucial premise for businesses to collect data and run their wireframe plans efficiently.

7. Technical Writer

A technical writer is a non-coding job for people with good writing skills and knowledge related to technical topics.

As a writer, you may be asked to write user manuals, specifications, or project plans. Sometimes, you must interpret complex technical data in more straightforward language for anyone to understand.

8. Scrum Master

Scrum master solves any problem in running or applying Agile methods quickly.

Their workplace is usually a large business or corporation. Accordingly, they will plan for team members to better bond and support each other in their work.

As a good scrum master, you must motivate and lead your team to the top. After many years, you can be a senior project manager.

9. Quality Assurance Tester

QA testing

A quality assurance tester will check and report problems that arise while using the app or software. So, their job is to ensure nothing gets in the way of the user experience on their platform. It is also the reason why this job plays an essential role in software testing and launching.

Working in this role, you won’t need to hone in on excellent coding skills. Instead, you need to possess some basic skills, such as:

  • Master QA methods
  • Project management skills
  • Have expertise in regression testing
  • Deep knowledge of the SDLC system
  • Using test tools and software, including Zephyr and qTest

10. System Administrator

The system administrator is the busiest job in the IT department. They do everything from backing up files to setting up devices and creating firewalls to protect computer networks.

No need for coding skills; you can still take on projects with many technical requirements. If you have some programming experience and know how to run the command line on a computer, you will attract more attention to HRs.


What Tech Does Not Require Coding?

There are many options for tech jobs that do not require codings, such as digital marketing, business analytics, system controls, and content creators. In other words, it’s easy to find a job in IT without knowing how to code.

What Is The Best IT Career Without Coding?

Analysts and project leaders are great choices if you are looking for the best IT career without coding. Also, working as a technical writer is ideal if you have good writing skills.

Can I Get A Software Job Without Coding?

Yes. You can get a suitable software job without writing code. Yet, equipping coding skills will give you a better competitive edge over other candidates.


It’s time for you to choose for yourself a suitable career to develop your career.

If you are willing to work hard and put in the effort, these 10 jobs will open the door for you to develop and improve yourself.

Therefore, this article is helpful for you to find the best option for your career.

Thank you for reading!