10 Tips & Tricks to Hire a Dedicated Development Team in Canada

Are you a business owner looking for a dedicated development team Canada? Dedicated developers in Canada are very hard to find, and even if you come across someone with the right skills, they are probably very expensive. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of recruitment tricks you can try.

How to hire a dedicated development team: Canada Edition

If you need a dedicated software development team in a hurry, you should try these tips. You might need to use unusual methods, but you’ll soon find someone.

1. Use Indeed Canada

Indeed is a global job site that takes and collects jobs from your website’s careers page for free (if your job board meets their standards). This will also display your jobs on WowJObs and SimplyHired, as well as Workopolis.

2. Update Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a global review site where candidates can leave reviews or look for jobs. It’s a great way to build up your employer brand. If you want to hire dedicated development team in Canada, you should make sure that your Glassdoor profile is positive and includes lots of photos and videos about your company culture.

3. Use Monster Canada

Monster is a popular site that attracts millions of job seekers. They also have a dedicated resume database. Monster will let you upload a job posting but will also recommend candidates that will match your criteria. That way, you can find a whole Canada dedicated development team for hire on a single platform. Another good alternative is CareerBuilder Canada – they have a large database of candidates, too, but there is a price tag attached.

4. Try Eluta.ca

Eluta.ca is a Toronto-based job board and the official job search engine of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. Millions of people visit this site daily, and if you’ve already published the job on your careers page, you can display your ads for free.

5. Use Your Network

If you need new candidates, why not ask your existing employees to recommend their friends and old co-workers? You can offer an incentive (e.g., a $500 gift card or bonus) for every employee they recommend that gets hired. You should also use your personal LinkedIn or Facebook page to ask your network for recommendations.

6. Try Offshoring

Can’t find your dedicated team of developers Canada? Why not extend your search beyond the borders of the Great White North? You can find highly skilled developers in other countries for a fraction of the cost by offshoring to places like Ukraine, China, or India.

7. Use Talent Egg

Talent Egg is the best place to find candidates for summer jobs or internships. Don’t discount interns or juniors. You can train them up if you have the right mix of senior and junior developers on your team. You could also visit local colleges and schools and promote your program in class or on noticeboards.

8. Host a Hackathon

If you can’t find developers, a hackathon is a great way of attracting new talent to your company. All you need is a challenge and a few prizes to give away, and you can host a hackathon. Make sure that you use the opportunity to talk about your business to the attendees and provide a good glimpse into your company culture.

9. Network at Conferences

There are several networking events and conferences you can attend to find candidates. Make sure that you have a compelling “elevator pitch” that describes your company and your mission and vision. Conferences include TECHSPO, DigiMarCon Global Conference, TECHSPO Toronto, and TECHSPO Vancounter.

10. Put out Content

Not all developers are looking for money. Make sure that you share your vision and what you are trying to achieve through your business online. This will not only position you as a visionary and a thought leader but will appeal to candidates that are looking to make a real difference in the world.


Canada’s tech recruitment space is highly competitive, and it isn’t always easy finding more candidates for your company. However, if you are willing to think outside the box, you can find a dedicated development team Canada. Try different methods and media until you find the trick that works for you.