12 Best Movies & Series about AI

Artificial intelligence has always intrigued us. Therefore, there are many fascinating movies and TV series about this subject.

These television programs are not only captivating, but they also portray a possible future world. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 12 iconic AI-based shows that introduces us to a brand-new universe.

Does AI really exist? The collection of the TV show about AI robots below will take you to a fascinating world. Get ready for this journey!

1. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley provides you with knowledge about unhealthy competitiveness. It is the place for you if data is your thing.

At the story’s beginning, the main character attempts to develop a product called Pied-Piper that uses A.I. and ML to compress data.

Afterward, the focus changes to Pied-Pied, the first decentralized internet in history where users’ data is protected from misuse.

I adored this show for its straightforward treatment of the technology and its comedic timing. In a nutshell, it is one of the most fantastic TV series about A.I.

2. Westworld


Westworld is one of those TV shows that will leave you dizzy. It appears to be a future theme park with androids resembling humans.

It is what takes place in the android-human hybrid world of Delos. Each guest may spend time on three locations for $1,000 daily, traveling wherever the imaginations take them.

Everything is great until a virus infects the robot’s program one day. They consequently go berserk and assault the visitors.

3. The 100

The 100

“The 100” is a fictional series that is about the post-apocalyptic universe. It has been 97 years since a catastrophic nuclear conflict that left very few people alive.

Twelve of the survivors’ space stations in orbit around the planet were combined to form one station known as “The Ark.” Owing to a lack of resources, all crimes are capital, except those committed by people under 18.

One day, the station’s life support systems begin to malfunction. The council sends 100 juvenile criminals to Earth to assess if the planet is livable.

The teenagers immediately realize that they are not alone on Earth. In addition, they must adjust to their new surroundings while overcoming obstacles posed by the environment and other human survivors.

The show’s premise may not initially have anything to do with artificial intelligence. But as the plot develops, it becomes evident that AI plays a big part.

The protagonists’ encounter with the “ALIE” AI system is one of the major story elements. This system was in charge of wiping out civilization.

Later seasons show you how AI affects the characters’ choices and deeds. It offers a fascinating glimpse into how people and technology interact in a post-apocalyptic world.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

This AI-based television program shows us the sinister side of AI. The Black Mirror depicts contemporary civilization with unforeseen events brought on by an overreliance on technology.

It demonstrates the unpredictability of the effects of over-reliance on technology. It results from artificial intelligence learning about human emotions.

Each episode deals with the issue of present techno phobia set in an alternate world. The problems reflect the results of activities that might be extremely harmful to humanity.

5. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

This one is an AI-based TV show that receives the most attention. Mr. Robot delivers Elliot’s tale.

He works as a cyber-security engineer during the day and attacks his organization at night as a hacker. The program further details the growing dominance of technology and data.

It discusses the expanding influence of digital information and its weaknesses.

6. Blade Runner

Blade runner

Blade Runner depicts a world where humans and AI entities coexist. Replicants were androids created for skilled slave labor in earth colonies.

They are fully developed when born, given fabricated memories of their “pasts,” and programmed to degrade after four years.

After that, they become so intelligent that they exhibit human emotions and feelings and have the hubris to believe they are human.

Rick Deckard is a cop who hunts down escaped clones. He falls in love with replicant femme fatale Rachel as he hunted down four freed replicants in a darkly evil, incongruously wet Los Angeles in 2019.

7. Humans


It’s a fantastic AI-based TV program to watch. This show takes place in an alternate present.

Modern robots are utilized for everyday human duties, housekeeping, and other jobs. You can determine robots’ social and cultural effects on Humans.

8. The Terminator

The Terminator

This movie also talks about the potential danger posed by artificial intelligence. Everyone is living in a place that is controlled by Skynet.

The Terminator, an assassin, comes from 2029, back to 1984 to put an end to the provocateur. The Terminator finds and assassinates the rebel leader’s wife. Kyle Reese tries to find the electronic murderer to protect the woman from harm.

9. The Matrix

The Matrix

The series shows a future where AI has seized control, one manifestation of humanity’s greatest fear. The Matrix paints a picture of a lot where most people are unaware that they live in a simulation.

Neo, a computer hacker, joins a squad of freedom fighters. He must take on the evil intellect when he enters the fray.

10. Weird City

Weird City

The Weird City talks about the near future when a border wall separates the affluent from the impoverished.

The affluent reside “Above the Line” in a modern, thriving city with lots of possibilities and cutting-edge technology. The impoverished people reside “Below the Line” on the opposite side of the wall, where money is scarce.

The technology shown in the Weird City includes automated personal assistants and opulent mansions. The series made me ponder what the future holds for humans and technology, including whether or not it would cause a social divide.

11. Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars is an epic interplanetary trip. It leads you to follow Luke with his comrades when they attempt to save Princess Leia and thwart an evil empire.

There is much to discuss here, but we’ll concentrate on two characters: the astromech droid R2-D2 and the protocol droid C-3PO.

There are 2 sentient AI droids. The main series has gone through 9 seasons, accompanied by many other TV and animated versions.

I fell in love with this movie when I first saw it as a child. I have consistently felt amazement and delight while watching every episode.

12. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

This series, produced by Glen A. Larson and Ronald D. Moore, lasted from 2004 until 2009. This outstanding science fiction program imagined a situation where AI entities turn hostile against people.

A human warship called Battlestar Galactica was in outer space. They are traveling to the 13th colony of Earth with the remaining 50,000 people aboard.

It was trying to escape a continuous bombardment by its AI-Cylons that wanted to exterminate humanity.

This fantastic sci-fi series depicts the fierce conflict between humans and robots, revealing both the human and the wrong sides of both species.

The television show emphasizes the negative aspects of people while highlighting the humanity of robots. It inspired me to consider what might happen if artificial intelligence turned on its creators.


In this post, I covered the best TV series about AI that AI engineers and data scientists should take notice of. This list is by no means all-inclusive.

Please don’t hesitate to expand this list. Thank you for reading!