3 Important Virtual Data Room Features

Virtual data room software is an established solution, which allows professionals to securely share sensitive financial documentation, intellectual property, case files for litigation, and other confidential documents.

A VDR also provides many important features, including detailed activity tracking, which allows users to monitor which documents are accessed by whom.

What features should my virtual data room have?

The VDRs offer a wide variety of features, which allow you to not only control who has permission to access the document but also organize all files in a simple system, track tasks and overall progress on the project. The most important aspects to look for in the data room are security, speed, and support.


Security features are a high priority for a good and reliable data room. Virtual data rooms are often used by companies for holding sensitive information. The VDR providers understand how important it is for companies to securely store sensitive documents and communication. Data room software offers many security features, including watermarking, permission levels, restrictions, two-factor authentication, encryption, and others.

There are file permissions that allow you to set permissions to view, download, and edit a certain document. You can set different access levels depending on which role the user has in the project. Permissions help to prevent information leaks and data breaches.

Improved workflow and faster processes

Well-structured folders and files should follow certain organization guidelines, as this will help other users involved in the project review documents faster and more efficiently. Organized and clearly numbered folders also help to avoid delays and keep the process moving forward.

There are also templates available in the VDR, so document sharing is made easy. You can also use due diligence checklists and drag-and-drop upload abilities, which can be quite helpful. All these features save a lot of time when setting up a data room with complex folders structures.

24/7 customer support

Good responsive customer service is also extremely important in your overall experience of using the virtual data room. Support is especially vital during situations when buyers, sellers, or other professionals involved are from different countries all around the world. That’s why before committing to any data room provider, it’s worth contacting their representatives and customer support to see their responsiveness and helpfulness.

The advantages of using virtual data room

The virtual data room software is particularly useful in times of restricted travel. It can save a company a lot of resources on travel, physical storage, and maintenance of paper documents. Data rooms allow dozens of people to view the needed information from their devices, no matter whether it’s a tablet or a laptop, as the software is supported by almost all types of devices. Moreover, the data room offers a secure space with all important features and encryption.

A virtual data room is a great solution for any business that wants to streamline processes, such as document storage, management, and sharing. It’s worth investing in a VDR if you don’t want to use a physical data room or make already complex transactions even more difficult and time-consuming.