5 Best States for Computer Science Jobs

Computer science (CS) is a rapidly expanding profession in the US. The average pay for computer scientist has reached a record high.

The computer science jobs have spread to emerging regions nationwide. Opportunities for computer professionals have grown practically everywhere.

So, what are the best U.S. states for CS jobs? Figuring out the states with booming CS sectors may help you choose where to work easily.

According to our analysis, Washington is the best state for computer scientists. This post outlines the advantages of working in 5 states with robust CS sectors.

Washington takes the top place, and New York City is the next stop. The next region is California, which includes San Jose and San Francisco.

We compared the states to assist computer scientists in choosing where to work. Here is a list of the best states for computer science jobs.

1. Washington

Microsoft Corporate Headquarters in Washington

Washington became a center of technology. This state is the best state in the nation for computer scientists.

Over the following ten years, the need for computer-related employees will increase. It results from high demand, favorable working circumstances, and low living costs.

Besides, the state’s significant position helps students network with surrounding businesses. Numerous reputable institutions provide online computer science degrees to students.

Students might concentrate on programming languages and software engineering. As a result, computer programmers and software developers hold many technology jobs in the state.

In addition, you can develop your career in web development and systems analysis. Amazon, Microsoft, and Zillow are the leading enterprises in this state.

2. New York

New York city

The New York City metropolitan region is a hub for software jobs. In addition, the Big Apple is home to many financial and digital creative firms.

New York is home to numerous IT enterprises. In 2020, engineering, telecommunications, tech manufacturing, and IT services produced $135 billion.

Besides, this state provides various chances for computer science grads. Getting a computer science degree in New York could be less expensive.

It’s because the public tuition rates in New York are lower than the national average. In short, the city’s development provides IT experts with excellent salaries and attractive perks.

3. California

Silicon Valley in Northern California

It is impossible to dispute that California is a superior location for employment in the CS industry. The region is one of the ideal places for computer scientists because it has numerous IT enterprises.

The biggest software businesses located are always looking for competent computer scientists. Therefore, you might work in computer programming, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence research here.

Besides, California is the state that pays computer scientists the highest. In California, the annual salary for a computer scientist is $116,000 on average, which is much higher than the yearly national average.

Silicon Valley in San Francisco is the birthplace of historic inventions. The city has the most significant number of software developers in any American city.

Glassdoor ranked San Francisco as the third-highest-paid place for CS jobs. Remarkably, the average Computer Science salary in San Francisco is $159,759 as of January 26, 2023.

Google, Salesforce, and Facebook are located in Silicon Valley. Hence, it provides more than 2,000 job vacancies in the city alone.

If you’re a talented senior in computer science, apply for jobs and move wherever in the state. Many employers in the Bay Area provide you with a solid foundation for a successful career.

4. Texas

Tech companies in Texas

Texas is one of the fastest-growing regions in the USA. The software sector can flourish in this area because of a business-friendly tax structure and cheap cost of living.

Several sizable technology companies establish branch offices in the region. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Austin, and Houston are the top cities for CS jobs.

Several IT companies offer logistical software to companies that extract oil and natural gas. Other businesses concentrate on marketing services, software development, telecommunications, and healthcare technology.

5. Massachusetts

Google’s Cambridge office in Boston, MA

IT firms work in robotics, health care, manufacturing, software development, and communications. Due to numerous opportunities for research and development with plenty of organizations, a state is a top place for IT careers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates built many IT companies in this state. Although the biggest IT center in the state is in Boston, there are other ones in Lowell, Cambridge, and Burlington.

We’ve discovered five places where the income for a position requiring a CS degree is higher than the state’s average. Barnstable Town is at the top of the list, followed closely by Cambridge and Lynn in second and third, respectively.

The Highest-Paying States for Computer Science

The states that pay computer scientists the highest mean salary are:

  • Washington
  • California
  • Virginia District of Columbia
  • Massachusetts.
District of Columbia$112,120


Is Computer Science a Promising Career in the US?

A computer science degree might provide you with new skills and a successful job after graduation. Graduates can earn higher than average and develop more swiftly in their careers.

Why is the USA the Best for Computer Science?

American colleges focus on teaching you the practical skills needed to create programs and software. Your theoretical classes will thus be less frequent than your projects and assignments.

What State Pays Computer Scientists The Most?

Although every city offers programs for computer science graduates, several places are known as centers for the field. In the United States, the Silicon Valley of California is the most well-known area for computer science.


These five states earned their spot on our list because they feature the following:

  • A lot of urban technology centers
  • A burgeoning IT workforce
  • Competitive salaries for IT employment

The Bay Area and Silicon Valley are home to most of the CS industry’s operations. Software jobs are in more demand in Silicon Alley of New York City.

This information should assist you in choosing the finest states in which to launch your career. It would help if you concentrated on starting your path to success as soon as feasible.