5 Key Skills You Need as a Computer Engineer

Computer engineer today is one of the professions attracting quality labor. Many people intend to pursue this profession because of their interest as well as a competitive salary.

However, not everyone knows their important skills. So in this article, we will learn about the skills that computer engineers need to have.

Let’s find out in detail about each of those skills!

Each profession has its professional high demand for workers. In the field of computer engineering (CE), engineers need to ensure the factors to do their jobs well.

Software engineers can also refer to the video about the most important skill in software engineering to get a better overview of what computer engineer skills are required.

1. Coding and Programming


When you think of a computer engineer, you probably think of coding and programming. And this is also the most basic and necessary skill for computer engineers.

Nowadays, many companies develop computer software, and each software development has its programming languages.

However, they are all rooted in the most basic knowledge of programming. So students need to have a solid understanding of coding and programming to handle any coding language.

2. SDLC knowledge

The software development cycle

If you are looking for information sources related to computer engineers, you are probably no stranger to the term SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

SDLC knowledge can be understood as a software business technique so that it can be developed and used. You need to know this field to ensure that the right needs of your customers are met.

Depending on the size of each company, the business and the SDLC and programming departments can be separate or combined. However, if you have enough knowledge in this field, it will help you work more effectively.

3. Database knowledge

Database knowledge

A computer engineer is a general term for people who do technical work related to computers. The people who handle and hold the database are a small part of all computer engineers.

However, knowing how to access and analyze databases will be more convenient if you have a problem or want to find information through numbers.

4. Creativity

Creative Thinking Skills

Creativity is an essential skill in any profession or field. Having creative engineering skills in computer engineering will help you a lot in solving problems.

For example, you need to develop new computer systems or applications and have problem solving skills.

Having unique knowledge and creative skills will not only help you solve your current job. This is also a factor for you to foresee problems when programs and applications and solving it with the bureau of labor statistics.

5. Resilience

Resilience skill

Resilience is an important skill that every computer engineer needs to know. You may be at work and lose power at any time. If, in that case, you do not have resilience skills, then you will have to start over.

You also need to learn how to restore your body because computer engineering is a stressful job.

You will have to deal with numbers and techniques and pressure from leadership or customers. So if you do not have recovery skills, you will soon have to leave the CE job.

How To Improve Your Skills

Computer engineers need to ensure those skills and need to improve their skills to serve the career.

There are many different ways to enhance your skills, such as extra learning, self-study, and, most importantly, practice.

self study

Nowadays, you can just sit at home and still find and study computer engineering-related courses at international universities. This is a great way for you to expand your knowledge in your field.

However, the core value is still to have practical skills on actual products. If you have good knowledge but don’t have programming skills and creativity, you can’t create a product.

The solution for you is to find related jobs to have the opportunity to practice and lead by experienced people.

Another way to improve your CE skills is to set up your website or develop your software and hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer engineering is not a new job, but it is difficult to find relevant information about this profession.

You can also ask experienced people, but this will take a lot of time and effort. So, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and answered them for you right here.

What are the steps to become a CE?

To become a good computer engineer, you need to equip yourself with both knowledge and basic skills. You can attend universities or colleges to train computer engineers. In addition, you can also provide yourself with more understanding from online learning websites.

In terms of skills, you’d be hard-pressed to find a course that teaches this. So you should find computer engineer jobs yourself to be able to practice. Practical opportunities are also a time for you to put your knowledge into operating systems practice.

What about the salary?

The average computer engineer salary is around $127,038 per year. This number is about the salary of junior engineers.

So, you can completely raise this level by improving your level and skills. You can also look to big businesses because they will pay higher wages. However, high-paying companies will also make many requirements for their candidates.

Is CE hard to get into?

CE major is not difficult to get into. Universities that train computer engineers also only require basic exams like math or history to get in.

After that, university lecturers will start teaching you the most basic knowledge and skills. So you don’t need to worry too much and just need to be passionate and determined to follow the profession.


A computer engineer is a job that many people dream of. However, it will require you to have a lot of skills and seriousness.

Above, we have explained to you the 5 most important skills that a computer engineer must have. In addition, the working process will also require you to cultivate and develop yourself more.