5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Typescript

Programmers are used to using Java or JavaScript for programming. Yet, companies are gradually moving to develop their products using TypeScript, which is much simpler, convenient, and optimized for the process.

There are many reasons why experts recommend mastering TypeScript. The advantages that this programming language possesses will surely amaze you.

Read the article below to understand Typescript and how to master it quickly.

1. Easy to Start

Installing TypeScript will be very simple if you are familiar with Node.js. With just a command like npm install -g typescript, the tool is ready for you to use:

I was amazed at the friendly interface when I first started learning TypeScript.

Since the language is an upgraded version of JavaScript, it can be easily used by anyone with an essential programming background.

Manufacturers provide special utilities to help users quickly get used to this new language. Its features are far superior to traditional programming languages.

For example, you can complete coding, highlight syntaxes, and debug wrong code using the Visual Studio Code tool.

TypeScript’s design aims to integrate with the JavaScript ecosystem so that you can use it in your JavaScript environment without any problems.

The significant JavaScript disadvantage is loose data binding. When developing applications, websites, or related tasks with TypeScript, the founders tried their best to fix this inherent error.

With the core Types feature, TypeScript can define objects from which to check for conformance in your data structure. It makes data bindings tighter and more secure than in TypeScript.

The returned results will show an error if the statements request inappropriate operations. This feature helps programmers to recognize mistakes and take timely actions promptly.

3. Avoid Fatal Errors

You may encounter odd coding errors in JavaScript that take time and effort to double-check. However, this will not happen when you use TypeScript.

This programming language system can closely check, helping to detect many unnecessary errors. If you apply other utilities to the tool, your programming will become much simpler and more accessible.

4. Less Code Needed

Less code needed

If you are tired and have a headache with lengthy and complicated JavaScript code, then TypeScript will be your choice.

This advanced programming language offers a significant advantage: optional utility tools such as bullish coalescing and chaining. These options aid in minimizing the program’s encodings.

You only need a little coding, and you can complete the task with results equivalent to or better than its platform language.

5. It Gives You an Advanced OOP

You will be surprised by the professionalism this programming language brings to users. It is a product that integrates many robust features from previous programming languages, so it is highly modern and advanced.

JavaScript’s prototyping chaining system is the foundational basis for TypeScript. Yet, the foremost syntaxes on TypeScript come from high-level OOP programming languages like C# and Java.

This unique combination is the key to the compact syntax of this language’s complex data model. Inheriting previous achievements to become a modern and functional language is TypeScript’s most prominent attraction to programmers.

What is the Right Time to Start with TypeScript?

You can start studying to keep up with labor market trends. Many projects with substantial code bases can be challenging for programmers using JavaScript.

You may feel overwhelmed by the complex code and poor error detection in this traditional language. Then you’ll wish you’d mastered TypeScript sooner.

It’s super quick and easy to switch to TypeScript if you already have a background in JavaScript. Experts recommend that JavaScript developers start learning TypeScript as early as possible.

It will be the basis to be able to improve their work performance and improve their products.

How To Get Started with TypeScript?

It’s easy to start learning about TypeScript. The following tips may help you.

1. Learn The Basics

Before getting hands-on with TypeScript’s coding, you’ll need to understand the basics and how it differs from JavaScript. To maximize Typescript’s power, you must understand the language’s unique tools and features.

You can enroll in a TypeScript programming course at computer centers or universities. Teachers will teach you all the fundamentals and skills needed to develop this programming language.

2. Regular Practice

Whether you are still a student or have started working as a programmer, you must constantly practice hard every day. These efforts can help you improve your skills quickly.

Exposure to coding daily will help you get acquainted and better understand how the TypeScript engine works. Knowing how to use coding and using them flexibly is a must-have skill for a great programmer.

3. Learn From User Communities

There are many chat groups or community pages on social media platforms where you can learn. In this environment, you can freely exchange knowledge and answer questions with people with a lot of experience in using TypeScript.

Through community interactions, you will have the opportunity to improve your understanding of this programming language and gain valuable experiences.

You can ask your questions on these social networking sites. Experienced professionals will wholeheartedly guide you.

4. Read More Documents

Finally, you should read the official documentation written about TypeScript to improve your understanding. Books are always a valuable source of knowledge for improving yourself every day.

This knowledge will help you improve your professional knowledge, solving problems more professionally. The newly published books help you understand current development trends to find the most suitable direction for yourself.


Learning TypeScript programming is a must for today’s programmers. With powerful capabilities, this modern programming language will help computer engineers improve their work efficiency.

Complex application models are no longer a big challenge once you have mastered TypeScript. These reasons above have motivated you to learn skills with this powerful programming language.

Thank you for reading!