6 Best OS for Programming: Which One is Right for You?

The ability to handle work and program software on a computer is closely related to the operating system’s quality. So, if you are a beginner programmer, choosing the right operating system is the first thing you need to consider.

In this article, I will analyze popular operating systems for your reference. This information lets you decide the best OS for yourself.

Every computer device needs an operating system to work. There are many different operating systems that you can equip and use on your computer. Each software has characteristics compatible with various working environments.

1. Linux


For those just starting in programming, Linux is one of the most worthwhile operating systems to experience. You do not need to pay to own this operating system on your computer because it is open source.

Although it is a free operating system, it has excellent performance and high safety for you to use. Its operating speed is incredible, and the latency is very short. Therefore, it is an excellent operating system for programming.

You can also encrypt your drives if you want to increase data security.

2. Debian

Many programming engineers use Debian for their work because of the stability of this software. Its instructions will make it easy for all users, even beginners.

Using this operating system, programmers can run old coding smoothly. The accompanying open-source features are also an advantage to help the product compete in today’s operating system market.

Experts recommend using Debian only if you are already an experienced programmer because the OS platform has stopped updating its algorithms.

3. MacOS


If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll surely know the Mac operating system that the company designs. It is one of the most popular operating systems in the world.

You will need to pay annual royalties to work and play on the platform. Yet, many developers need help to afford this annual subscription fee because of the high fixed cost.

In contrast, the MAC operating system’s conveniences are modern and convenient, surpassing its competitors. You can multitask on a computer with a MAC operating system installed without worrying about freezing or overloading memory.

Apple’s service plans have a simple design, so they do not make customers uncomfortable when installing. Many users praise the advanced and modern technological features that Apple regularly updates on its platform.

MAC is a great operating system for programmers who want to develop iOS software. Sharing and storing your data will be extremely handy as you can use the sync feature with Apple’s cloud servers without difficulty.

4. Windows

Windows 10

Along with MAC, Windows is also a popular name that many users know. Most programmers love its user-friendly and easy-to-use design, which outperforms the rest of the competition.

The protection feature on Windows 10 and 11 is respectable. It has powerful anti-virus capabilities that give the best protection of the data in your computer.

This operating system supports much different software to meet your work and study. When you use Windows operating system versions, you can freely use other software such as Office 360, game applications, and photo editing.

In particular, programming software such as C++ and Java will work smoothly on this operating system.

5. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the best operating systems that programmers use. The office software system with this operating system and its convenience is the most significant advantage that makes it useful for application development.

Programmers can perform all the basic tasks they need on this operating system. LibreOffice office suite with open source code and compatibility with Microsoft Office will satisfy customers.

Thanks to the product’s good security, you can also browse the web at high speed and with safety.

6. FreeBSD

FreeBSD is an open-source project you cannot ignore when considering using the operating system as a programmer. It is a highly secure software that can work stably for a long time and is compatible with many different platforms.

When using this technology product, you can interact with 33,000 different libraries and application systems. Its high working speed allows you to develop complex applications with utmost comfort.

OS in Several Industries

Choosing a suitable operating system depends not only on your preferences and different professions. In each different position, you should equip yourself with compatible software to improve working efficiency.

Software Development

Using Windows, MAC, Linux, and Ubuntu open-source operating systems would be an intelligent decision for software developers.

This software allows them to quickly and smoothly create and run tests of encodings. Their work will be done with little effort when using these systems.

Web Development

Web developers need operating systems with high compatibility and good security. You need operating systems that allow running applications and creating websites on the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Therefore Linux, MAC OS, and Windows are potential candidates if you work as a web developer.

Software Engineering

Most software engineers with many years of experience will prefer using MAC OS over Windows. Sometimes they also combine Linux and Windows 10 to improve work efficiency.

Data Science

Finally, data scientists have to work with many different information bases.

They need to collect the data and turn it into valuable solutions. FreeBSD or Linux will be more suitable software than Windows or MAC.


There are many operating systems for computers, but there is no perfect and best operating system for all programmers.

Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, which can be available for different cases depending on your working needs.

Based on the OS list that we recommend in this article, you can find the operating system that is most suitable for you.

Thank you for your interest in the article!