6 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Architect

The profession of an architect has become increasingly popular in the past several years, and more and more young people are drawn to this truly lyrical call. An architect shapes thoughts and dreams into a real and achievable reality. They are landscape poets. They bend the surroundings according to their will and the client’s wishes. But, they are also pragmatic thinkers, looking for pragmatic solutions when obstacles seem unsolvable. They manage to synchronize the true unity of the environment and the manmade into a perfectly harmonious tone.

With all this said, before embarking on this extraordinary journey, there are a few things you should be aware of before reaching for the stars of architectural grandeur.

The client has an active role in shaping the idea

The artist’s freedom is regarded as an implied right, yet the architect, however, must convey the thoughts and wishes of the client into a coherent unity, making it practical yet beautiful. This can become burdensome over time, as you’ll have to handle and deal with unreasonable advice, absurd suggestions, and wild propositions that exceed your expectations. Never forget one thing; the client will take an active role in the shaping of the design. You can limit their “reach” depending on whether the idea is sound or ludicrous. Your authority far exceeds their requests, as, at the end of the day, your task is to find the best possible solution.

You’ll have to be in touch with all the tools of the trade

With the modern advancements we have made in 3D printing and software program development, we are now able to do truly unique things. A modern architect must be in touch with the latest and best technology available for their work. This means being equipped with all the new means to make your job easier and your ideas a better experience for others as well. The latter is especially important during project presentations. The numerous tools available give you a unique chance of presenting your final design to investors and clients in the best possible light. Therefore, make sure to learn more about 3D rendering and rendering floor plans to depict and show a realistic drawing of the whole building while evoking a wow factor from the audience. VR technology is a marketing tool used in real estate, but it can be utilized in your profession to give a better and more natural portrayal of the project. The programs and software available are extraordinary tools of the craft used by a modern architect. The software can be used to present photorealistic details appreciated by investors and clients, making them more in touch with the final vision.

Understand the purpose

Another important aspect while talking and working with clients is understanding their wishes and end goal.

Maybe an investor is looking to maximize space capacity and get the best out of what they have, while an entrepreneur looking for a nice forest cottage has a completely different picture in their mind. There is a big difference between designing something to take up space and making it more practical and something made to relax a person. Your client’s end goal is what gives you a better idea of how to act and make their ideas a reality.

You’ll do a bit of everything

In professions like this, the line between “their” and “our” jobs is almost invisible. You’ll have to do a lot of measuring and calculating while drawing the sketch. You’ll have to do a bit of the engineer’s job, a bit of the builder’s, and some of the interior designers’ as well. You’ll be a Jack-of-all-trades kind of man and look for the best possible design and solution. All in all, professions like this are not about doing “only yours” but also making sure the task is easy enough for others to perform as well. Every project you finish is your creation, an artistic expression, a dream come true, and for the project to succeed, it must be an achievable reality. Don’t make your designs an engineer’s nightmare.

You’ll find inspiration in everything

Being an architect is less about numbers and more about creativity and ingenuity. An architect must find inspiration in almost everything they see or touch. Your profession requires you to be on alert regarding the things surrounding you. You’re not a blunt instrument but rather a brush. You’ll find yourself suitable for the profession if you recognize that little spark of imagination needed for the task.

The scope of jobs you can do is almost endless

Building companies, design organizations and design studios, state authorities (boards, town planning commissions, and other regulatory organizations), and the list goes on. Don’t worry, no matter how hard the economy seems, there will always be a place for other architects to use the landscape as their canvas and draw marvelous things. People have always built, and they’ll continue to do so.

The catch is to be in touch with the newer and modern demands of the upcoming decades, follow trends, and make sure to be up-to-date with technology, and you’ll make a great architect for sure.