7 Common Myths About Computer Engineer

Many people think that computer engineers are often seen as weirdies, hackers, or boring people. And they are misunderstood regardless of how hard they try.

It isn’t enjoyable! In fact, they are nothing like the common gossip others spread. If you plan to work in this field, you should seriously understand this job. 

Let’s take a closer look at the seven myths about computer engineering professionals in this article to learn more about this career. Scroll down!

Wait any longer! Let’s dive into these myths and break gossip about these engineers.

1. They Aspired To Work In The Field

Not really! Not all of them want to become computer engineers. Like other people, they don’t contribute to this field because of their passion. 

Some people select to pursue this job because it is the best option to assure a stable job and a well-paid income after graduation. 

2. They Are Math Deities

It is absolutely wrong!

Not all of them are math wizards, although their major requires more intelligence and creativity than ordinary people. This doesn’t mean all of these engineers are quick-witted. 

Interestingly, they hate math while most of their subjects get involved in math! That’s why they have to learn how to love it!

3. They Lack A Sense Of Humor

That is not true at all! 

If you have ever made friends with people in this field or have buddies in the profession, you will indeed affirm that this is entirely wrong.

They can be humorous, sarcastic, or weird to make you burst out laughing. Their sense of humor is evident at parties and in the workplace. 

Try talking or dating a guy in this industry, and you’ll see how funny and communicative they are.

4. They Feel Awkward In Social Situations

It’s a lie! Like other people, they can choose to be social or not. They are too busy for social events, so they decide not to participate. 

In fact, they also make friends and have many friends like others. They also hang out and enjoy spending time with their friends and family as long as they have enough leisure time. 

5. They Are Hackers

Not understanding the concept of hacking can make many people misunderstand this aspect. 

The truth is they can’t hack your social networking accounts or bank accounts. 

The engineers learn about coding, while hack doesn’t relate to this aspect. In conclusion, hackers and computer engineers are not the same. 

6. They Are Geeks

It is a stereotypical mindset! It’s a matter of the personality of each person. 

Of course, some of the engineers are incredibly eager to learn while some aren’t. 

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t like parties or holidays. They also want to have fun, go to restaurants, hang out with family, friends, or beloved, and have a sip. 

These are the most effective ways to deal with stress and heavy workloads. It’s a combination of responding and de-stressing strategies.

7. Their Jobs Are Boring

It is a big misconception again. 

Every day, technology develops and advances. Every day, new challenges and requirements emerge in society, leaving little room for monotony as they must create creative solutions to solve the problems.

In other words, they always need to develop creative solutions for matters related to their field. 

Mark Zuckerberg with thefacebook


Who Is The Most Famous Computer Engineer?

Here are the five of the most popular and influential engineers in the world:

  • Jack Dorsey
  • Steve McConnell
  • Michael Widenius
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Max Levchin

What Are 3 Things Computer Engineers Do?

If you are wondering things they can do, here are their three basic tasks:

  • Research computer software and hardware
  • Design and test computer hardware parts
  • Develop and test PCs and mobile devices

What Traits Do Computer Engineers Have?

Critical thinking, Curiosity, inventiveness, a collaborative spirit, and effective communication are just a few of the personality traits that most have in common.

What Are The 6 Key Skills Required for CE?

If you want to become an excellent engineer in this profession, here are six essential skills you need to master:

  • Coding and programming
  • Secure coding
  • SDLC knowledge
  • Electrical engineering
  • Networking
  • Cryptography

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the 7 popular misunderstandings about computer engineers you should know. They are not hackers, geeks, or math wizards. This job is also not dull, as many others misunderstand. 

The truth is that these myths won’t go away immediately. If you intend to devote your youth to this career, try your best to dispel wrong rumors about engineers in this profession. 

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you! Thank you for reading!