7 Popular Programming Languages in Sweden

The Swedish IT industry is expanding with various job titles and fields. Along with that, programming languages are becoming more popular in this country.

What are the most popular programming languages in the “land of the Svea”? To find out the answer, I have attended many IT conferences on my trips to Sweden.

Also, I have questioned friends of mine living in Swedish who are also IT experts. Now, let’s jump straight to this list!

How We Came Up with This List

Humanity has developed many programming languages with unique features. Each one features its distinct rules and applications in the industry.

Mastering all programming languages is nearly impossible since they are too diverse. There are a few examples that have become standards in the IT sector.

These languages feature significantly higher popularity than the rest. Their applications are wide and can be found in many fields. It’s also the main criteria I use for researching this list.

Here are the main criteria to determine the popularity of a language in this list.

  • The number of new applications written in that language.
  • The number of applications that language brought.
  • The percentage of developers who use that language.
  • Research on websites and forums.
  • The number of jobs that require skills related to that language.
  • The opinions of developers and IT specialist.

These programming languages have become standard tools for IT sectors. Mastering one language in this list is the minimum criterion for landing an IT job. Now, let’s dwell on the list and discover its features!

1. Python

The creator of this language is Guido van Rossum. Not only in Sweden, but Python is also among the most popular programming languages worldwide. Its main application is for website and software development.

The tool allows users to build complex and precise applications. Plus, it features an open-source community. In this forum, you can seek helpful databases and frameworks to assist your project.

The language first appeared in 1991. Now, it’s still the favorite tool for many web developers. Besides, Python is also a fairly easy language to use and study.

Python interface

2. C++

C++ is among the oldest programming languages that ever existed. The advantage of this tool lies in its portability. You can run this language on multiple systems without any errors.

In addition, users are completely in charge of memory control when using this tool. However, this feature is also a setback as it has created some security flaws.

3. Javascript

Netscape founded Javascript in 1995. It’s designed to run on browsers. The language consists of many simple commands and codes. There is no need for compilation, making Javascript a beginner-friendly tool.

The uses of Javascript are evident on billions of websites. For example, you can use this language to animate images or update the content of a site.

4. C#

C# and Python shares many traits in common. It is an object-oriented language with simple rules. This language brings better speed and a more stable syntax.

On the other hand, C# features a little high learning curve. Users usually master reading and writing it in a few weeks. Therefore, C# is the favorite choice for both IT beginners and experts.

5. Dotnet

This language was developed by NET Foundation. The tool possesses its own ecosystem. Since it’s an open-sourced system, there are hundreds of experts and companies contributing to building the platform.

Dotnet allows users to build a wide range of apps and software. They are available on many platforms, such as desktop or mobile. Dotnet is also popular in the machine learning and game development industries.

6. Java

Sun Microsystems developed this language in 1995. It focuses on class and objects. Java still sees high demand in many IT sectors for many reasons.

Firstly, the language features an organized structure. Its library is also abundant with a huge volume of data. Secondly, Java is compatible with various computers and systems.

Besides its versatility, Java is also a good option for new programmers. It’s very easy to use and develop coding skills.

Java is a beneficial tool for learners

7. PHP

PHP is a scripting language used for developing websites. Despite its simplicity, PHP possesses many advanced features that both beginner and professional coders would love.

A noticeable feature of PHP is that it can work with many databases. Writing a database-enabled website has become much easier thanks to this tool.

Why is Sweden a Great Country for Programmers?

Sweden is a promising destination for programmers. It has a leading education system with many IT institutions and schools. Thus, you will have the chance to develop your IT knowledge.

The IT and coding sector in Sweden is in extremely high demand. Coming to this country, you can seek many tempting job titles with dream incomes.

Sweden is a country of education and technology


Are you intending to pursue an IT career path in Sweden? The extra information below will give you more insights.

Is Sweden Good for Programmers?

Sweden is perhaps the most promising land for both IT learners and professionals. It is the leading country in innovation and technology. Plus, there are many giant tech companies placing their headquarters in Stockholm.

Is it Easy to Get a Job in Sweden?

The job market in Sweden is highly competitive. Yet, it offers many excellent job titles with amazing salaries. Therefore, your career prospect in Sweden is bright if you have decent skills and knowledge.

Which Technology is In-Demand in Sweden?

The ability to read and write programming languages is crucial in Sweden. The demands for employees with this skill have raised significantly in recent years.

Final Thoughts

Mastering a programming language is an essential skill for young programmers.

If you don’t know where to start, I would recommend Python. It’s fairly simple to use and has high versatility. The foundation knowledge in this tool can help you approach other languages easier.

So, which is your favorite language on this list? Feel free to tell me in the comment section. Have a nice day!