7 Tips to Fall in Love with Computer Science

The benefits that the information technology area brings are reasons many people want to pursue related careers. Computer science is one such choice!

I will help you find how to fall in love with computer science in this article with my real-life experiences. You will no longer feel this job is as complex as the way people think. Let’s check it out now!

Here are the things you should consider to fall in love with computer science quickly. It is these detailed guides and tips that will become the motivation for you to advance your career.

1. Job Chances and Incomes

Career reports in recent years show a wide range of job chances for computer science graduates. You can enter many related fields, such as application developer, programmer, or computer engineer.

These jobs help computer science students avoid the risk of unemployment. Conversely, they will find the proper position more easily in other industries.

Besides, computer scientists’ income is always at the highest level. Of course, your income depends on your skills, experience, and project size. Accordingly, $120,000 per year is the average for experts in this field.

2. Choose a Specific Field

Computer science is a unique profession with high societal demand, which gives you confidence. Many other fields, such as manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, or education, need support from modern computer systems.

Therefore, experts in computer science are and will be highly welcome in the future. Pride will also be an excellent motivator for you to pursue your career and nurture your passion.

3. Find out the Reason You Like It

You need to find out the reason you like it.

You have to find out why you want to be a computer scientist. It motivates you to work harder even when you encounter failures and issues in your future work.

4. Start with the Simplest Things

You should not try hard skills if you are starting to learn about programming and computers. Advanced and complex knowledge can make you feel discouraged and want to avoid straining.

In the first stage, you look for materials for beginners and overcome simple challenges. The small initial successes will be a big motivator to help you nurture your passion, and you will be more ready for the next hurdles.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect

You have to practice a lot to improve your skills and knowledge. Of course, you may be hesitant to deal with coding and advanced software for the first time.

Yet, coding your first products will be an essential step in the learning process. You also do not need to worry too much even if you meet failure. The difficulties will bring practical lessons and experiences for you to learn and work.

6. Join the Club

Many people work or have a passion for science and technology and often create clubs to develop together. Joining these communities will significantly allow you to learn from experts and gain experience.

You can also cultivate a love for your work thanks to inspiration from industry leaders. They will show you exciting things so that you persevere in your choice.

7. Give it Time

Don’t just study theories or read about computer science; try your hand at personal projects. More practice is the key word for you to master in-depth skills and discover new knowledge every day.

What are the benefits?

The method I have used to maintain my love of computer science is understanding this field. I have faced challenges and enjoyed their great benefits.

Anyone learning and working with computer science will find this attractive job value. These bright spots stand out in the environment, job opportunities, high salary, and flexibility.

1. Workspace

When working in computer science, you will have a professional working environment. Specifically, it allows you to learn from skillful experts in this field. They will teach you many valuable things about work and life matters.

2. Promotion Chances

Because the demand for people with computer expertise and programming is increasing, you will not need to worry about job problems later. You can apply for jobs related to your field of study, which are open avenues for your success.

3. High Income

Computer scientists’ salaries are always high compared to other professions. You will have the rich life that many people desire when you develop your career in this direction.

4. Flexibility

The comfortable working environment of this industry comes from your colleagues and your freedom. Many companies allow you to work remotely and proactively schedule your work hours to be most productive. So, a flexible and suitable work schedule makes you stick with your job.

Things to Consider

You will have to trade challenges to get these upsides. The high responsibilities and demands or the health problems the job brings have caused many people to give up. Below are more detailed breakdowns.

Education Requirements

Many employers will require a related degree for you to participate in their job interview. Even companies with stricter criteria may want candidates to have extra certifications.

Health Issues

You will have to work for hours in front of a computer screen as a computer scientist and in information technology. This working condition is a significant risk factor for vision loss, obesity, and muscle fatigue due to sedentary behavior.


In addition, the responsibilities that you have to take on as a computer scientist are not light. You will often experience stress and tension due to the pressure to ensure a project schedule or smooth operation.


There are many reasons to choose and nurture a passion for computer science. Hopefully, through this article, you have understood how to fall in love with computer science (again) and work harder in the long run.

Wishing you the success you desire soon!