8 Expert Tips to Learn JavaScript Fast and Easily

Are you learning JavaScript but not satisfied with your learning progress? Want to learn more about this skill to advance your career?

We will cover everything from definitions to the best way to learn JavaScript. Therefore, this article will benefit your experience and knowledge.

According to many experts, this programming language will continue evolving. So JavaScript will be a helpful tool for website developers to speed up and improve their workflow.

You need to consider and choose the learning method that suits you best to master this language. This process can sometimes feel daunting. Don’t worry, because these tips below will significantly help you.

1. Start With The Basic

You should learn JavaScript with variables, operators, functions, and control structures. These fundamentals are necessary for you to be challenged with more advanced concepts. Besides, you need to spend enough time learning simple theories to build a solid study base.

2. Self-Guided Websites and Courses

You will easily find great JavaScript learning resources online. Online courses are ideal if you need optimal study time at your own pace.

Specifically, the free and paid courses will provide you with language theory. Next, they will teach you how to build real projects.

Joining the free classes will not cost you any money. Of course, these free programs will be less resource intensive than the paid programs.

3. Read the Documentation

Reading the documentation is the simplest and easiest way to deepen your knowledge. If reading is your favorite habit, check out books and materials on fundamental to advanced JavaScript.

Professionals in this field write down rigorous product procedures before publication. So, you can rest assured about what you learn in reputable books.

4. Contribute to Open Source Projects

Contribute to Open Source Projects

Contributing to open-source projects is the most popular way to learn JavaScript today. Working with these publicly available projects, you can quickly test, make modifications, and improve the code.

Working as a team with many top experts in the field is also an upside. Your communication skills, problem-solving, and soft skills will improve significantly.

Current open-source projects encourage contributions from newbies. So you don’t have to be an excellent expert if you want to join those projects.

It will be a helpful solution for you to deal with complex topics while needing to know how to fix them.

5. Coding Boot Camps

Being self-taught is excellent, but sometimes it takes time to determine the right JavaScript approach. You should consider taking coding training programs.

They will set you a suitable route, and you will learn many things in a short amount of time. You have an excellent opportunity to have direct access to teachers, experienced people, and the JavaScript learning community.

Some programs also offer career coaching sessions, allowing students to interact with potential companies.

6. Learn in Public

Learning in public is the ideal way for you to improve your skills. For example, you should create a question or a video on Facebook or Stack Overflow. Any feedback can give you new perspectives and edge locks on an issue.

Besides, you should join challenges like “100 days of coding”. Accordingly, you will have to spend at least 1 hour a day for 100 days programming and sharing what you learn with others.

Studying in a public place requires more dynamism and background knowledge. There will be a lot of people who will be willing to correct you for free.

7. Meetups and Networking Events

Javascript Meetup Event

Participating in meetups and networking events has many significant educational benefits for you. Don’t just focus on learning JavaScript by yourself, but talk to others to learn many ways to apply JavaScript to real projects.

In short, relationships with like-minded people are essential to discovering everything about JavaScript.

8. Starting Your Projects

After gaining knowledge, it’s time to start your practical project. It’s the first step to your freedom to express your creativity and develop your independence. Don’t start a big project because you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks.

A small start or collaboration with friends is the most helpful method for knowing coding skills. The more you code, the better you become. Projects provide a platform for you to practice your coding skills more proficiently.

You will encounter new concepts that you have never known before. Solving these new problems will help you discover a more agile and flexible approach.

Finally, building a project requires you to think critically and solve problems. This skill is vital for programmers who want to advance faster in their careers.

Why Should You Learn It?

JavaScript is an essential programming language for developing websites, apps, and some games on mobile devices. For many consecutive years, it has always held a high position in popularity and benefit for users.

In particular, it helps users to automate all website processes and makes them more dynamic. In addition, you can use debugging functions and adjust graphics or designs with this language effortlessly without any issues.

The appeal of JavaScript is about more than just functionality. It is also an easy-to-learn language for beginners to start coding.

I recommend you learn this language yourself as a web developer. It is a valuable skill that allows you to create a website that attracts massive user traffic. Learning this language also gives you big benefits, opening up a great career.


JavaScript is an ideal programming language to learn for those who want to start coding. One of the best ways to learn JavaScript is by reading documents.

Meanwhile, practicing coding, building your projects, and contributing to open source makes you a better programmer.

Thanks for reading the article!