8 Great Tools to Keep Your Documents Accessible on Smartphone

During life, you will have many documents for certain situations. Starting from your ID to a microwave manual, you may require the exact file anytime and anywhere. Paper docs aren’t the perfect option nowadays because of many reasons: you may lose or damage them. As a result, you’ll have no important data but extra troubles.

For this reason, mobile users started to appreciate extended apps for smartphones that allow access to any files from a mobile device. Top-rated tools for documents are meant to help you maintain and use your docs in different formats.

How to digitize your documents

Well, people agree that docs digitalization is an incredibly useful and important trend nowadays. This is a dream of a perfectionist to have all essential files at hand without keeping their paper copies. In addition, you’ll serve our planet and avoid using paper for useless purposes.

At the same time, you may wonder how to keep docs on smartphone and have 24/7 access to them. Well, it’s quite easy if you use specific apps on your mobile device. Let’s share the top 8 apps for making your files accessible on a phone, including the well-known online storage and the increasingly popular, literally the best doc scanner.

1. Scan documents with PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID

Several decades ago you would have been recommended to scan your document using traditional xerox and scanning services. Nowadays everything is simple: you just need your smartphone and a specific application from the App Store or Google Play. This is a quick scanner with many additional features.

A great example of a functional scanner app is PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID. Just by making a few clicks you can install iPhone app PDF scanner and start making digital copies of your important printed documents. You can convert them into a docs ID, certificate, photo, and another file.

2. Organize your files with DocStorer

After you have made all scan copies of your important documents, it’s time to think about their organization. Use the DocStorer to make things right.

This app is designed as an all-in-one software: this is a storage and organizer. You will be able to manage your files and folders according to your preferences. Moreover, it has several additional features for a better experience. For instance, enabling PIN-code protection, storing cards, making notes, and so on.

3. Edit your files online with Dropbox Paper

You may use any online editing software to edit your files. But among all the famous applications you should pay attention to Dropbox Paper which was developed by the original Dropbox.

Dropbox Paper is a workspace designed for working with documents online. Customers use it for editing files, for instance, texts, presentations, etc. This is a simple tool but it will give you all that you expect from the editing application.

4. Edit docs on your device with MS Office Online

If you aspire to edit files right on your smartphone then there are many great options for you. One of the most popular and comprehensive ones is MS Office Online.

Feel free to edit documents on your mobile device. You can use your Microsoft account to manage your docs both offline and online.

5. Store your documents with Google Drive

After you have used the best doc scanner, it’s time to think about the appropriate storage for your data. There are many great ones nowadays but Google Drive is definitely at the top. It is compatible not only with documents but also with images, videos, and other content.

By having a Gmail account, you are able to sign up for Google Drive and manage 15 Gb of free space. This platform definitely has enough space to store your documents and don’t worry about purchasing extra storage in the future.

6. Create new docs on smartphones with Quick Office Pro

While most documents are already on your phone, you may still need to create different files in the future. Now you can do it right on your smartphone.

Many apps offer customers an opportunity to create and edit documents. Let’s mention one of them – Quick Office Pro. This software is compatible with documents, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. It is very easy and convenient.

7. Protect your files with File Locker

By using a quick scanner you simplify the process of storing files. At the same time, if someone accesses your smartphone then he or she will be able to access your documents too. There is a simple solution to prevent such a problem – to use the File Locker.

This application is made to lock any file or folder the user wants. As a result, you’ll easily encrypt your precious documents and prevent unauthorized hacking.

8. View any documents with Documents to Go

Well, all your files are successfully scanned, saved, and stored on your phone. Now you need a tool that will help you to view a certain document any time you need it.

Among the most popular viewing applications is Documents to Go. It has a free and paid version. The free app allows you to open files in .docs. .pptx, and .xlsx. If you prefer a paid version then you’ll be able to edit these documents as well.

Get your docs accessible

As you can see, creating a digital archive of your documents is a fantastic idea. As a result, you will not only increase the accessibility of these files but also guarantee the safety of the most important docs. Yes, the process of digitizing papers takes time. You need to organize your paper documents first, then create their digital copies, and upload them to the well-protected storage.

Despite such efforts, using online documents is definitely worth it. You will easily open, share, and use your files whenever you need them without limits. By having such digital storage you’ll deeply appreciate its benefits.

Final Words

So use the mentioned above tips and guidelines on how to save files on the phone. Make your digital archive and maintain your personal documentation online!