8 In-Demand Cryptocurrency Jobs

The number of attractive employment related to bitcoin and the blockchain has been increasing as a result of COVID’s transition towards everything being digital and remote.

Additionally, there is a lot of talk about the job market situation in these industries right now because many companies are having trouble finding “crypto-native” employees with the necessary skills to fill open positions.

LinkedIn reports a 73% rise in the number of persons employed for jobs using bitcoin or blockchain technology.

Additionally, a survey of digital workers conducted globally by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, a global coalition of job search websites, revealed that 66% of MENA talent is willing to work for remote organizations that do not have a physical presence in their country.

We’ve produced a list of the top 10 best institutions to study this fascinating new subject that aspires to transform society if you want to be academically qualified for a job in the crypto industry.

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1. Blockchain Engineers

The most sought-after position is blockchain engineer.

According to the needs of the organization, they are typically in charge of developing and executing various digital solutions.

You must engage with various blockchain technologies in addition to having extensive knowledge and programming abilities in Java, Solidity, C#, APL, Python, and other computer languages.

To suit a company’s needs, you must be able to develop new blockchain applications. You will consequently need to rely on current platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

An expected yearly salary for a blockchain engineer is $119,000, according to cryptocurrencyjobs.com.

2. Blockchain Developer

This job may be right for you if you understand the ins and outs of blockchain technology.

Infrastructure development, security standard setting, code authoring, blockchain architecture and operation, data structure, web development, and cryptography are all responsibilities of blockchain developers. In this high-ranking profession, skill in programming and knowledge of several languages are typically also necessary.

The average yearly salary for blockchain developers is $136,000, according to cryptocurrencyjobs.com.

3. UI/UX Designer

Unlike the first two occupations, this one doesn’t require a high level of blockchain or cryptocurrency understanding. However, you’ll need some form of cryptocurrency or blockchain experience because it concentrates on keeping the clientele interested.

Blockchain user experience (UX) designers are in charge of making a unique and user-friendly interface since they need to make sure that it is engaging, easy to use, and grabs users’ attention.

You need to be creative and have great talents if you want to work as a blockchain user experience designer.

According to cryptocurrencyjobs.com, a blockchain UX designer makes $107,500 year.

Blockchain and crypto attorney is currently one of the highest compensated and most sought-after careers in the industry.

Businesses involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology must comprehend and cooperate with the various legal systems that are connected to this innovative, evolving technology. This legal advisor or attorney can collaborate with the government or regulators to provide guidance to businesses on how to abide by the law and address any legal issues, such as AML and terrorist financing, among others.

According to Maryville University, the annual salary for a blockchain legal consultant might be between $100k and $190k.

5. Risk Analyst

You need to have the skills and experience to evaluate the cryptocurrency project in order to launch a blockchain job as a risk analyst.

A risk analyst should also be able to anticipate potential risks and suggest workable solutions.

An average annual salary for a risk analyst is $111,514, according to ziprecruiter.com.

6. Content Writers

As they play a significant part in promoting new crypto products and services, content writing has become extremely crucial to advertise in the world of bitcoin jobs.

Their writing should be persuasive and educational, giving readers and users useful crypto and blockchain knowledge that demystifies difficult technical concepts and contains crucial information about their company’s services, products, or features.

Crypto content writers earn $77,319 per year, according to cryptojobslist.com.

7. Data Analyst

Data Analysts work across the organization to identify patterns and make strategic and important data-oriented decisions that have an impact on a sizable and quickly expanding user base in order for crypto businesses to bank the millions of unbanked people.

Additionally, data analysts focus on consumer analytics and company intelligence, advancing thorough understanding and advancements across products and corporate procedures.

Data mining, analysis, and visualization across various sources are the main components of their job, which entails finding interesting patterns and trends to aid in decision-making.

According to ziprecruiter.com, data analysts make $68,000 annually.

8. Community Manager

As the community manager acts as a liaison between crypto developers and their clients, experience in the blockchain sector is preferred for this post.

A crypto community manager overlooks the engagement strategy and communication through online social media communities because their position has a customer service component.

They must be able to create, grow, and maintain a friendly environment for cryptocurrency users while establishing connections with them.

Community managers must create important dialogues across all major platforms in addition to maintaining a joyful environment that is creative and healthy. Additionally, keeping an eye on public opinion and modifying regulations to achieve strategic goals

According to cryptocurrencyjobs.com, the annual salary of a community manager is $61,000.