8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Bash

Bash is a Unix command line interface (CLI) that allows users to work efficiently and powerfully with files on the computer with high applicability.

Even if you are proficient with Python or Ruby, I still recommend learning Bash.

Many popular languages today support Bash commands to transfer information and data between operating systems.

As a software developer or a system administrator, you need to understand a language to help control a computer through programming commands.

And Bash is the best choice for you to optimize the command line and increase productivity. Furthermore, learning the Bash language offers many valuable benefits for you to work with data.

In this post, I will tell you the importance and great benefits of learning Bash.

1. Popularity

Many studies show that Bash is one of the most used command languages, surpassing Ruby and Python. Also, software developers, engineers, and more love and choose Bash to study.

The above ratings show that learning this language is the best way to keep up with modern technology trends.

2. Flexibility

No need to rely too much on the GUI; you will feel more flexible and flexible if you master Bash. In other words, this terminal creates interaction between programs, allowing users to make desired adjustments via the command line.

So, all your project processes become easier to manage and edit.

3. Working with Files is Easier

Text files are a popular solution for storing and processing data. That said, most data science projects involve at least one text file.

If you are proficient in Bash, you can fully process these data files efficiently and familiarize yourself with and facilitate data cleaning. Bash’s skills are essential for those who want to grow into great data scientists.

4. Use Fewer Resources

Bash will help you use fewer computer resources while ensuring maximum performance. It doesn’t require you to dedicate resources that display graphical output like a GUI. It is accurate for small and local projects, as it consumes less bandwidth.

For latency, it tends to be low and easier to handle if you’re doing command lines. You know exactly where your cursor is at any given time.

5. Command Cloud Skills

You can come across the cloud services connected to this platform through the command line interface. It is an excellent opportunity for data scientists who want to learn deeply and enhance their command line skillset for the cloud.

According to many studies, 96% of deep learning runs in the cloud. So pay attention to Bash if you want to process your text files or data on this platform in the most efficient way.

6. Unix Shell skills

Although there are currently only a few popular shells, the similarities between them allow users to quickly switch back and forth depending on their needs.

For example, the Bash command line works on Unix-based operating systems such as Mac and Linux. You can completely operate with simple operations on Windows and many other platforms.

I appreciate its cross-compatibility. It is beneficial when working with multiple command line interfaces or online services.

7. Quick Check and Debug

Bash provides a powerful platform to monitor all user activities based on the command line. Therefore, you can invest less time in testing or debugging than in other languages.

In other words, you can view the single action log whenever you want. The same thing doesn’t happen when working with a GUI and having a problem because the platform doesn’t keep any records of that action.

8. Type Faster

If you are tired of mouse and keyboard lag, Bash is the ideal choice for you to overcome this problem. Study you can type faster and hover smoother with this command line language even when the learning curve is steep.

We gave a questionnaire to more than 250 experienced users with Microsoft Word about how to use commands most often.

And as a result, users usually prefer keyboard shortcuts over icon toolbars. It also means that you’ll be more productive in the command line.

How to Learn Bash

How do you start learning Bash? Many platforms provide information about Bash; it can take time to make a choice. This guide gives you the best direction.

Bash Command Line

1. To Begin

You won’t have to install Bash if you’re using Linux or macOS because they’re available for you to use. However, if you have windows, download this command line language for your device.

2. Study the Command Line

A lot of practice with Bash is the best way to understand and master it quickly. Whether you are a beginner, it will take less than 24 hours for you to write and complete your first script. To learn faster, refer to essential Linux commands.

3. Write

Once you understand and are familiar with the command line, you must learn how to write and execute these read Bash scripts.

You can completely educate yourself using information from many social networking platforms, but you will need to invest a lot of time. So please take a training course on the basics and some intermediate-level scripting.

4. Practice

Last but certainly not least is practice. It’s the best way to get good at anything, including Bash.

In addition to time taking courses and finding more information, get creative with confidence and try to create your Bash script. It will help you to quickly grasp the trend and complete the task excellently in the terminal.


We’ve helped you understand the reasons why you should learn this command language. Feel free immediately join this training course on command line language to meet your need to communicate effectively with your computer.

Finally, remember that learning the command line first before you start writing Bash scripts is the best way to master it quickly. Thanks for reading!