9 Books Computer Engineering Students Should Read

Computer engineering is a dynamic world that keeps changing and developing in real-time. This characteristic makes continuously improved education a crucial part of any engineer’s career.

Aside from practical experience, workers in this field can enhance their skills and knowledge in many ways, including reading books.

What books should I read if I want to be a computer engineer?

You should look for books in various specialized areas, including thermodynamics, physics, computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering, and more.

We’ve gathered some of the most riveting titles you should read many times.

Here is a list of books published to solidify, teach, and stimulate computer engineers to improve and optimize their education in this global industry.

1. The Mythical Man Month

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The author first introduced this book in 1975, and readers call it a fantastic classic title. Technology has revolutionized since then, yet the core aspect of computing remains the same.

You will learn what common problems are occurring to mid and large-scale development projects in this field – the novel will break them down in detail.

2. The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses

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This one digs intensely deep in specific aspects of a minute computer program – viruses, which is necessary to learn.

If you’re new to this topic and don’t have much experience in programming, it might be challenging to understand the complex assembly language.

Still, Mark Ludwig will fascinate you by taking you to the deep computer viruses world. Should you be a severe coder, buy this item.

3. Don’t Make Me Think

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After reading “Don’t make me think,” the key lesson is that people using websites and software tend to accept the first results and solutions shown up to them. 

That’s a significant advantage that computing engineers should consider when designing. This one focuses on common sense, brevity, and simplicity.

For us, it’s the best publication that helps you understand and change your thoughts about UX, so it will always be a powerful tool for your team’s decisions and products.

4. Head First Design Patterns

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As the title hints, the book focuses on design pattern problems that computer engineers might face.

You will learn about the most vital patterns, when and how to use them, and when you have to avoid them completely.

5. Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective

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Computing is a complex, specialized field embracing software production and development fundamentals to design many gadgets we use nowadays.

This publication aims to teach you the ultimate knowledge of hardware architecture, embedded systems, cybersecurity, and computing systems.

Both authors are professors of Carnegie Mellon. They wrote the book with their students’ benefits and future in mind.

6. Types and Programming Languages

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The last name on this list is more advanced, concentrating on programming language creation and design. Simply put, the best idea to describe it is a parallel between programming languages and the real, physical world.

The author helps programmers have a deep idea about what a specific program does and avoid common mistakes when writing or designing code.

7. Programming with Scala

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The publication is about Scala – the first ideal programming language that enables programming in various paradigms and allows developers to focus on modern computing facilities like distributed environments.

8. Computational Thinking for the Modern Problem Solver

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The publication changes your thoughts about computational thinking, describing it as a critical part of a computing course through analogies and examples. It also shows how applicable computing concepts are to other areas.

9. Head First SQL: Your Brain on SQL

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Lynn Beighley’s book is a simple yet pretty fun computer science product for newbies and their first time as SQL users. The author makes programming accessible with easy-to-understand diagrams, language, and examples.

What Do You Need To Study?

To become a professional computer engineer, you’ll need to acquire a bachelor’s. Notably, if you hope to earn a job within this field straight out of university, it’s advisable to earn a specialized certificate.

Ideally, a bachelor’s degree in computing science or mathematics will help you prepare well for higher-grade degree programs.

Which Subject Is Best For Computer Engineering?

Here are the best subjects to study for regarding bachelor’s level programs in computing:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Computer visualization and graphics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Graph combinatorics and theory
  • Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Software operating systems
  • Multimedia technology
  • Artificial intelligence

How Many Years Does It Take To Be A Computer Engineer?

Succeeding in being a computer engineer requires an intense university education that generally takes 4-7 years to finish.

If you go for a bachelor’s program, you will complete general education curriculums and computing prerequisites in the first two years.

And you’ll spend the last two years on foundational courses in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computing science.


The sea of computing exists in the combination of constant innovation and technology. It requires the participants to keep learning and be productive to survive the game.

If you want to develop a stable career in this field, it’s paramount to supplement your knowledge and skills daily. Reading is one of the traditional yet most effective learning methods.

The books we’ve introduced to you are solid stepping blocks for prospective IT workers like you. They’re professional, aspiring, and riveting.