9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java

There are many programming languages that you can choose to develop your future career. Yet, if you are wondering which one to start with, Java will be a suitable option for you.

In this article, we will show you why you should learn Java. These advantages make Java the most popular programming language today and can effectively support your career.

Experts say that Java is a programming language with high appeal in today’s programming community. The following characteristics are reasons why many people love and choose this language.

1. Easy to Learn

The first reason you should learn the Java programming language is its user-friendly interface design, which is especially suitable for beginners.

Its syntax is similar to many previously popular programming languages like C or C++. Many experts think that the command syntax with Java is straightforward to learn and approach because of its simple English meaning.

Its object-oriented programming capabilities are also what makes this language precise and uncomplicated. Writing code, compiling, detecting, and fixing programming errors is relatively easy for beginners.

2. High Flexibility

Applications of the Java programming language are wealthy. You can use this programming language to create software on your computer or mobile phone or build the web.

With the “write once and run anywhere” principle, Java products can work smoothly on iOS and Android operating systems. Some Java applications are compatible with Linux, MAC OS, and Windows versions.

High compatibility allows Java products to work on different operating systems. Advanced security features, platform independence, and dynamic encryption add flexibility to these tools.

3. Stable Salary

Because of Java’s versatile application, the demand for Java developers is relatively high in all information technology industries. And you can easily find a stable, high-paying job with reputable Java certifications.

With mastery of the Java programming language, you can earn an average of $47,169 to $106,610 per year. It is a base salary that is high compared to other occupations.

4. Get Rich API

You might be surprised at Java’s rich Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The packages, fields, methods, interfaces, and classes it provides allow developers to integrate their products easily.

5. Latest Calculation

Up-to-date algorithm

Java has also improved over its predecessors. When you use this programming language, you will integrate the included modern memory management tools.

Experts are upgrading the Java programming language very often. Helpful new features have made the programming language more powerful to meet the most demanding market requirements.

If you want to experience the most advanced Java features, you can install Oracle Java version 15. This update includes hidden classes, Z Garbage Collector, pattern and record matching, and external storage API, which is extremely useful for multitasking.

6. Community support

When you pursue the Java programming language, you join a large community of people using this tool. Along with Python and C#, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today.

Just search for Java on social networks, and you will see many groups of programmers building their projects with this language.

It is a place to exchange learning and working experiences, ask and answer questions, and find valuable tips for themselves.

7. It Provides Many Development Tools

When you use Java to program, you can access integrated development environments (IDEs) to optimize your work performance.

The most potent Java IDEs that programmers who have worked for years in the field appreciate are Eclipse, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans.

You can use the utilities from these tools to automate code refactoring, syntax highlighting, or simple debugging. From there, using Java to learn and do your work will be easier and faster without cost.

8. Free to Use

You can use Java for web development or programming applications without paying for it. It is an open-source programming language available under the Oracle Binary Code License (BCL).

Many students have chosen this language. If developers want to use Java for commercial purposes, they may need to pay a small fee.

9. Many Documents to Consider

Finally, you can optimize your Java learning process using today’s materials available. The Java programming language has also provided users with many valuable resources.

Open-source libraries such as Apache Commons, JHipster, Google Guava, and Maven will be helpful documents for your programming learning process.

If you want to learn Java, you can get help from tutorials from experienced programmers. These books not only give you the office computing basics and the Java programming language but also teach you how to use them effectively.

Much of the advanced documentation provides sample code on which you can build your applications. Some works will give you valuable practical experiences.

Tips to Help You Start with Java

Some beginners may need help getting started with Java at first. If you are one of them, here are valuable tips to master the Java programming language.

1. Learn The Basics

Before starting to practice working with Java, you need to know the basics of this programming language. Understanding its coding, scripting, and structure will be the basic foundation for you to develop.

There are many ways to learn Java basics for beginners. You can learn on your own through free youtube tutorials or with the help of Java beginner’s tutorials.

Many experts encourage you to take Java programming classes. Experienced teachers will guide you to understand the fundamental knowledge most accurately and suggest the best learning path.

2. Practice Writing

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you should start coding through personal projects. Try your hand at the exercises from your courses or the practice questions in the guidebooks. These first programs will give you hands-on experience and help you understand how Java works.

3. Learning Through Groups

Java experts and experienced users in these programming language groups are happy to help newbies. I recommend you join these expert groups on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to get more exciting knowledge.

Through sharing with more experienced programmers, you will discover more new experiences and skills. The issues people talk about will also allow you to gain knowledge and learn more valuable tips.

4. Regularly Read about Java

You can take advantage of many Java development tutorials to enhance your expertise. Software engineers are constantly developing Java coding applications, so you update new statements to optimize for continuously.

Only programmers who catch up and keep up with the trend will become high-potential human resources that many companies want to recruit.

They will create higher-value products than others and receive high salaries and more promising job positions.


Now, I hope you have understood the benefits of learning this programming language. There are many benefits that Java can bring to you.

Once you have mastered this programming language, finding a job with great promotion opportunities and an attractive salary will be much simpler.

I hope you find yourself on the right learning path soon!