Top 3 Academies for Software Engineering

The following article outlines and details some of the best academies for software engineering. Information about these academies has been derived from their websites. In my opinion, these are the best academies for software engineering out there, ranking from top to bottom.

1. Academy For Software Engineering (AFSE)

The Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE) is located on 40, Irving Place, New York, NY. The academy prides itself in its innovative and modern set of courses and its workshops. The school was founded by some of the most talented leaders and educators of software development the world has ever seen. By enrolling at the Academy for Software Engineering, you are ensuring your future as one of New York’s finest in the software and technological community.

AFSE will give you full access to its internship programs in the technology industry of New York City, where you will learn from the very best mentors. You will leave the institution as innovative and knowledgeable as possible, having been educated using some of the latest equipment, approaches and workstations.

You will be proficient in the various disciplines of computer programming from web design to development of mobile applications. As an aspiring software engineer, this academy is certainly meant for you.

The Academy for Software Engineering is New York City’s principle high school for computer science. Fred Wilson and Evan Korth, its founders, are also the co-founders of the New York City Foundation for Computer Science Education.

The full extent of the courses offered by the Academy for Software Engineering is wide; besides programming, the institution also offers web design, entrepreneurship, user experience, 3D computing and as mentioned above, development of mobile applications.


2. Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE)

The Bronx Academy for Software Engineering exemplifies the rapid growth of the technology industry in New York City and the world in general. It opened in 2013 and is a CTE high school with a curriculum that spans four years. In these four years, you will learn programming and the designing and developing of software and mobile applications. A huge advantage of this is that you’d learn this before most other students with the same aspirations are ever trained in the field.

By taking part in these classes and the various disciplines on offer, you will learn to solve problems based on your creativity and your ability to be solution-oriented. In your final year you will do a project that will revolve around the community so as to learn how to tackle real-world problems through what you have learned.

There are academic goals set in each class by the teachers and each individual student. The Advisory or Seminar Class will ensure that you interact with other students across different classes for the betterment of the entire school community and for bonds thereafter.

The extra-curricular activities at the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering include robotics, SAT prep, both girls’ and boys’ math clubs, student government, computer aided design, group (small) and individual tutoring, anime/manga club, start-up business workshops and 3D printing.

The prerequisites of the academy include the senior project requirement, the student and parent summer orientation and the internship and job shadowing requirement.


3. Sky Software Engineering Academy

Sky is known more for its TV business than anything else. However, the Sky business spans wider than TV and the development of mobile applications. Many of the innovations that come forth from Sky are derived from the graduates of its Software Engineering Academy.

Sky’s Software Engineering Academy is an applied learning course that only lasts a few months. This is because of its accelerated hands-on nature. When you get into the program, you will either work with one of the Developer Operations or Developer teams. Projects will be done in a somewhat sprightly manner as Sky looks to stay ahead of the curve.

The Developer Operations teams are there to provide all kinds of support that pertains to other teams (all the development teams, the QA teams and the release management teams). Through the academy, you learn how to be part of the Developer Operations team and are presented with the incredible opportunity to support pre-production and production development in a rather demanding and always-evolving field.

Developers at the Software Engineering Academy have a huge task when it comes to the technology used in the internal workings of the organization. Every software project you work on from your first day is crucial to the company.