Are Computer Engineers in High Demand?

The development of electronic computer technology makes our life better day by day. More and more problems arise along with it, making the need for a computer engineer higher than ever.

You are interested in this profession, but some questions make you wonder.

Are computer engineers in high demand?

Yes, this profession in recent years is still growing constantly, with an ever-higher need. Pursuing such an occupation like it will surely never let you down.

If you have no idea in this field and want more information, this article will give you a more comprehensive insight. Let’s start!

The Demand for Computer Engineers

If you wonder whether computer engineers are in high exigency, this is certainly not in dispute. Not only that, but it is also growing stronger every day based on the needs of people to use these smart devices.

So, on what basis can we conclude that computer engineers are in demand?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for this profession is stronger than ever. In particular, the number of computer engineering (CE) graduates is double that of CE each year. That is enough to prove that this industry is becoming a trend chosen and pursued by everyone.

BLS also added that this demand would increase even faster in the next eight years. It will easily surpass other careers and always hold a strong position in the recruitment market.

These figures correspond precisely with the number of students studying these disciplines at Boston University and countless other universities, making these conclusions sound.

The US News & World Report released an important December 2009 survey of occupations in demand. According to statistics, computer engineers stand out as 1 of the “best careers 2010” and systems analysts and network architects.

Between 2020 and 2030, this occupation is forecast to grow by about 2%. This growth rate still makes this occupation worthy of “high-demand occupation” in the international recruitment market.

So, what specific reason has made CE such spectacular growth? You will get the answers through the three reasons below. Check them out!

female computer engineer working at her desk

1. High Recruitment Demand

The growing electronics and computer industries make the need for data processing, wireless technology, electronic records, and information security more necessary than ever. As this demand exploits these areas, the higher the demand for recruiting these engineers.

According to professor Michael Ruane, almost all students who study CE after graduation immediately find jobs related to their major.

According to the BLS, you will be able to easily apply for this job at management consulting firms, patent law firms, and financial firms.

2. Ideal Salary

An attractive salary is also why this profession is in high demand. The numbers that we are about to announce below will surprise you.

The entry salary for an engineer in this field is currently around $79,881. Meanwhile, a fully experienced staff can earn around $196,540 per year.

3. Opportunity To Gain Experiences

CE covers a wide range of smart device-related fields. And you know, the knowledge about smart devices is endless. Once you choose this career, you will accumulate a wealth of experience during your career.

These experiences make you favorable at work and make your modern life easier. Now, no problem can trouble you anymore!


What are the Disadvantages of this Job?

Any profession has its two sides, and so do computer engineers.

Once you choose this occupation, working all day at a PC will lack social interaction. Besides, it also significantly affects your health, such as nearsightedness or fatigue, headaches.

Sticking to a job full of numbers and codes will sometimes make you bored and don’t want to work in the long run.

If you love this profession, you should find suitable methods to limit the above disadvantages. This way, you will always find joy in your work.

Is Computer Engineering Hard?

That’s for sure! Computer-related careers always require you to equip a lot of specialized theory and the ability to practice fluently.

It has been assessed that, although CE and computer science are somewhat similar in terms of curriculum, CE is still a bit more difficult.

The reason is, you’ll have to take a lot of math courses, lab classes, and even additional electrical engineering classes.


Can I Do CE if I’m Bad at Math?

The answer will probably disappoint you a bit, but this major is not for those who are not good at Math.

In the training program, you will have to go through countless Math classes and master them. If you are not good at Math, you will not pass these subjects. You don’t want to get stuck in your college just for this subject, right!

But everything will change if you start taking care of this subject from now on.

Maybe you just made a slight mistake because you didn’t find the right study method for Math. Try changing and striving, and maybe great things will happen after your efforts!

Final Verdict

Choosing a career in demand like computer engineering will make you more successful in your career. But above all, you need to have a love and interest in the profession you have chosen. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to stick with it for long.

Now the decision is up to you! Good luck.