Are Computer Engineers Real Engineers?

In the developing technology era, the need to recruit computer engineers is becoming greater than ever. That is why more and more people choose to study this major, intending to have a bright future right after graduation.

You may wonder: Are computer engineers real engineers?

Yes, computer engineers are real engineers.

Computer engineers fully meet the requirements and qualities that a real engineer should have. If you want a comprehensive look, scroll down now!

What is an Engineer?

Before diving into the main issue, we need to understand the definition of a real engineer. What makes this profession?

Engineers are professionals who pursue engineering. They can invent, analyze, design, and build systems (as well as machines and utilities). Then they will test and repair them to put these things into practice.

Training a real engineer is an arduous process. Those pursuing this profession must undergo at least four years of formal training to earn a degree.

Then, they need to earn a master’s degree in their field and spend the next four to six years practicing their profession.

The engineering profession requires the pursuer to equip a huge amount of knowledge, and at the same time, consumes a lot of their time studying and doing research. Therefore, the job market always recognizes and appreciates these apprentices.

Computer Engineers Are Engineers

a computer engineer repairing a PC system

Absolutely! People who pursue this occupation also enjoy some of the best compensation that an engineer can offer. In today’s rapidly developing technology era, the demand for this profession is also increasing.

If you become an engineer in this field, you will receive a pretty good salary of nearly $120,000 per year. Not only that, the working environment for this occupation is also very modern and comfortable.

Why Can I Say a Computer Engineer as a Real One?

People always admire those who pursue this occupation as they can do many things related to their major. Once you pursue this industry, you will become a real engineer in the future.

CE requires formal training through many computer-related classes (such as code, hardware, etc.). To work as an engineer, these people must have spent a lot of effort with a in-depth knowledge about this field.

Entering the working stage, a computer engineer can do much more than you can imagine. The day-to-day work includes developing new technologies, building and designing pc networks, and fixing projects. Also, they may invent, analyze, and test the systems (hardware and software).

The above features completely meet the criteria of a real engineer. People always recognize these people as real engineers, while a few other occupations can’t do this.


a female engineer

Is the Computer Engineer in Demand?

CE is a profession that can give you an unbelievably bright future.

The rapid development of modern technology makes the demand for recruiting this occupation gradually become higher.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, universities are expanding their enrollment in this field every year. In a few cases, the number of CE students admitted was twice as large as the number of new graduates in the same year.

The report also adds interesting information, which is that this demand will be very stable in the coming years. BLS believes that this industry, until 2029, will keep a growth rate of about 2%.

This number proves that CE has always been one of the stable and always in demand professions, offering a bright future for those who pursue it.

How Can I Be a Good Computer Engineer?

Follow the steps below if you want to become a successful person in computer engineering.

Focusing on your math should be a priority, as it determines your success in CS engineering studies and dozens of other subjects.

Fluency in a programming language will be the key to working with different types of languages ​​without a hitch.

Pursuing this profession means that you will have to face countless difficulties. In this case, equipping the problem-solving ability will give you an advantage.

Improve your skills by learning anytime, anywhere, and referring to the knowledge of those around you. Finally, a computer engineering degree will make it easier for you to apply for jobs anywhere.

Why are Software Engineers Not the Real Ones?

The software engineer refers to people who work with computer software, and it is one of the fields in computer engineering. But unlike computer engineer, software engineer is a pretty easy title to get. A person studying this industry doesn’t need to graduate from formal training.

Besides, their workload is also in a much narrower scope than what a real engineer can do. That’s why despite having the name “software engineers”, they do not deserve that name.

Final Verdict

Becoming a computer engineer is not an easy process because there are so many conditions that you need to meet. But once you are determined to pursue, the things you get will be worth the effort you put in.