Are Computer Engineers Rich?

With the boom of technology, computer engineering seems to be a key element for future careers worldwide. This dynamic professional field offers a variety of career pathways in both hardware and software development. 

Yet, are computer engineers rich, as everyone said?

Yes, computer engineers are rich. Those working in this field are probably getting rich, with the potential to become billionaires in the future.

This post will provide you with some statistics in the US for a couple of years and better understand this career field. 

How Much Does A Computer Engineer Make?

They earn a wide range of incomes, which varies based on the location, the area of the industry they work in, and the amount of experience they have on the job. But generally, network engineers are expected to get the highest salary of all. 

The average annual income of a computer engineer in the US is $127,038 per year. Just do a little math; you will get the answers like $61.07 per hour, $2,443 per week, and $10,586 per month.

With yearly earnings ranging from $79,881 to $196,540, the majority of engineers in the US presently earn between $75,500 (in the 25th percentile) and $15,500 (in the 75th percentile), with top earners (in the 90th percentile) earning $195,000. 

Of course, the higher the education, the higher the salary. You may also have a chance to advance up the corporate ladder, meaning you can earn more money.

A Computer Engineer Can Become a Millionaire

Computer engineers have chances to become millionaires if they’re competent enough. You can compare this field to finance to see better! 

An average engineer can earn $2.02 million throughout his career, and the top 10% of this major can earn even more than $3.55 million.

In comparison, people who work in the finance industry have lower average lifetime earnings, $1.56 million.

Jeremy Stoppelman
Jeremy Stoppelman

A real-life example is Jeremy Stoppelman – the CEO and co-founder of YELP, a famous local business review, and social networking site. Jeremy was a computer engineering student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And YELP is now worth a few billion dollars, so he must be very rich.

That sounds good, but keep in mind that your salary depends on your level of education and your experienced skills. 

It’s best to get a bachelor’s degree before starting in this field, and the next tier of jobs typically will require a master’s degree.

What Is The Highest Salary for This Job?

You might not be surprised to hear that Google is the highest-paying company in this industry. According to statistics, their employees earn an average of $124,000 a year, 21% more than the national average for computer engineers. A Google senior developer can earn up to $285,000 per year or more.

Is It A Good Career?

Yes, it grows steadily over and over the year. By 2029, computer engineering jobs are forecast to increase by 2%. Yet, getting rich is not easy. 

The competition for decent jobs is fierce, and classroom knowledge is insufficient. Keeping learning and updating with tech trends is never excessive! 

Why Do They Get Pay So Much?

The strong demand for computer engineers, especially software, is because they can generate more revenue per person for the entire organization.

This high-income level serves as leverage for them to get creative, and things get done perfectly. It also explains why tech companies like Google are attracting more talented candidates.

What Is The Salary For A New Engineer?

An entry-level engineer earns an average of $69,365 per year, while a skilled engineer makes around $116,199.

Do Software Engineers Get Paid More Than Hardware?

Hardware engineer looking for tools at workplace
Hardware engineer looking for tools at workplace

Hardware engineers involve highly specific areas of expertise that might take several years to master, so they are often paid slightly more than software engineers

However, a software engineer can make more money instead of spending the extra four years gaining expertise (and taking on more student loans). 

In general, software engineers can find work in a wide range of computer-related sectors, while hardware engineering seems to be a more competitive field.

What Pays More: Computer Science or Engineering?

Scientists can earn an average of $118,370 per year, while engineers can earn $114,600. Both provide high pay and have steady job growth, and obtaining a degree in one of them can lead to other higher career opportunities.


Computer engineering is a fantastic career option for a promising future. It provides an excessive number of job opportunities, such as designing, development, digital marketing, IT management, etc. 

As long as you have a will, you will achieve what you want. Good luck!