Bachelor of Information Technology

Information technology is a crucial field of study and is chosen by many young people when entering university. With each university, the bachelor of information technology program has its differences.

In general, the program’s goal is always to give each learner the necessary skills and professional knowledge to solve today’s digitization problems.

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Information Technology (IT) Overview

In 1958, the term “Information Technology” first appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Information technology is commonly known as computer science with many diverse fields, including scientific methods and modern technical tools, primarily computer and telecommunications engineering in information systems.

Information Technology

Information technology is a trending and forward-thinking discipline in the digital age. Software and web developers can easily see information technology creeping into other fields such as aviation, engineering, or medicine.

This major provides learners with diverse knowledge to use and operate computers and opens many other sub-branches such as programming languages, information technology, software design.

In addition, information technology program play a vital role for businesses in implementing business strategies such as business automation, information delivery, customer engagement, and tools manufacture.

The Bachelor in IT Program

In the section below, we will list an overview of the time and cost you have to spend to complete your IT certification. Of course, these numbers are estimates only and are subject to change depending on the circumstances of project management.

Time and Cost (money)


Typically, an IT program will have a training period of three to five years, depending on the program and the component of the school you choose.

Whether you study for three or five years, these online degree programs are sure to equip you with the necessary knowledge to help you meet your needs after graduation in information systems.


The next issue that most students or learners are interested in is tuition with project management.

Along with the training time, the tuition fee for a bachelor’s program will range from $5,000 to more than $30,000 per year, which is a rather big difference in project management.

Besides the cost of learning, you will spend about $ 2000 per year for the textbook or application during the study.

There is quite interesting information that we want to give you about studying Information Technology in Germany. An extremely preferential policy for online students in Germany or abroad is 100% tuition-free in project management.

If you are still worried about the cost of studying, you can consider choosing this country to explore. Of course, you should also factor in the price of accommodation.

Training Orientation and Curriculum

The general output orientation for an information technology degree is to be fully with knowledge and in-depth synthetic analysis ability on computers and network information systems.

Usually, learners will approach basic subjects in the first years and then study specialized topics in the following semesters. The field of information technology in each University or College is not entirely the same.

Each learner often goes through Computer Architecture and Organization, Database information systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, etc.

Computer Architecture and Organization

Is Studying IT Worth It?

As we have mentioned many times before, information technology is a promising profession and has a lot of potential in the future. Any discipline, be it aviation or economics, needs information technology.

With an information technology degree, you have a lot of options for job opportunities. Moreover, the salary of each job is not low.

According to the statistics we found, the highest salary you can get per year can be up to 115,000$ for a technical architect.

Job Opportunities

Here are some familiar positions to start with after graduating with an information technology degree. These jobs require a combination of knowledge and practical experience, which can be partially obtained through study.

Network Administrator

Network Administrator

With a base salary of approximately $70,000 per year, a network administrator’s job is to protect and ensure that a business’s computers work correctly.

Usually, network administration, local project management, and comprehensive area network project management will have a close relationship and affect each other.

Network Security Specialist

Network Security Specialists

Cybersecurity professionals have an average annual salary of $72,000, slightly higher than a network administrator’s salary. A Cybersecurity specialist is sometimes the “blue eye” of a company or business.

They are responsible for monitoring and preventing bad actors from affecting the information security of that company or business.

In addition, when a company’s servers are compromised by malware or unauthorized users, a network security officer will work with a network computer systems administrator and several others to address the risks encountered in operating systems.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators

With a salary that is not too different from a computer support specialist, a database administrator is responsible for ensuring that company information, data, or software is safe to project management.

This job is also closely associated with a Cyber ​​Security Specialist and a Network Administrator.

Technical Architect

Technical Architecture

As we mentioned earlier, a computer engineering architect will have an average salary of up to 115,000$ per year.

So a computer architect has a big role in any company or enterprise. They are drafting a blueprint for the entire engineering system of a company.

Of course, doing this job is not a simple thing because you need to make sure that you have a high level of expertise, especially in operating information systems and online programs languages.

In addition to the above jobs, an information technology degree can become an information technology project manager or even a business information systems analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered and answered some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. Don’t skip the section below for more information.

What are the top IT companies?

The leading companies in information technology are Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, HP, etc.

Am I suitable for the IT industry?

We think you should have skills to get into the IT industry such as querying and problem-solving skills, passion for numbers, meticulous problem data analytics, etc.

In addition, when working in the information field, you can work with many other people, so working well in groups is an advantage.

In addition to it professionals skills and knowledge, you also need to spend a lot of time studying and practicing regularly.

What job can I get with an IT degree?

Prepare students can apply for many jobs when they have an information technology degree, such as computer programmer, software facility computer information systems administrator, and business operating systems analyst.


We hope that this article can provide you with the answer about the degree in information technology. Each area needs competence, so no matter what career you choose, always practice your expertise to succeed in that profession.

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