Benefits of Windows 10 over Windows 7

Are you using Windows 7 presently and want to enhance a few features? If so, you are in luck because Microsoft has an amazing update for you in the form of Windows 10. You will be amazed at what it has to offer over Windows 7. Or let’s just say that many of these new features are only available in Windows 10 at the moment.

Despite the latest optimizations and features brought by Windows 10, some users do not like the upgrade. According to them, Windows 10 is bloated with unnecessary features that require an advanced hardware configuration. There is some truth to this, especially if you have an old computer. If that is the case, we do not need to shift paradigms.

As for the rest, Windows 10 takes home the win here. And, you will find out soon enough. The following are a few reasons why Windows 10 is a better choice than Windows 7. 

Enhanced Browser Experience

Starting with the most obvious and important advantage. Did you also hear how great the internet speed is on Windows 10? If yes, you have heard it right.  

With Windows 10 there is no Internet Explorer and the default browser of the OS has been modernized as Microsoft Edge. In addition to improving compatibility and speed, the new software also includes useful new features such as webpage marking and the reading mode. The best part is that Edge uses much less battery power than Chrome on tablets and laptops.

While upgrading your computer to Windows 10 is crucial to maintaining a good internet connection, it is not the only factor. It is also important to ensure that your Internet Service Provider is reliable. There is a common misconception that only an expensive ISP is a reliable one.

Providers like Spectrum offer affordable internet plans, so you do not have to blow out your budget. You can enjoy unlimited data with this provider since there are no data caps.

With this pro tip in mind, let us move on to the next benefit of Windows 10 over Windows 7.

On-Demand Sync with OneDrive

OneDrive is another great feature offered by Windows 10. Do you know what that means? With OneDrive Files On Demand, you can access your files from the cloud without consuming a lot of storage on your local device. In addition to syncing desktop settings, this program also allows you to modify the background of your computer.

Apps are available for Android and iOS that let you access files in OneDrive. You can search Google for these apps and see which ones are compatible with your device. Using this application, you can find all your vacation pictures quickly because it shows the location of photos on a map and even identifies things in the photos. Last but not least, OneDrive makes it possible for you to access files remotely via a PC.

Ready for the next advantage? Coming right up…

Better Entertainment

You would already know that there is no app store for those who still use Windows 7. How is it better in Windows 10? Firstly, there are apps here that run in a window or a full screen. Secondly, they are suitable for both small and big tasks.

Since these apps run in sandboxes instead of regular Windows apps, they are more secure. Additionally, they integrate with Action Center and provide built-in sharing capabilities and notifications. Photo apps, for instance, can share photos to Facebook and Instagram via their standard share buttons.

With Windows 10, you will not only get a new user interface, but also new apps for productivity, media, and people. Wondering if you would be able to play PC games? YES! You can certainly do that. 

An Improved Start Menu

Here is a short story we would like to tell related to this Windows 10 advantage. It has been long argued that the Start menu should be restored after being replaced by the Start screen in Windows 8. Thinking what is weird about this?

Well, for your information, this is the same group that laughed at Start in Windows 95. Many of you might remember this because it gained immense hype back then. However, Microsoft issued its return with a tile-based appendage, so that live tile information would not be lost and the OS would keep its touch capabilities.

With tiles coming in different sizes, you can give bigger tiles to more important apps and smaller ones to extras, which is helpful even if you use a mouse.

Wrapping Up

Windows 10 indeed offers more than these features over Windows 7, but we will cover them in another post. For now, these benefits are worth trying over Windows 7. With Windows 10 you will be able to enjoy much more performance and security than with Windows 7.

That is all for this post. We hope you found it helpful. If you have concerns, please let us know by commenting below.