Best Dolphin Games Emulator Download This Year

For most of us, older consoles were part of our childhood. One such game console, which revolutionized the portability factor of consoles, was released in 2001 and was called the Nintendo GameCube. Since then, technology has changed and improved by leaps and bounds, but many still loved and valued older games released for GameCube.

This retro console comes with some revolutionary technologies such as online gaming via a modem connection, a small-size hard drive, connection support with Dolphin Games Emulator, and much more. It may be difficult for you to find a working GameCube in 2021, 20 years after its release. But even if you can find one, the hardest part is finding the optical media for the games that work properly.

After the Nintendo GameCube was discontinued in 2007, emulators slowly appeared. Using an emulator, you can recreate the system that GameCube introduced on an entirely different device.

Emulators allow you to keep playing your favorite retro games on modern devices like your phone or PC. Get started with this comprehensive list of Dolphin games emulators that we have put together, and you can choose the game which suits your needs.

Let’s take a look at the best dolphin game emulators for Android devices. After that, we also have a list of the best Windows alternatives.

  • Eternal Darkness 

Hard cribbing of the works of the classic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, this epic horror spans thousands of years. It puts you in command of a dozen people forced to fight unimaginable horrors beyond the cosmos. Load that up and explore the haunted ruins like an escaped Cambodian slave.

As a Franciscan monk, address the dark mystery in the heart of an ancient cathedral; and fight in a terrible dungeon as a Canadian firefighter, among other things. And all the time you’re going to lose your mind.

The great thing about Eternal Darkness is that it doesn’t take sudden hits to scare you uselessly. Even monsters and traps aren’t that scary compared to the joy of the game from keeping your head busy. You could walk into a room and be suddenly beheaded, only to reappear unharmed in the previous hallway a few seconds later. Its size changes. The rooms are upside down. Disembodied voices howl madness in your ears. And it gets worse as your character continues to be pushed to the edge of reason. Are the demons real, or did you go crazy? Who says it can’t be both?

  • Animal Crossing 

Nothing spectacular happens in Animal Crossing. Just like in real life, you buy a house, get a job, buy material possessions, visit friends, celebrate the holidays, and are exploited by money-hungry capitalists like Tom Nook. Seriously, this is as exciting as it sounds. Why bother? Because, unlike reality, Animal Crossing is about freedom and relaxation.

The average gaming session usually involves nothing more exhausting than river fishing, collecting rare butterflies, and stopping by a beastly neighbor to try out your new coffee table. Your most crucial mission might be to deliver a letter from a friendly cat to an even more sociable dog.

It’s an endlessly charming and refreshing break from the stress of the natural world, not to mention the stress of other more violent and frustrating video games. You will never throw your controller into this until this sneaky corner demands more money.

  • Star Wars Rogue Leader 

Popping up TIE fighters in an XWing is excellent. Making this into a great game the day you bought your shiny new GameCube is overwhelming. Rogue Leader was the first GameCube game to truly showcase what Nintendo’s purple lunchbox was capable of and produced beautiful graphics to match its rapid-fire action.

From the epic trench race on the first Death Star to the final assault on the Battle of Endor, Rogue Leader battles add to the action as you take on the best pilots in the Empire.

The dogfights are fast-paced and addictive, the different mission objectives provide a decent range of variety, and the scenery looks impressive when zoomed in. When it comes to space and air combat in the Star Wars universe, this is still the classic console game, and that says a lot.