29 Best Gifts for Coders, Software Engineers & Developers

What do computer geeks like? It must be something sophisticated and high-tech. But this idea doesn’t apply to all.

Typically, programmers find cool tech gadgets attractive. A souvenir like a mug, bracelet, notebook, or even a T-shirt is a novel idea for you. So you don’t always need to select a gift with a high-tech appearance.

If it’s your first time, you won’t know much about a tech item in particular. So, we have compiled a list of great gifts for programmers, coders, software engineers & developers.

Keep scrolling down and get one for your beloved!

1. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

Let’s start this list with a practical gift for coders. This performance programmer will win their hearts and steal their time.

It generates the right speedometer for tire and gear adjustments with three performance settings, stimulating users’ interest.

Besides, with the JET performance programmer, coders may take charge and modify the vehicle’s computer to suit their driving habits.

Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

2. Coding Robot Toy

If your kids show their passion for coding early on, let them develop it by giving them the coding robot toy on their birthday.

Botley teaches your kid basic STEM concepts while having fun. He uses active, screen-free games to tell kids how to code, which is excellent for nurturing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Coding Robot Toy

3. Funny Nerd Socks

If you intend to give a programmer a gift, get him a pair of these amusing binary socks. He will be surprised and happy to get this nice present from you.

The high-quality fabric ensures the socks won’t fade even after washings and months of use. You’ll be able to feel the fabric gently hug your legs without slouching with just one single touch.

Funny Nerd Socks

4. Cleaning Gel For PC Keyboard

Working too hard makes coders forget some daily tasks they have to perform with their computers. You don’t have to do it for him. Instead, give them a tool to clean his laptop keyboard quickly.

Cleaning gel is popular. It works effectively, clearing all debris accumulated in the cracks. Moreover, it’s fun to use. Coders even see this cleaning task as a form of relaxation.

Cleaning Gel For PC Keyboard

5. Binary Wrist Watch

To men, watches are an integral accessory. Grab your geeky man this fashionable watch, and he will surely love it.

The unique thing about this watch is that it displays time and date in a binary format. Each character in the code has a set of binary numbers, commonly referred to as bits, to let the user decode the message.

Binary Wrist Watch

6. Computer Science Bracelet

This elegantly designed bracelet featuring “Computer Science” will be perfect for gift-giving. For those who are enthusiastic about computer science, it is a personalized gift.

Your lucky receiver will adore this bracelet’s unique look. Since the bangle fits most wrist sizes, the user can adjust for the best fit.

Computer Science Bracelet

7. 3dRose Funny Mug

The hilarious slogan “Eat – Sleep – Code” is on both sides of this funny mug. It describes exactly how a programmer works every day.

There is always a mug on the workstation of a coder. So let him think about you anytime by giving him this mug. It can work as an excellent way for him to relax.

Retreez Funny Mug

8. Debugging Vacuum Tumbler

Do you want to send your beloved programmer a message? Let this tumbler speak for you, so the receiver can take more pleasure in enjoying their beverages.

This gift suits programmers because they are the only ones who understand what ” debugging ” means. It refers to hours or even days spent planning how to chase down and eliminate a bug.

Debugging Vacuum Tumbler

9. Computer Programmer Gift Keychain

“I Will Not Fix Your Computer” is a message on the keychain. It sounds simple, but its inside joke will make coders laugh out loud.

Aside from being funny, meticulous craft is a big plus of this keychain. The tiny PC is adorable and comes in a lovely velvet bag. What a nice, affordable gift for coders to use for years!

Computer Programmer Gift Keychain

10. Etekcity Cordless Neck and Shoulder Massager

How terrible it is to sit at the desk for hours every day! Coders suffer from it, and have to face it. So if your beloved one is a coder, give him this neck and shoulder massager.

The U-shape design of this massager matches the body’s contour, providing effective messages for the full body. Sitting on it makes coders feel like having someone massaging them.

Etekcity Cordless Neck and Shoulder Massager

11. Ergonomic Mouse Pads And Wrist Support

Coders also have wrist problems as they click the mouse repeatedly. If your coder has the same issue, give him this mouse pad and wrist support set.

The mouse pad works in the way it should. Meanwhile, the wrist performs better than you may expect because it allows the coder’s wrist to rest comfortably.

Ergonomic Mouse Pads And Wrist Support

12. Corsair Premium Gaming Headset

Another high-tech gift on our list is this premium gaming headset. This item lets users hear everything clearly, from the lightest computer-clicking sound to the loudest explosion.

The construction is also an advantage. The headset’s microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam pads allow gamers to wear it for hours without feeling hurt.

Corsair Premium Gaming Headset

13. Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack

Programmers don’t like to keep a lot of stuff. They need something to hold their belongings neatly. And you will make them smile if you give them this multi-purpose laptop backpack.

The spacious packing compartment is terrific for laptops of all sizes, a pair of headphones, and even a book. Besides, your loved coder will also like its anti-theft design.

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack

14. Kasa Smart Plug

Programmers, coders, and developers sometimes have to work on the go. Having a smart plug by their side makes them feel secure because their laptops are always ready to work.

This smart plug can work with Google Home Assistant and Alexa. The compatibility provides users with a hands-free convenience when controlling electronic appliances.

Kasa Smart Plug

15. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is an amazing tool to change the height of a laptop, making it more comfortable for coders to work.

This stand has an attractive design and is foldable. Office workers love it, and so does your coder.

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand

16. Portable French Press Maker

A coder doesn’t want to go anywhere while coding. He may want a cup of coffee to wake him up, but going out of his seat takes too much. He won’t say it, but you may know that he needs a portable coffee maker and will use it every day.

This coffee maker is tiny. Hence, coders can bring it anywhere. Whenever he needs caffeine, the machine can work within a few minutes to serve him.

Portable French Press Maker

17. Laptop and Tablet Bag

This laptop bag looks fashionable and luxurious thanks to the high-quality leather. The size allows it to fit a laptop, documents, and daily essentials.

Moving to the interior, which features a tear-resistant, fully-lined lining, we can be sure that it can last for years.

Laptop And Tablet Bag

18. WiFi Smart Table Lamp

Giving a programmer a lamp is a meaningful gesture. He will appreciate your effort much more if you choose a fantastic item like this Lepro smart table lamp.

The lamp can work seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa, making it a hands-free item with a voice control feature.

There are also many lighting modes to choose from. Your coder can decide the light on this workstation to be relaxing or vivid.

WiFi Smart Table Lamp

19. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at the computer screen all day is ruining coders’ eyes. But they have to because it’s their job. Luckily, you can give your computer nerd blue light-blocking glasses to save his eyes.

The glasses also alleviate discomfort and visual fatigue from hours of writing codes. Hence, they will help users have better sleep.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

20. Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

The JBL Go is a fantastic Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker for all music fans. It has surprisingly robust audio output and powerful bass.

A waterproof and dustproof speaker like this item is what coders need to relax after work. They can use the speaker anywhere and connect it to any device.

JBL Go 3

21. Two Factor Authentication Security Key

This security key might be a precious and handy gift for a tech enthusiast. With the aid of two-factor authentication, it can shield internet accounts from unauthorized access.

Moreover, this famous USB and NFC security key can support many online services and applications. For security, one can use this device on both mobile and laptop computers.

Yubico FIDO Security Key NFC

22. Apple Watch

Computer geeks are big fans of multi-purpose gadgets. Choose an Apple Watch for them, and you won’t go wrong with it.

What can this watch do? In addition to displaying time and date, the watch performs all tasks that a cell phone does, such as sending texts, making calls, and playing music.

Besides, it has the most advanced health features. Users can monitor their blood oxygen, track their sleeping patterns, and receive abnormal heart rhythm notifications.

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 45mm]

23. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

Who doesn’t love robots? If your kids like technical things, they must love LEGO and are eager to spend hours with them.

It’s never too soon to introduce STEM toys to your children. This LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox is an excellent kit to enhance their creativity.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

24. LED Desk Office Lamp

Another effective way to protect coders’ eyes is this LED lamp. The 27-patented recessed light guarantees its safety for the eyes.

Furthermore, there are up to five brightness modes and four color modes. Users can choose the ones that make their eyes most relaxing.

Consciot 12W LED Desk Lamp

25. Computer Technology Poster

Simplicity always works, and it even works better if you know where to hit. This “pro-gram-mer” poster is a terrific example of the idea.

The best thing about this poster is how it defines a programmer. Your computer geek will laugh seeing your gift because it’s so hilarious and true.

Programmer Poster

26. Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Active noise cancellation is a recent technology applied in headphones. If your important person is a technology geek, show him that you know something about it too. But how can you do it? It’s simple; just give him active noise-canceling headphones for his birthday.

The noise cancellation technology is perfect for professionals who have a high requirement in listening to music or any sound. Give your coder one pair, which will help them stay focused on writing codes.

Philips H8506 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Noise Canceling Pro (ANC)

27. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Why should you give coders and programmers this ball chair as a gift? First, it can improve overall well-being and offer a flexible seating posture. Hence, the chair will promote correct alignment and relieve back pain effectively.

Moreover, the micro-movements of sitting on the ball chair engage the body and mind, giving higher energy levels and boosting productivity.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

28. Glass Desktop Computer Pad

If you care about your programmer, pay attention to his computer. This glass computer pad may be what he needs to treat his companion.

This model looks plain, but it can maximize the working area nicely. The board also sits perfectly between a monitor and keyboard, ensuring that your programmer can sit comfortably.

Quartet Glass Desktop Computer Pad

29. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Kids can create Bluetooth programming wands with this DIY tech gift kit, program them with creative challenges, and perform magic with waves and flicks.

Over 70 challenges are present. Your children may understand Javascript by connecting code blocks in a few simple ways. After that, they will progressively advance as they study variables, logic, and sequences.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit


Giving someone gifts means a lot to them, as it shows them how much you care about them. Do not give them random things if your beloved ones are coders, programmers, or developers. Instead, consider our recommended gifts to warm their hearts.

With your effort and love, we believe that you know what your important ones love. Please share your problem with us if you can’t find the right one. We are always ready to help.

Thank you for reading!