Best Mobile Legends Heroes

Are you an aspiring Mobile Legends gamer looking for the best heroes to bring glory and victory to your team? Look no further! This guide is made just for you — a newbie in the gaming universe of Mobile Legends. With our help, you’ll learn who are the top heroes that dominate the game with their unique skills and abilities. We’ll provide essential tips on maximizing each hero’s potential so that you can be victorious in every battle. Read on if you’re ready to level up your game prowess and join the ranks of elite gamers in Mobile Legends!

Best Mobile Legends Heroes


In the world of mobile legends, tank heroes hold a significant role in the game. These massive front-liners are known for their durability and ability to protect their teammates from enemy attacks. But there’s more to these tanks than meets the eye. In fact, they also play a crucial role in the offensive part of the game by urging their teammates to attack the enemies.

Tank heroes are the backbone of any team, and they are the ones who keep fragile heroes safe from harm. What makes tanks even more remarkable is that their strength is not solely based on their toughness but also on how well they are used in battle. When played strategically, tanks can be the strongest heroes in the game. So if you’re looking for a hero to take a hit and lead your team to victory, a tank hero is your best bet.


Like many other team-based games, Mobile Legends has different roles for its heroes. The assassin role is one of the most engaging and crucial roles in the game. These heroes are the masterminds of the battlefield, always planning their attacks strategically and choosing their targets wisely. What makes assassins stand out from the rest of the crowd is their low hit points (HP), making them vulnerable to enemy attacks. However, experienced live gamers can wreak havoc on the opposing team if used.

On the other hand, less experienced players may find it challenging to utilize them correctly, as these fighters have low durability, making it easier for enemies to take them out. In conclusion, if you want to master the assassin’s role in Mobile Legends, always keep your positioning in mind and aim your attacks carefully.


In Mobile Legends, finding the right hero for your game strategy is important. If you’re looking for a hero that can deal damage from a distance, the marksman heroes are perfect. These heroes are best paired with tanks or fighters who can protect them while they deal damage. One of the advantages of having a marksman hero on your team is their ability to quickly destroy turrets.

However, marksman heroes are less durable and are easy targets if caught in a vulnerable position. To avoid this, keeping them at an ideal distance where they can still contribute without being killed easily is best. With their strategic attacks and powerful ranged skills, marksman heroes can be a valuable asset to any team in Mobile Legends.


In Mobile Legends, different heroes play different roles to ensure victory. Marksman heroes, for instance, are responsible for taking out enemies from afar. Tanks also fight from a distance and can protect their teammates from enemy attacks.

On the other hand, fighting heroes are more aggressive and engage enemies up close and personal. Their goal is to cause significant damage to the opponents and leave them with no choice but to retreat. While both marksman and fighter heroes can work independently, combining them can result in a more powerful and efficient team. Pooling their strengths together, they can create a dynamic duo to take down even the toughest foes.


In Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, mages hold a significant role as they can cause damage to nearby enemies using magic. This makes them highly important in any team. Unlike other heroes, mages’ strength lies in their ability effects rather than physical attacks.

However, their low durability makes it difficult to fend off enemies alone. Mobile Legends has numerous mage heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and advantages. So, it’s essential to choose wisely while considering the team composition and the strategy needed to win the game.


In Mobile Legends, support heroes play a crucial role in the success of battles. As their name suggests, their primary role is to support their allies. They have a unique set of skills that allow them to lend a helping hand to teammates in need.

From healing to crowd control, support heroes help to protect vulnerable heroes like the marksman. These heroes are typically less durable and are often targeted first by the enemy team. With the help of a skilled support hero, however, the marksman can safely deal damage to enemies from afar. A well-rounded team with a support hero is likelier to come out on top in battles.

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Taking on the realm to defend your honor in Mobile Legends is an exhilarating experience, and we hope that our guide has provided a better understanding of what heroes are best for any type of newbie player. Newbies no longer have to worry about joining the battlefield unprepared—until they know which heroes best complement their playstyle, they can look at our list today. Finally, don’t forget that there’s always room for improvement, so if you feel it takes too long to improve your skills and ability, you can always take a game-boosting service to level up your game quickly! Keep enjoying this amazing online multiplayer mobile game, and until next time – happy fighting!