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5 Best Tech Companies to Work For

You will find many benefits when working at a technology company. It can even change your career trajectory. What are the best technology companies to work for?

This article will share with you the top 5 companies in this field. They are all large companies, and every year, thousands of applicants apply.

These companies are very impressed with the benefits that the best tech companies bring. Besides, working here is like a lever to help you acquire many new skills and advance in your work.

What Can Tech Companies Bring To You?

If you join a big tech company, you will find many values ​​as well as benefits. Besides acquiring new work skills, you also have the opportunity to work in an environment with high cultural values.

New skills

While you’re not a developer yet, in other words, you’re just an ‘experienced’ person, joining a tech company is a good idea. It creates a great working environment with good learning experiences for everyone.

Usually, when joining the company, employees are going to have the opportunity to interact with several projects in other fields, typically programming.

Besides, you will have a rich and valuable skill set. You can apply it to many tasks.

working at big company

Cultural working environment

Besides acquiring many new skills, technology companies also provide a working environment with good cultural values. Currently, many companies offer preferential services for their employees.

They offer complimentary food, massage services, and practical travel and discussion sessions. But they do require employees to follow some rules about how to dress and behave in the place to work.

Tech companies invest in privileges for employees and pay great attention to culture.

Top 5 Technology Companies

The companies below are ideal environments to learn new skills and add a great deal to your experience. Let’s find out together!



NVIDIA is one of the best trusted tech companies in the world. On the Glassdoor platform, NVIDIA has a rating of 4.8/5.

At the same time, the employees working here are always to the profession; they are always hard-working and trying to advance in their careers because they have high expectations for NVIDIA’s bonus scheme.

The generous bonus scheme plus working on a modern technology platform are the things employees like about NVIDIA. Not only that, NVIDIA is constantly updating and refreshing according to world trends.

NVIDIA’s only minus point is the working time and the level of competition.

To advance in the company, you have to regularly work long hours and overtime because high profits bring high competition.

2. Hubspot


Hubspot’s rating on Glassdoor is 4.7/5, just slightly lower than NVIDIA. That’s why Hubspot is the second name on our list.

Hubspot is a famous tech company in San Francisco, and many people in the marketing industry know about it.

Hubspot not only provides marketing, sales, and service platforms but also provides CRM software. Hubspot’s customer base is extensive, and it includes businesses from large to small.

Hubspot treats its employees like customers. Therefore, they are strict in every stage of management. Many people believe that a rigorous working environment with talented people is a potential aspect of career development.

If you don’t like a stressful working environment and are often in high competition, Hubspot is not suitable for you.

To work as a employee at Hubspot, you need a work-life balance. It is what you have to trade.

3. DocuSign


As soon as it was launched in the market, DocuSign created a big buzz. DocuSign provides a utility that allows you to sign documents on a trusted platform.

During the launch of DocuSign, it faced competition from many heavyweights. But so far, no tech comparator can beat DocuSign in terms of employee benefits.

With DocuSign, you can enjoy the comfort of work-life balance. Besides, DocuSign also builds up standard corporate culture rules, bringing a positive spirit to employees.

Although DocuSign has experienced many difficulties because of the pressure created by other competitors, the company has reached a particular scale so far. In other words, DocuSign is a company worth experiencing.

4. Google


Google is a technology company specializing in providing Internet-related products and services. Of course, we cannot deny the popularity of Google in the technology age.

Google is a big company with a considerable budget. They take advantage of this to create impressive amounts of benefits. This giant is always looking for and providing many great regimes for its employees.

Along with the salary and bonus regime, Google also sets exceptionally high standards for employees. Frankly speaking, to work at Google, you must have loyalty and high performance.

Yet, Google also streams competitive levels. So you need to overcome a certain number of red tapes to attract attention and create opportunities for promotion.

In general, to receive great benefits from Google, you have to trade off many things. So be prepared if you want to join working at google. 

5. Microsoft


Microsoft is one of the biggest companies. Its influence in today’s time is comparable to that of Google because Microsoft is the best tech company responsible for most of today’s computer systems.

Microsoft still constantly improves and perfects itself despite the difficulties from the first day of establishment and going through many harsh stages.

Since then, they have brought many quality and innovative products. Thanks to that, Microsoft still retains its place in the volatile market.

Besides maintaining that advantage, Microsoft also offers comprehensive benefits packages for employees. However, when you work at Microsoft, you have a hard time listening.

At the same time, the high level of competition means the dismissal of employees. In short, consider carefully to make the best places to work for yourself.


In general, each company has its strengths and operates in different aspects.

If you are looking for a job and don’t know what industry to develop, you can consider our tech companies list.

Hopefully, the article will help you find the right choice.