9 Business Ideas for Computer Engineers

People easily get bored with nine-to-five jobs, and those working in the computer engineering field are no exception. It’s no wonder that more and more engineers try their wings in doing some businesses.

You may want to know: “What kind of business can a computer engineer start?’

There are numerous things you can try, but it must be something related to computers hardware and software, network, website, etc. 

If you have no idea where to start, below is the list of businesses you can try after quitting your nine-to-five job!

1. Computer Repair

Any system error or network outage can adversely affect the business at companies. If you’ve already got repair skills and experience, you can equip some specific tools to operate your business. 

Surely you will have chances to make some good contracts at offering them these computer repair service:

  • Get computers and networks recover and restart as quickly as feasible
  • Offer emergency repair services to handle urgent situations

2. Computer Upgrading Service

Not everyone can afford a new computer, especially if they need a powerful configuration. Rather than spending a sum of money, people hire a technician to upgrade RAM or equip a new screen. 

You can help your clients to do some specific tasks like:

  • Add more memory to the hardware
  • Add an additional disk drive to the system
  • Replace a hard drive
  • Replacing external components such as screens, laptop keyboards, and trackpads
  • Replace external components such as keyboards, screens, trackpads

3. Web Development

Since social distancing appears as a measure to slow down the pandemic, more and more people turn their businesses to e-commerce. Though website builders are always available, it will take time for newbies to learn how to use them effectively.

As such, people prefer an experienced web developer to help them create unique and professional websites. So if you have good knowledge of code and website developments, this business can also be a good start. 

4. Battery Reconditioning

It’s no wonder that batteries will get worn out after a period of use. As an engineer, you know how to restore them to their initial power capacity by adding chemicals.

There’s an increasing need for the battery reconditioning service, so you probably earn a good income. Let’s start your business with:

  • Laptop batteries
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Other rechargeable devices

5. 3D Printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is no longer unfamiliar in the computer industry. This technology uses digital files to create and build 3D objects.

So if you have experience in using 3D printing devices and software, you can start a business with 3D printing files or even finished products.

6. Computer Cleaning Services

This might seem strange, but why not? Users are often hesitant to clean themselves. They’re worried about using water or commercial cleaners to wipe the computers, which can cause some damage if done improperly. 

You can earn some money by offering your clients this cleaning service. 

dirty and clean computer cases

If you’re confident with your experience and skills in computer engineering fields, there are some other “challenging” businesses you can try. 

7. IT Consultant

This occupation requires a wealth of expertise and knowledge in computers, which means you will have to deal with various tech-related issues.

8. Tech Blogger

You can create your own blog and share about computers and other parts of the IT business. If you love to inspire your knowledge to a larger audience, why not?

9. App Developer

Apps for mobile devices are getting increasingly popular. And it’s no surprise if you find mobile apps, especially games, are transformed from webs and software. 

As such, you can launch a business developing your own mobile apps or working on them for others.

an app developer works with multiple designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Computer Engineer Start A Company?

Of course, yes. You can run a company as an engineer, but it requires business skills rather than technical skills. It also depends on the field you choose, but typically, it’s not as easy as you might think. Whatever business you go for, you should be well-prepared right at the start.

What Companies Can A Computer Engineer Work At?

There are numerous reputable companies that talented engineers can apply for. You can refer to NASA, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, HP, etc. As long as you meet their requirements, you deserve a high salary!

Which Engineer Can Start His Own Business?

Anyone can run a company, but it’s best if they equip themselves with an MBA after engineering. An MBA will offer you a variety of specializations, including Operations Management, Product Management, and Human Resources.


You’re going to become your own boss – being the founder of your successful start-up if you have enough experience with computers and techs. Rather than immerse yourself in boring work, step out of your comfort zone and be yourself! Good luck.