Can a Computer Engineer Work at NASA?

You are a computer engineer and passionate about solving unique issues that nowhere on Earth can be, so NASA may be your dream.

Can a computer engineer work at NASA?

The answer is Yes. NASA needs computer engineers who are visionary innovators and problem solvers, turning impossible things into reality.

We’ll further discuss the topic through the burning questions below.

Computer Engineers at NASA

There is plenty of room for computer engineers to learn, work, and devote to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Here, you can shape your career path as your professional goals.

Also, the agency offers employees chances to be more flexible and versatile.

NASA engineers

Whether you’re fond of pursuing a separate project, engaging with management by heading more complex teams and projects, or promoting your potential in other engineering disciplines, there are always opportunities.

The agency hires about 20 different sorts of engineers to tackle diverse missions. And the most well-known fields are computer engineers, aerospace, and general.

They appreciate those who can cover systems, holistic view, and solve complex issues. Apart from premier experts, technical chops as team players are valuable.

Before entering this environment, remember that they’re seeking workers who treasure the chance to coordinate with various professionals and expand the range of what is technically possible.

How Do I Become a NASA Engineer?

To have a job as an engineer here, you ideally need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. This degree is solid proof of your familiarity with computing and software systems.

To obtain that background, you usually have to take some computer science courses, like advanced programming techniques and tools or data structures.

Specialized classes fitting into this major often involve systems and signals, computer organization, the fundamentals of circuits, microcontrollers and design, digital logic creation, and data probability and analytics.

What Do Computer Engineers Do in NASA?

Computer engineers here are responsible for building new computing programs, finding ways to optimize existing programs and run them more efficiently, and fixing existing errors.

two computer engineers at NASA

They’re pioneering unique, brand-new paths to explore the universe, from creating instruments that help discover water on other planets like Mars to building the most impactful rockets aimed for severe space exploration.


Besides your undergraduate degree, which is paramount if you intend to apply to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency, here are some pieces of information you need to be well-informed of.

Where Do NASA Engineers Work?

  • Hampton, Virginia – the center of Langley Research
  • Washington – NASA Headquarters
  • California, Moffett Field – the center of Ames Research
  • Houston, Texas – the center of Johnson Space
  • Pasadena, California – Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Florida – the center of Kennedy Space

What are the Best Careers at NASA?

  • Computer engineering

Because most machines here are reliant on computers, computer engineers play a critical role in building new computing programs and systems, identifying and troubleshooting errors, minimizing unexpected technical faults, and maximizing their efficiencies.

  • Accounting

The organization specializes in using and building rocket ships, thus running a considerable budget.

They need excellent accounting teams to ascertain that the agency is taking the best value of the funds and using them wisely.

  • Administrative support

The primary roles in this field include public relations, marketing staff, typists, procurement clerks, and management assistants.

  • Meteorology

Meteorologists have to be adept at the positioning of planets, alignment of the sun, and locating other nearby satellites and comets.

an astronaut in space

Can a Computer Engineer Become an Astronaut?

The good news is that you can work as an astronaut with your computer engineering degree. But it depends on what level your degree is.

While NASA generally requires bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, computer science, physical science, biological science, and computer engineering, ESA only accepts doctorate-level or master’s degrees.

Plus, acceptable degrees cover these fields: mathematics, information technology, medicine, engineering, and natural sciences ( earth sciences, chemistry, biology, physics, and other related disciplines).

Is it Difficult to get a Job in NASA?

It’s challenging and laborious to obtain a position and work at NASA. Their hiring process is exceedingly rigorous and only admits candidates with the best backgrounds and skills.

They always seek individuals with rich practical and academic experience. Also, those with superb teamwork and soft skills will gain a great advantage.


Many majors can dream of developing a career at NASA. Computer engineering is just one of the various choices you want to consider.

If you fancy being part of this organization, ascertain to do thorough research now, either into the available careers or required degrees and experiences.