Can a Computer Engineer Work in Cyber Security?

In the current era of technology development, the recruitment demand for cybersecurity-related occupations is higher than ever. Some people show interest in this industry, but they wonder if they can work with computer engineering (CE) degrees.

So, can a computer engineering professional work in cyber security industry?

Yes! They can completely pursue this industry by equipping them with some background and specialized knowledge of pure security.

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security (CS) is a term that refers to the job of protecting server systems, smart devices, data, and networks from threats. It appears in a relatively wide range, including business, mobile computing, and dozens of different fields.

Some types of cyber security that you will often encounter in daily life:

  • Network
  • Application
  • Information
  • Operational
  • Recovery after troubles
  • End-user education

Can a CE Graduate go into a CS Career?

The answer will surely surprise you- It is “yes”!

a computer engineer works in cyber security

Cybersecurity has an extremely close relationship with network systems and data – which is under the ability of computer engineers. 

Therefore, when equipped with more knowledge about network security, a computer engineer can completely work in this environment.

Specifically, computer engineers need to take courses (such as OCSCO, CEH). After equipping the foundation of IT knowledge, it is time to move on to delve into the field of pure security.

Role of a Computer Engineer in Cyber Security

Let’s explore the four tasks below to learn more about what a computer engineer can contribute to cybersecurity.

Strategize to Protect Infrastructure

Any cyber-attack is a concern that no one wants to deal with. And to eliminate this worry, computer engineers play a huge role.

They are tasked with developing-protecting the infrastructure of industry (and even government agencies). These infrastructures include chemicals, transportation systems, energy, and dozens of other sectors.

Computer engineers will build on their designs and tests to attach cyber defenses to the infrastructure. That is a smart measure that can automatically eliminate all cyber-attack threats even before you get notified about it.

Secure the Future of Transportation

Developing intelligent transportation systems is a goal that the whole world aims for. It not only helps to reduce traffic congestion and accidents but also saves fuel resources to maintain operations.

the future of transportation

So, what role do computer engineers play in developing future transportation networks?

They work on perfecting new vehicles capable of self-navigation, operating in bad weather conditions, and recognizing obstacles.

Besides, they contribute to modern car models: Testing the power supply system, upgrading safety features, and many other works. Modernizing the automobile production line makes the traffic network safer and more stable.

Head off Dangers on the Internet

Currently, many people are using smart devices with IoT (Internet of Things) integration. This network allows systems to push communication with each other at speeds beyond expectations.

However, a network cannot maintain performance and stability without the help of computer engineers.

Their job includes maintaining, protecting, and remediating all threats associated with IoT networks. The lack of computer engineer positions in any network field will create serious problems, leading to the risk of network failure.

Warning sign: Cyber Attack

Safeguard Patient Information

The medical field is growing more outstanding, bringing a better experience than expected for patients. But everything has two sides. A small mistake in controlling the medical machinery system will also affect the patient’s life.

It is one of the jobs that fall under the responsibility of computer engineers.

Those who follow this profession will research and develop embedded systems resistant to system problems and malware. Also, set up features to quickly detect hazards and hazards and automatically react when problems arise.


Can Cyber Security Engineers Hack?

The answer is a big “Yes”!

Engineers working in cybersecurity are equipped with a huge amount of knowledge in these areas, including preventing and protecting systems and preventing cyber attacks.

Without a clear understanding of what a hacker can do, they will fail the job. That’s why a cybersecurity engineer is extremely knowledgeable about hacking.

Is Cyber Security Engineering Hard?

Cybersecurity covers a wide range of technology, transportation, and networks. This industry requires people to be elite and have a huge source of knowledge.

Learning cyber security might be a challenge, but it isn’t as hard as you expected! But for those truly passionate about it, the industry is well worth conquering!

What is the Average Salary of a CS Engineer?

An engineer working in network security always receives ideal treatment in terms of salary and working environment.

According to our data, the average annual salary of those pursuing this career ranges from $120,000 to $130,000. It is an impressive salary that many people are chasing!

Last Words

There exists a job opening in the cybersecurity industry for graduates as computer engineers. Just study hard and add relevant knowledge, and your application will surely achieve great success.

Now, it’s time to become a computer engineer in network security. Good luck!