Can I Get a Decent Job With an Associate in CE?

Individuals fond of technology-related jobs yet don’t want to wait for four years to earn a bachelor’s and kickstart their careers usually question:

Can I get a computer engineering job (CE) with an associate’s degree?

Fortunately, there are a number of jobs you can get, including computer engineer.

This degree will equip the learner with adequate education for tech-based tasks and running computerized systems.

This guide includes detailed info about computing associate degrees, particularly their benefits and disadvantages.

Associate’s Degree in Computer Engineering

You can get a computer engineering job with an associate’s degree. Moreover, you also get many related jobs. 

Why is an associate acceptable for working in the IT field? Because it teaches candidates foundational technical lessons and skills.

While programs vary, they cover primary topics, like computing hardware, operating systems, and programming. Some programs also include courses in development or software engineering.

Students will generally accomplish a program in around two years. This marketable certificate is like a shortcut to entry-level technology careers and functions as a foundation for future educational advancements.

According our report, computer engineers earned a median income of about $120,000. And many of them are associate’s degree holders who pursue multiple tech career paths.

Candidates seeking efficient, fast workforce entry tend to prefer this strategy and its compact timeline. Meanwhile, bachelor’s programs may offer more job opportunities yet require a larger time investment.

Is An Associate In Computer Networking Worth It?

software development is an option

Yes. It is worth the money and time for many candidates. The BLS predicts that IT and computing occupations will see 13% growth in the next ten years.

Acquiring a two-year degree in computer and networking means you have versatile and valuable skills to grow in this emerging field.

It enables you to step into the workforce faster. After that, you can choose to get a bachelor’s should you wish to seize more career opportunities in this industry.

Can I Be A Software Engineer With An Associate?

If you’re seeking a degree focusing on operating systems, test applications, code, and design, a two-year one in software development is one of the go-to options.

This program is a worth-considering strategy that helps you obtain an entry-level position in a software development team.

Jobs you may handle include creating operating systems and desktop & mobile applications. Apart from software development, working as a website developer is also an ideal job with a marketable degree.

Can I Get A Job With An Associate In Programming?

The good news is that these programs will help you qualify for a starter-grade programming job in some companies.

While a bachelor’s is the most preferred prerequisite for coding or programming jobs, some businesses hire candidates with a two-year certificate as well.

Since two-year programs concentrate on crucial skills, earning these degrees will give you a robust foundation for stepping into the programming industry.

Knowing various programming languages will be an asset that employers highly appreciate. If your university program concentrates mainly on a computing language, you should consider learning others yourself.

Can I Make Good Money With An Associate’s Degree?

female computer engineer at work

Two-year coursework can work a student’s way up to earning more than the average household income rate. Annual fees and tuition at an in-state two-year community college typically cost less than a four-year institution.

Occupations paying the highest salaries for those with an associate are often in the medical or healthcare sector.

Out of those professions, listed from the highest to lowest salary, a two-year certificate can offer a career that enjoys above $50,000 per year.

What are the Disadvantages of an Associate?

1. Few degree selections 

Usually, there is a restriction on majors for students to consider, especially if they wish to move to a particular university or college in the future.

Also, some associates offer vocational courses only, like beauty and hairdressing therapy, plumbing, bartending, and blue-collar or manual jobs.

2. Difficult credit transfer

Although it’s possible to transfer community college coursework credits to four-year schools, it’s sometimes complicated.

Should you intend to transfer your credits to another four-year institution, ensure to seek help from an experienced adviser. A helpful tip is to go for courses that you know can transfer easily.

3. Limited access to specialized research

Learners have less exposure to research done by prior and current faculty members.

There will be less chance to engage with the faculty’s works and research since most professors are supplements, and their study doesn’t happen on campus.


Computer engineering appears to be a promising field with numerous employment options in a tech-driven world.

Acquiring a two-year computer engineering degree not only academically qualifies the candidate for entry-level tech jobs but also allows them to gain valuable experience through practice classes and internships.

In a word, associate’s degrees will yield a rewarding return on investment to career seekers. Thank you for reading!