Can I Teach Myself Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering is an individual specialization within Information Technology. With the continuous development of the times, the engineering industry has asserted its heat and created many jobs with attractive salaries.

You may wonder, “Can I learn computer engineering on my own?”

Yes, you can thoroughly study on your own with knowledge equivalent to computer engineering education level with various resources on the internet without spending years going to university. Of course, the content needs to be carefully selected.

The following article will explain in detail the related issues around!

Computer Engineering Overview

In fact, computer engineering is a research discipline that combines electricity and information technology elements.

When participating, you will study deeply and thoroughly the principles and design methods to develop complete hardware or software systems to support operations for hardware devices.

How Do I Start?

You can teach yourself about computer engineering, which will not matter if you are disciplined and curious. But before that, it’s also a long and difficult road for you to become a professional computer engineer.

Self-taught can undeniably save you a lot of money, but you may miss out on practical sessions or in-depth knowledge of circuit boards compared to those with a precise degree. Or the project maps guided by experts are available in the learning path.

To start studying the profession, you first need to equip yourself with a solid foundation of knowledge in math, including calculus, differential, algebra, trigonometry.

Next is to find a deep understanding of physics. It will be the core for you to thoroughly understand the behavioral factors that electronics or manipulation experts explain. Finally, the focus is on learning about network theory and logic design to penetrate deep into the computer’s hardware.

Which Engineering Is The Easiest To Learn?

learning computer engineering

When considering many different aspects, depending on each object, many opinions are divided. Put yourself in the case of understanding programming coding, and you will feel that the CSE industry is not too difficult to study. 

But chemical engineering is pretty easy when it comes to understanding chemical equations. Or the most practical thing is to have a good grasp of electricity; perhaps when you look at the structure of the circuit set up in the computer, you will immediately see the problem.

How Long Does It Take To Study?

Those who study formally participate in a systematic research argument with a route at a university or college. Usually, at least four years is the time to get a specialized degree in practice and work.

On the other hand, for those who are self-studying, the time will not be fixed. They can go to practice early, exposed to many practical problems to gain experience from which skills and experience will also increase. These people can go from the shortest time to high positions.

Career Overview

female computer engineer

Computer engineering is quite broad. Today, when the era of technology develops, the demand for computers tends to increase, so the job demand of the industry is also very open. After completing your studies, you can take up positions such as:

  • Programmers, embedded software programmers on smart devices, handling control problems of industrial systems, cars, intelligent houses.
  • Hardware engineer
  • Take on the role of managing information technology systems in enterprises and agencies
  • Become a professor of specialized subjects
  • Engineers design electromagnetic circuits, com chips.


In the section below, we gathered and answered some of the most frequently asked questions by newbies in the field.

Is computer engineering difficult to study?

The answer is yes. In most other industries, to do well in the assigned work, you need to focus on studying and spend a lot of time and effort researching related issues. More specifically, you also need to be good at logical calculations.

Disadvantages of being a computer engineer?

Undeniably the advantages and attractive benefits when choosing this job. But besides that, the following is also one of the disadvantages you should consider to have the most overview of the job.

  • Not suitable for people who like to communicate with extroverts, like to work in a dynamic environment.
  • The profession requires many skills.
  • A degree is a necessary element to apply for a job in large corporations.
  • Always have to grasp the trend of the new era.
  • Get used to being alone.
  • Sitting for hours writing a bunch of programming code is pretty boring.
  • Many companies hire employees at a low price.
  • Often have health problems because of sitting too much.

How much do computer engineers make?

Usually, for computer engineers with long experience in the technical field, the basic salary will fluctuate at $120,000 per year and can increase depending on capacity. 

It is considered a reasonably high income compared to the industry average in the United States. The salary above is 106% higher than that of fresh graduates. That’s why you have to try to work hard.


The above article summarizes knowledge related to the field of computer engineering that may interest you. Hopefully, through the above article, everyone can make the right choices for themselves.