Certificate in Information Technology

In today’s digital age, IT certifications have become extremely important for students and working people.

Depending on the industry and specialty of the company you are applying for, there will be suitable certificates for the employer’s needs.


An IT certification is an introductory program in the information systems industry. It is not a degree but a result after you complete a course or test in an area of ​​expertise within the information technology industry.

Moreover, you may have read through some websites or mass media, these certificates have quantifiable full time usage, and some certifications are provided by big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

These certifications are valuable and can earn you points with employers.

Basic and Advanced

Usually, information technology certifications are into two levels: basic and advanced. If you do not major in Information Technology but only use it to perfect your CV, a basic Certificate in Information Technology will be correct for you.

If you study an area in the Information Technology industry, an advanced certificate is essential and requires you to equip yourself with more in-depth knowledge.

Information Technology Certifications

Here are a few popular IT certifications we think you should know. They are all trusted places with experienced teaching staff and the most up-to-date curriculum available today. Please consider choosing one of these.


Microsoft Certifications

First of all, and it doesn’t seem too strange, Microsoft licenses certificates.

Along with the Cisco certifications that we will introduce shortly, the number of people who have achieved two types of accreditation is almost the majority of the world.

Some certifications include the Microsoft Certified Architect Program (MCA) for architects to help them plan an entire IT product or the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) dedicated to IT professionals.

Technicians are responsible for customer care. And one of the prerequisites for you to take other certifications is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

In addition, most people probably know this globally recognized certificate, which is Microsoft Office. Of course, there are many other certifications such as Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, etc.

Depending on your specialization and recruitment needs, you need to choose the most suitable certificate for you.


CISCO Certified

As we mentioned earlier, along with Microsoft, Cisco is one of the two certifications chosen by most learners. A unique feature of Cisco is the world’s most advanced and decentralized training system.

Cisco training system includes five levels from Beginner to Architect. There are different certifications but separate two main branches, including design and networking.

Some of the certificates issued by Cisco that you can learn about are our Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP in design or Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician CCENT.

Cisco certifications are essential for jobs like Help Desk Technician, Field Service Technician, and more.


PMP Certification

PMP is the abbreviation of Project Management Professional, approved by the American Institute of Project Management in 1984.

The PMP certificate is especially valid globally, so you can use it when moving or applying to any company worldwide.

Yet, the value goes hand in hand with the ability. To achieve the PMP certificate, you need to prepare yourself for higher conditions and the level of Expert.



The CISSP (certified information systems security professional) is a certificate in security that aims at the ability and extensive experience in security for critical information systems.

You may not know that owning a CISSP in your hand is one of the conditions that help you get close to the highest position in the field of security and network security.

In addition, CISSP is also a globally licensed certificate full time.

CompTIA A+


Comp TIA A+ is a certification suitable for those doing jobs such as Data Support Technician, Service Analyst, Field Service Technician, etc…

If you choose to take the A+ certification exam, you need to pass two exams containing 90 questions. Compared to the other certificates, the number of questions is not too much.

In addition, this exam is often the necessary first choice of a person with the position of IT specialist.

Jobs that Require an IT Certificate

Many specific professions require you to to apply a typical IT certificate such as:

Computer support specialist

For this job, the Comp TIA A+ certificate is a pretty suitable and helpful option you should have

Database administrator

A profession attracts a lot of young people and has an extremely important task of the handling security and setting up a plan for database development.

Of course, an Information Technology certificate is indispensable for this full time profession.

database administrators

Besides, IT certification is also essential for most jobs such as:

  • Data Network Developer
  • In Information Technology Management
  • Senior Analyst Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Industrial Solutions Architect

Countless professions require candidates to need an information technology certificate. Sometimes a certificate is also a measure of your ability and through which employers will consider the commensurate salary you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered and answered several questions related to this topic. These are frequently asked questions by people who are new to the field and are learning about it.

Which certificate is best for IT jobs?

First, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate is valid worldwide and is the desired certification for many people.

However, this certificate simultaneously requires the examinee to be equipped with knowledge and a high level of competence.

How do I get an IT job with no experience?

The current information search network is exceptionally diverse, and if you have enough patience and time, you can post your wishes on sites related to IT jobs.

Sometimes they also recruit people who have not experienced so. it would help if you tried this

In addition, we recommend that you study for a particular certificate. It helps you foster more capacity, knowledge, and experience through practical exercises from the course.


Information technology is becoming more and more promising in today’s modernized society. Not only that, but in information technology is also closely related to other industries.

We hope that the information provided in the article will help you soon own the correct information technology certificate for you.

Once you have one of those certifications in the hand, you will have many job opportunities and promotions!