Top 5 Interesting Computer Engineering Internships

Internships are an opportunity for students to hone their practical skills, and sometimes they even offer great job hiring opportunities.

If you’re a computer engineering student, consider the following exciting internships and choose the environment that’s right for you.

What is a Computer Engineering Internship?

A computer engineering (CE) internship can be seen as a post-graduation in CE that students should greatly influence their careers.

Through the internship, you can direct your path in engineering. Students can be paid or unpaid during the internship period, but the amount of practical knowledge will be a positive result that students receive back.

Therefore, an internship is always an issue that computer engineering students are interested in.

Types of Internships

Internship includes: goal, skills, personal development, experiences, opportunity, mentor, training

Currently, there are several types of engineering interns that are receiving a lot of attention from young people. It may be mentioned as:

1. Hardware Engineering

Although the current trend of students is more interested in software learning and internship opportunities, the hardware still plays an important part. This type of internship helps you work more with the electrical engineering of a computer or its internal configuration components.

Maybe you need to go through a university program, get a degree in computer engineering, or related to qualify for an engineering intern in the field.

2. Web Development

This type is a common point that many software developers aim for. Many programmers start learning web development because they cost quite a bit compared to projects that require a server.

When you practice in this relevant area, have a good understanding of the web, which will help you easily access a popular programming language like python or ruby.

3. Java Engineers

Java software engineer receives a lot of attention from interns because of the job alert opportunities they provide. If you are fluent and become a java software engineer, you can get a high salary from a young age.

However, this related field requires you to know the details of the higher or lower programming techniques throughout your practice.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the right systems field for data manipulation. When you practice in this state of the art, you can design your own relevant simple to complex model to help the machine perform analysis effectively.

To get good internship results, you need to know a lot about statistics and databases. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn and create more about data analysis before you decide to do a machine learning internship.

Most Interesting Internships

After determining your area of ​​interest, choosing intern jobs in a company is also extremely important. So, what is the most interesting computer internship you should be interested in? The following points will answer this question.

1. Technical Intern at Intel

Intel headquarter

Intel is a multinational corporation headquarters in Silicon Valley. It is also the largest and most valuable supplier of semiconductor chips in the world.

To do intern jobs in a company here, you need to study and create research-related fields in semiconductor physics or computer architecture. During the internship, you will be active in training, designing, and helping develop new generation server SOCs/CPUs.


2. Internship Opportunity at ARIES

ARIES building

ARIES is an acronym for Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences. When participating in these internship jobs systems, your team has the opportunity to actively interact with institutions like R&D with an internship period of about 0.5 – 6 months.

The fields of internship here are very diverse and attract a large number of young talents from all over the world.

Coming to ARIES, your team can practice managing and storing data skills, developing software with test cases, managing central data sources, collecting data information, developing artificial intelligence skills… When you practice at ARIES, you will still actively receive a commensurate salary.


3. Internship Opportunity at Honeywell

Honeywell office

Honeywell is a multinational corporation with a great reputation in the field. This corporation operates in 4 certain areas related to the degree in computer engineering.

Internships at Honeywell are internships for those wishing to delve into the aerospace, materials, and performance technology industries. At the same time, you will also actively learn about solutions that offer both safety and productivity.

Pursuing an internship development job alerts hiring, you need to be a student of an engineering degree in a computer program.


4. IBM Internship for Engineering Students

IBM interns

IBM is a quantum internship job that connects many students around the world. You need to have certain expertise in the Python programming language and also participate in the Qiskit Advocates Program. When interning in this program, interns will form groups of professional technical or business standards.

The task of the teams is to write the source code and develop the solutions provided to customers. This intern program requires interns with experience in areas such as JavaTM, Python, Javascript, or C language.


5. Technology Analyst Intern at Deloitte

Deloitte Summer Internship logo and slogan: What impact will you make?

When you choose to do an intern at national origin Deloitte, you’ll need to take responsibility for building and implementing software solutions.

It can be said that when you practice, you will work similarly to a business technology analyst. Most of the work you do is from the enterprise level. In the process of working, you can combine with many other functional groups.

To practice here, employers need to understand some essential concepts such as OOPS, Core Java, Collections…


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do computer engineering interns make?

The salary of an intern computer engineer usually ranges from a few tens of dollars. Depending on the importance and different companies, CE interns can receive wages from $64,420 – $79,190 per year and sometimes more.

Are internships good for computer engineering or related?

Of course, this is a good decision for you. Thanks to the software engineer intern, you get to know more about many different areas of computer engineering. This will help you find the right full-time job type and improve your skills.


In short, when computer engineering is gaining more and more popularity from people, internships have become popular and necessary for students. Thanks to the internship period, it is easier for you to realize your dream of work.

Find yourself an intern that matches your interests and qualifications to gain more knowledge during the training. Through an internship, computer engineer students’ job hiring team opportunities will be much wider.